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May 2022

Greetings and good morning, my friend!   I am so glad you could make it here today!  Give me a hug and don’t let go until I tell ya.  Stepping over the threshold into my home today on this beautiful Bitterroot sunny day, I’m sure it smells heavenly in here.  I have three loaves of the BEST BANANA BREAD in the oven, just awaiting your arrival.  The recipe comes from Cindy K. Lund, whom I met in Arizona when I taught a workshop and had the pleasure of meeting her.  I don’t have her approval to pass the recipe on to the world today, but hopefully, she would be in approval.

¾ cup soft butter

1 package soft cream cheese (8 oz.)

2 cups sugar, 2 eggs, 1 ½ cup mashed bananas, ½ tsp. Vanilla,

Mix wet ingredients….

Then add dry ingredients:  3 cups flour, ½ tsp. baking powder, ½ tsp. salt, 2 cups chopped pecans.

Grease and flour the pan(s).  I use 3 4 x 8 pans.  Bake at 350 degrees for 55 minutes and ENJOY!

            Let me take your jacket and set it over here.  Let’s get you comfortable here at my new dining room table.  Coffee, tea, or juice?  It’s time for you to relax and I promise I am going to let you talk this morning and I’m more than happy to hear everything you want to say.  But, would you mind if I just speak first and tell you what’s on my mind that I feel is so important to share with you today?

            It would just feel good to tell you about a transformation I’ve had recently.  My housemate Coco left almost two weeks ago.  (Man!  Is that all it has been?  It feels like FOREVER!)  If you recall, her father passed away in December, but the “Celebration of his life” was delayed until now.  The morning she left; I fell deeply into depression.  I could have just sat and cried.  I am sure the trauma began the day that my husband Kirk died in 23 minutes and I have been affected ever since.  Even knowing where it began, life triggers these events and it sucks.

            When you have someone in your life every moment and then they are gone, it leaves a cavity the size of a Grand Canyon in you.  I know Coco is returning.  That is all great, but for now, she is not here and I went lower than a snake’s belly.  It happens every time I have someone here for any length of time … a few days, weeks, or months.  When they walk out – Gloria drops.  It isn’t that I don’t enjoy my own company or that “I need” someone living here to be fulfilled.  It means that I enjoy the life it brings to my home, the activity, the sharing –having someone to go for a walk with, watch a movie and discuss world events.

            People come and go through my home all the time, but having that daily companion that is a comfortable fit, that extension of yourself.  I’m sure “you get it.”  I happened to mention to my two bestest local friends Nancy and Leslie that I’ve spoken of to you before, that “I just didn’t know if I wanted to be here any more on this planet.”  I think they took that to mean I was considering suicide, which I wasn’t — I WOULDN’T DO THAT – but, like many people, I have been so disheartened by individual relationships and the world situation, I just didn’t care if I stayed any longer.  I don’t “like the movie” with “bad actors” that I’m watching and would like to walk out of the theater.  But I paid good money for this “entertainment” and being prepared for such a time as this, I am going to see it to the end.

            Sorry.  I got long-winded.  The point being, I think Nancy and Leslie were worried about me and invited me to come stay with them a few days and get some nurturing for Gloria.  They said they wanted to pour some love into me to replace all the love I had poured out getting my kitchen restored and taking care of others.  Aren’t they lovely people?  God “kissed me on the forehead” when He put these two women in my life!

            Phew!  Having their loving attention and delicious food made with loving hands brought me back up to surface level so I can do what I do best, which only means “being the best version of myself for others that I can muster up.”  I felt guilty that I wrote such a “Grumpy Smurfbutt column” last month.  After all, aren’t I here to be an inspiration to you and not lay human griping into said column? 

            Returning home, sad to say, I brought my deeply-packed resentments I’d taken in my “baggage” to their home.  At bedtime on my first night back, I closed my eyes and a vision opened.  I “saw me telling God about my anger towards a friend who had insulted me.”  Tattling, with my finger pointed at the friend in judgment, I related to God what this guy had said that hurt my feelings.  His response was so loud in my head that I literally laughed aloud!  Clearly, as if He was speaking aloud in the room and not in thought, He said, “And with that finger pointed towards your friend, how many fingers are pointing back at you?”  In the dark room, I made the actual movement TO ZIP MY LIP.  I got the spiritual message loud and clear!

            I didn’t feel guilty or ashamed of myself for whining Directly to God.  Trust me, I had shared plenty of my aggravation with good listeners in Nancy and Leslie.  But, telling someone with skin on, whether it sounds like gossip or spilling the beans negatively didn’t heal my hurt heart in the slightest.  As soon as I got the resounding Direct Impulse from Holy Spirit from WITHIN, ALL THE HURT SUBSIDED.  It had melted away like butter on a hot biscuit.  Big difference!

            But, the miraculous part of this entire simple story with a few words from God . . . here is the BONUS.  ALL the hurt from past hurts melted away at once.  Even an emotional injustice from five years ago that I carried like a baton, handing it from one person-to-another dissolved.  All the ragged energies, hurt feelings of injustice (even back to being raped) was GONE in an instant.  I had just “gotten to collect $200 and not pass GO” in the Monopoly Game.  A complete do-over without emotional wounding packed deeply inside me.

            After this revelation . . . me, who has a memory like an elephant, and who could quote every time someone hurt my feelings and quoting directly . . . it was GONE.  Okay, well, not gone cuz I can still quote them.  But I don’t have the emotional charge of energy attached any longer.

            Which, brings me to the point of what I do daily for humanity.  I will sit and listen for HOURS, if need be and never offer an unsolicited comment.  After they have emptied themselves out of everything they just need to say to someone, I wait for the impulse from within before I speak.  Nothing I could say will fix/heal/redeem anyone from guilt, shame, anger, or resentments.  But if I wait and listen to the “within” – the individual in need always gets what they need.

            If I had a nickel for every time someone said, “Gloria, you are the one who wrote “Go Within or Go Without,” perhaps you should read your own book…I would be a wealthy woman.  And, as usual, they are right.  On that eve, I went within to gripe to God and an instantaneous miracle followed.

            A woman who unknowingly hurt my feelings five years ago got released from my heart’s hurt, as well.  She is no longer bound to me in a hurtful way.  Although I was always doing everything to overcome my hurt by looking harder for a gift to give her, something uniquely done to show her how special she was to me even if she didn’t appear to love me as much as I loved her, I was always trying to express unconditional love for her.  (Breathe, Gloria, breathe!  Let the reader breathe, too with that long run-on-sentence.  Here are some periods …. Put ‘em where you think you need them.)

            I tell you these things that I encounter every day just like all of you.  I may be a spiritual healer and have a Living/Breathing relationship with the Christ within me.  But I am still dealing with everything you deal with in your journey.  I never wanted people to see me as “more enlightened” or “favored” because I can do what I do to watch miracles happen in my life.  It has always been my goal to state clearly that YOU can do the same thing if you just have the awareness of how to do it.

            I get extremely uncomfortable when people put me on a pedestal.  My days are filled with what you would perceive as compliments.  However, I, too, am growing and know how “raw” Gloria can get, lighting a cigarette or having a glass of wine.  Not to mention acting like an ass from time to time (and enjoying it) . . . I blush.  I feel icky when someone across the miles calls to ask for a “three-way conversation between God and them.  What?!  Are you serious?   I mean, “Yeah, I could do it because He is closer than hands and breath, but are you seriously asking for that aloud?!!!  Yes, I can do it – but so can everyone else!  No one needs a “middle man.”

            Here’s an average call I get.  A 96-year-old man in California called a week ago.  He and his wife attended the first workshop I taught in L.A. in 1996.  He was dying when he arrived at the event, given a death sentence by the medical world.  He experienced the Presence of God that day and is still living today.  In fact, he and his wife just celebrated their 61st anniversary together.

            Lou called me a Saint and an Angel that day, reminding me of his miracle.  He mentioned that nary a day goes by that my name isn’t mentioned in their home to themselves, their children, and grandchildren.  He invited me to come see them and renew our friendship with skin on.

            I happened to say, “Lou, I live on a different planet than you.  California has mandates for the mask and vaccinations – which we don’t have here in Montana.  I would love it if you and your wife came to Montana to visit me, however, I just have no need to travel to California right now.

            Lou comforted my concerns by saying, “Gloria, I never once wore a mask out here!”  He explained, “I would go into a store and an employee would walk up to me saying, “Sir!  Sir!  You don’t have a mask on, Sir!”  He said, “I would just smile and say, ‘And I’m not wearing underwear either, what’s your point’?!”  I laughed so hard, it made my abdomen cramp and replied, “I am going to quote you to everyone I know!  (Who’s going to argue with a 96-year-old character saying something like that?!  They probably think he’s senile . . . but I assure you – he is as sharp as a tack.)

            We are each here to serve one another, but some of us are here to serve the masses.  Along with that responsibility, we find ourselves ULTRA-SENSITIVE.  That sensitivity serves us well in doing our healing work or engaging in the supernatural.  But, on the human level, living with a foot in both worlds:  the spiritual and the material realm – we find our feelings injured much easier than most.

            Today, I have gifted you with awareness of how to deal with these hurts you carry.  Go Direct.  Go Within.  Unload all the baggage of wounds before that Infinite Invisible inside you.  I am not trying to help make you a better human, I am just reminding you of your spiritual nature and reality that awaits you to walk freely and enjoy the journey a little easier.

            I hope you are ready to have a second re-fill on your drink and a slice of that banana nut bread.  It has the potential to become your new favorite recipe to serve for your loved ones!  If you feel like hanging around for dinner, I’m making red cheese enchiladas and tossed salad tonight.  A few home-fried chips and home-made salsa, as well . . .

            I’ve never been a “spiritual beggar,” but today I am going to pass a collection plate.  I’m not asking for money.  As that plate comes before you, I am asking you to put your hurts, resentments, fears, and anxieties into it.  Don’t let it pass you by before you contribute the garbage you are needlessly carrying around.  I will take those tithings from you Directly to God and hand them over to someone who can heal you from the inside out.  Remember?  We are here “to serve one another.”  The first time is on me.  With awareness, as you accumulate more (and you will,) you know that the only true healing comes from within.

            It is so hard to be a human.  I get it!  For more helpful hints, stay tuned . . . and take care, I care . . .


Gloria D. Benish, Ph.D.

(Alias:  Dr. Glo-bug – Just here “to lighten things up”)

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P.S.  I just had one more thought about today’s column and issue.  I don’t know about you, but in the past, I always used to tell myself that I wanted to never forget how someone had hurt me.  Somehow, like remembering it . . . it would keep me from allowing them do it all over again.  Able to remember the hurt to use it as a shield from future hurts is not advisable.  We attract our loves, hates, and fears when they are united in emotion.  Please use today’s lesson to heal the pain you carry.  The memory of the words, alone, will not be an attraction to draw a repeat performance back into your life.

March 2022

Greetings and good morning from the absolutely picture-postcard-perfect beautiful electric green Bitterroot Valley.  (If I had my daughter or editor sitting here right now, they would be saying, “Gloria, you are “over-kill with adjectives – settle down and choose one!”  But they aren’t here except in my head – so I believe I will just keep writing the way I feel and saying what I choose to say.  My People Pleasing skills are rather lacking recently (evidently as you will keep reading.)

I awoke early, turned on the coffee, stepped outside to have a cigarette, and even though it is still dark out, the birds are-a-singing.  I was working outside yesterday and three squirrels were playing hide-and-seek around my project, running relay races around my feet, and having to be told to settle down because it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt.  Like my grandkids being here, the squirrels had gotten an afternoon snack of nuts and sticky cranberries and raisins.  Like good little kids at “Granny B’s Daycare,” they were adorable “washing their hands/paws” on the damp grass.

I realized as I awoke today that I sign off each month offering you my free book, “GUTS & GLORI(A) … From Fear to Eternity.”  Two years ago, when I was returning home after being gone three months promoting the “Global 8 Prayer/Peace Movement” to end the sexual war against humanity with rape and abuse – I was thinking of trashing the book when I got home.  Much to my surprise, I awoke on May 15th hearing the Voice of God telling me to give the book freely to the world.  I had my daughter come over that morning, design a jacket cover and make it into a PDF to do so.

If you are a People Pleaser, I would urge you to read the book.   Being a People Pleaser is a spiritual gift that has been mis-labeled, mis-understood, and judged negatively.  We are a group who have been used and hurt so deeply by greedy, gouging, selfish people.  We are the wounded healers on the planet.  We are so selfless in nature that we get kicked in the head and heart after our good deeds and yet, we are the first to raise our hand again and again to say, “I’ll help.”

We are the proverbial “Energizer Bunnies” who seemingly can’t or won’t learn the lesson to just say, “No” and stick to it.  God, on several occasions has turned me into the Poop Polishing People Pleaser to take ugly subjects/turds and turn them into inspirational works of art (surprisingly so…even to me!)  I have many things to speak of in today’s column and cannot allow myself to get side-tracked here, but if you need an uplift now or in the days to come, I would sincerely urge you to go to my website, download it, and begin reading.  By Chapter 2, you are already learning how to make that Direct Contact with God to begin activating your empowerment by having a Personal Relationship with the Christ within you……………

A couple weeks ago, I had gotten a call from a woman who had been bitten by a Brown Recluse Spider.  She called me, rather than going to a physician.  This occurs often.  People are bone-tired of Covid/lock-downs/illegitimate tallies of deaths/lies/corruption, etc. with the medical world, the political world, and even the churches.  People call me for prayer, healing, and help because they know my heart is sincere and loving.  Following the woman’s miracle, she called me in gratitude.

For a full three minutes (or longer!), she complimented me with adjectives only referred to as Christ in action.  Had Jesus been the one receiving the gratitude, I am sure even His face would have been red with embarrassment!  I was gracious, of course, of her display of gratitude . . . but told friends later, it made me feel extremely uncomfortable.  It had only been days earlier that I was informed by a spiritual companion that I hadn’t yet demonstrated the Christ ideals after I had spoken my truth that I was tired of “half-assed/half-done” personal restoration projects (unrelated to the kitchen flooding and requiring out-of-pocket expenses.)

Jesus, (being my teacher and guide,) probably wouldn’t have used those words to describe His dis-content (and maybe He would have in today’s society?)  He overturned the tables when He got pissed off.  I set some boundaries using foul language.  Not in my character to be this verbally rude to someone, I felt like I failed God and man in my recent endeavors of restoring my kitchen.  I lost my temper and peace of mind temporarily.  Even with a second helping of patience that He gave me to deal with humanity, I was less than loving in my delivery.

I know God in Action.  I experience it daily and I have lived almost 36 years with the spiritual healing gift and I know exactly when He is building my strength for something better.  But, does He think that I am Wonder Woman or what?!  He piles it on so fast and so deep, it is all I can do to keep my head above water and to keep treading.

I got scolded by this companion that I should use discernment.  Oh, here, let me quote the exact words:  “There is nothing wrong with sharing what you need/want done.  It might be wise and considerate to discern what a person is willing to give.  Time, talents, money, and council that is willingly offered.  Then it progresses to pulling the desired responses like teeth without Novocain.  Just consider maybe, women nowadays, being demanding, disrespectful to husbands that do not have Christ’s characteristics.  Maybe their hostility and disrespect to their husbands incite their abuse (????)  They even have a nickname for “empowered” women.  They are identified as “Karens.”  I have an idea where it comes from, but readily recognized.  You are familiar with personalities who manifest these traits, always with self-justification and somebody else’s fault.  How about men who cheat on their wives because their wives are not loving and respectful (?)  Wives cheat on their husbands, why?  Because her husband does “not satisfy” her.  Any of this sound familiar?”

I was also irritated and HOT, so you can probably imagine how gas had just been poured on me and the match had been struck.  In order to not explode, I bit my tongue.  I had to bite down so hard, I am lucky I even still have a tongue.  Say nothing.  Walk away.  Remain silent.  I don’t have to speak to make me right.  I am empowered by walking away and believe me, it isn’t easy to do.  Over-riding the ego to “explain and make it right takes energy, energy I didn’t have to invest (at least right now.) 

Discern, yes.  Discern where I choose to place my energy.  In the next call for help?  Yes.  In the next project placed upon me?  Yes.  In something that will show productivity?  Yes.  Into a dark cavern of repeated behavior?  No.

Before I go further, I want to give a BIG SHOUT-OUT to Farmers Insurance.  I have been a client for 50 years.  If I go into detail, I will be using way-more adjectives to describe than necessary like I did as I opened today’s column, or at least three full minutes as the grateful woman Josie gave me earlier this week.  Suffice it to say, I am deeply grateful to my Stevensville Agent, Brian Potton, my adjuster Patrick Mannix, and to the office receptionist, Lance (who I nicknamed SIR LANCELOT . . . my Knight in Shining Armor.)  These three men represent Farmers Insurance in the most respectful way I can identify as “spiritual” and still having to deal with humanity who represents greed.

I, too, have been guilty of what I am about to say.  We, as a humanity, have bitched and griped about the high premiums we have to pay.  Having your insurance increase $200/year on a home-owner’s policy (especially on a fixed income) is more than we can bear . . . adding stress to our lives.  Unfortunately, I had to experience the “flip side” of the part mankind plays in these increases.

The moment I was awarded a viable claim and a check arrived; I was met by people who expected “top dollar” from purchasing items . . . down to worker bee’s wanting paid double what the items cost in order to fix/repair/install.  Greed.  Pure greed.  On more than one occasion, I felt raped financially.  You cannot even imagine how many times I had to say my “Global 8 Prayer” during this restoration process to pray for my enemies “to spiritually awaken them.”

Friends, we have a nation (not just a kitchen) to rebuild.  We have to take personal responsibility for the part we each play in today’s world to change our children and grandchildren’s future.

Those who thought I had an unlimited well of wealth to draw upon because I was dealing with Farmers Insurance . . . shame on you!  Using integrity, keeping records, shopping frugally for the best deal I could find, documenting receipts, making sure I had done my best was time consuming and exhausting.  Making sure everyone got paid for their services, even when things were broken or disrespected in my home (or paying twice to get things re-done on un-related water damage at my expense for upgrades) nearly drove me crazy.

I can only imagine how frustrated an Insurance Company feels, knowing that society expects them to bend over and be raped, as well.  You think they are the “faceless” target, but behind these Corporations, there are real people trying to survive and put their kids through college and keep food on the table, too.

Those who have quoted scripture to me for years saddened me.  To be told to “discern,” to discern what a person is willing to give.  Time, talents, money, and council that is willingly offered.  Then it progresses to pulling the desired responses like teeth without Novocain . . . I have this to say:  For 36 years (my entire life, actually,) but publicly for 36 years – I have given my time, talents, energy, books, etc. FREELY.  As I watched this project come to completion, I had to ask myself, “Do I de-value my gifts?  Should I, too, be charging for everything like everyone else? 

A month prior, I was sitting in a church for the first time in decades.  The Pastor pointed to me in the crowd and told the congregation, “This little lady doesn’t charge anyone to help them.  She is an example to all of us because she depends upon God fully to provide for her.”  Someone noticed.  I don’t depend upon man, nor earth for my support, I depend upon Infinite Spirit’s Love.  And I not only “get by,” I usually have everything I need – usually before I know I need it.

Grrr…me discern in this situation?!  Everyone, including this individual, was being (HIGHLY!) paid.  Am I not allowed to expect things to be done right and efficiently (without being seen as a “Karen?”)  How about living what the Scripture says, “Help widows?!”  Or, better yet, “being a spiritual family and helping one another?” Or . . . because it is what “friends do, to help one another?”  And by the way, I don’t have “to quote the Scripture . . . because I LIVE IT.  I demonstrate what it says and actions always speak louder than words.

Anger can inspire us when we direct that energy in the right direction.  I had no sooner gotten my kitchen restored and I made two large meals in a week for friends and family to celebrate gratitude and St. Patrick’s Day.  A day later, following the three-month long energy-sucking experience, I received a call from my daughter.  She has been housing my book inventory for years in an out-building on their property. 

She had received a call that her husband’s brother, in need, was moving to Montana.  Her and my son-in-law are transforming this out-building into an apartment for her relative.  Met with an unexpected crisis, I now had an immediate new project.  With so many people being relocated due to political disagreements, many people have relocated to the Valley and taken storage units to store their belongings.

One entire day was spent driving throughout the Valley attempting to secure a Unit for the inventory of Miracle Publishing & Distribution.  Getting my old stove, with a double-oven cleaned to donate to Habitat for Humanity loomed on the things-to-do list.  Re-establish order in every room of the house would have to wait.  Sanding of a wall, without a respectful enclosure to maintain the dust in one room had filtered throughout the house and about driven me mad, but it too would have to wait it’s turn on the list of many-things-to-do.

If you are a “Poop Polishing People Pleaser” like me, I commend you.  You are NOT de-valuing yourself if you give from your heart, which is all you are as a People Pleaser.  One big heart walking around as if you are a NEON SIGN that says “SUCKER” on your forehead.  You are easily identifiable because you were born for such a time as this.  When the people find out that churches were paid to be closed, that doctors were paid to monkey with the tally, and the rest of the story of corruption throughout the world. . . you lightworkers/People Pleasers need to be reminded that you are the safety net for society.  It has been a long, rough road.  I know how tired and weary many of you are, but the boomerang is headed back your way as our world gets turned right side up.

For those who poke you with a sharp stick sarcastically, realize they are projecting and using the “weapon of mass destruction” on you.  The verbal attack is the only weapon they have.  Walk away.  Say nothing.  You don’t need to waste your energy proving your actions to be right.  Your silence and retreat from having them part of your life any longer just made you the winner.”

I appreciate you!  I sleep better at night just knowing you are out there, being you!  You are selfless, loving, an angel in the hour of someone’s need.  You are a safety net for those who will fall.  You feed others, you clothe them, you are kind, generous, giving, extraordinary individuals.  You wear the face of a human – but, I see the Light behind your eyes and the glow upon your cheeks and around your lips. 

You just take care of you!   And if you feel like you have been hit by a truck and thrown under the bus, unable to get out from under the burden – give me a call.  Because I am woman  — ummm, make that Wonder Woman – and I am able to lift that bus off you and hurl it.  If you need a safe, sane, comfortable place to come . . . Come Visit Me!  I promise, I have a clean living room, kitchen, guest bathroom, and back porch that is tidy.  (Just don’t walk down my halls yet!)

If any of you are interested in coming to a Spiritual Healing Workshop – give me a call:  406-777-5632 and I will set one in motion.

I have wine sitting on the counter with a “Sign From God” that says, “RELAX.”  It’s time to breathe again, to feel joy, to learn how to have a relationship with Christ (if you haven’t recognized that Presence and Power within you yet.)  It is time to get up on our feet and running.  The birds are singing, the squirrels are playing and having fun . . . it’s time for us to do the same.  After all, we have a nation to rebuild with Christ ideals as the foundation and the time is NOW.

I love you all!  Until next month, take care . . . I care . . .


My name isn’t “Karen” – I AM Gloria D. Benish, Ph.D./AN EMPOWERED WOMAN

Alias:  Dr. Glo-bug – Just here “to lighten things up”

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PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT:  Two weeks ago, I received a call from a young man, calling me “Grandma.”  It was a young man’s voice.  My grandsons are age 6 and 14.  I told him he had the wrong number.  He asked, “Isn’t this Grandma Gloria?”  I got instantly HOT and knew it was a scam.  Anyone who knows ME, knows “I am Granny B.”  I hung up and later wished I would have “played him like a fiddle.”  Knowing he was going to ask for money . . . I would have gotten his address/information and turned him in to the authorities.  Be cautious, love bugs!  Don’t fall for this scam!

February 2022

Greetings and good afternoon from a bright and sunny Bitterroot Valley!  That glorious warmth is streaming through the new window in my kitchen above my sink.  I have lived in this home for over 30 years and only seen the neighbor’s roof and the street light on 8th street.  Now, standing flat-footed, I can see the swing set and picnic table and able to see grandkids playing in my back yard.  Such a simple thing can be such a rewarding pleasure.

            Without my kitchen for the last sixty-some days now, I have been eating on paper plates, walking sideways throughout my house, and putting up with constant mess.  In fact, I went to dinner with a new couple I’d met a few weeks ago.  Following dinner, I asked them if they would like to come over to my filthy house and continue our conversation and they happily agreed to do so.  I explained, “If you walk in and see the filth and clutter now – someday, when you return and see it neat and tidy, or should it be in a mess at all . . . you will remember the filth from the first visit and not be in judgment.”

            During this process, I made friends with my painter’s wife.   Michele, in her speaking of who she is, along with her gifts and passion for a business she is involved with highly intrigued me.  Being a food pusher myself and her business involving food interested me greatly.  Being without a sink, dishes, or a clean place to prepare any food around here – I listened intently as she spoke of freeze-dried food from “Thrive Life” Company.

            Michele had me over for lunch, fed me samples of fruits, veggies, and meats.  I was absolutely dazzled by how delicious they are.   I have ordered and eaten freeze-dried foods before from well-known companies and they would be “filler” and keep me alive, but extremely starchy.  Thrive Life foods are taken from the garden straight to the freeze dryer, packaged, and shipped.  I was extremely amazed, like I said, at how freshly delicious they tasted!

            I love to fondle food in slicing, dicing, and the reward of canning foods.  With these products, I wouldn’t be able to do that with the already pre-packaged foods.  I am not a big meat eater or even having large amounts of meat on hand in my freezer.  What I do have can easily get freezer-burned from non-use with me.  But, with Thrive Life, it is wonderful to be able to buy already-diced freeze-dried delicious chicken and the roast beef tasted like it just came out of the oven for Sunday dinner!  Like I said, I am dazzled by these products.

            It seems like, since Covid hit, that everyone is trying to persuade others with this or that gimmick of something or other.  Please know that I am not attempting to be a saleswoman today and trying to rope you into something.  I am just sharing something that I could put my “stamp of endorsement” on for YOUR well-being, should you feel attracted to what I am saying.  Plus, as usual, I have a spiritual message after I lead you in my long-winded storyline.

            This season’s Gun Show for the Bitterroot Valley was scheduled for Feb. 18-20.  Being a prepper, along with the supply chain interrupted due to Covid, Michele asked a few of her friends if they would like to join her in a booth at the fairgrounds to talk with people about this product.  I raised my hand immediately.  I am not a good “sit-around/lollygag kinda gal,” I told her.  But I would be willing to walk around, introduce myself and the product, and invite them to a food tasting party.  She and the other team members agreed to allow me to do so and I willingly volunteered to work full shifts for each of the three days of the Gun Show.

            Being an “over-achiever,” I arrived an hour early before the booth was even set up so I could speak to the vendors without interruption when the doors opened to the public.  For hours, I approached people and cordially invited them to taste free samples at the booth, fill out a ticket for a free on-going free raffle each day to be gifted with different food packages, and to attend a full-scale free food tasting party on February 26th here in Stevensville.  I had name-after-name signing up from my sincere, light-hearted delivery.

            On the second day of the Gun Show, I arrived a half hour early and set up the table.  The doors were opened to the public.  In my perfectly-attired outfit for a gun show, dressed in western hat, belt, boots and duster (coat,) I started walking the floor again.  Countless contacts were interested to sign up for the free raffle, the upcoming food tasting party, and looking forward to going to the table to get more information and samples from the seated ladies.

            Just before lunch, I approached a woman, “Hi!  My name is Gloria and I would like to cordially invite you to a free Thrive Life food tasting party next Saturday in Stevensville.”  She signed her name on the book so a follow-up RSVP call could occur, making sure how many guests would be coming so we would have enough food on hand to share.  I went to lunch.

            When I returned, I went to the booth and grabbed my notebook to venture out into the sea of people.  Walking up behind a woman, I said, “Excuse me . . .” and started my introduction.  The woman turned around and barked at me in a tone of great bother, “You have ALREADY talked to me about this.”

            Apologetically, I playfully said in a teasing tone, “Oh my gosh, I am sooo sorry.  I promise  – I am not stalking you!”  I apologized a second time and went through the crowd.  Returning to the table, Michele asked me to sit down.  She gave me the “bad” news.  The promoter for the Gun Show had told Michele that I had offended someone and insisted that I sit down and not approach any further public.

            The human part of me felt immediately pissed off.   No money was involved whatsoever, it was all offered freely.  Sarcastically, I sat there with my thoughts of how evil that woman was doing this to me.  I was such a menace to society . . . smiling, being fun-loving, passionate about something that is so great – and wishing them a wonderful day and to enjoy the Gun Show.  Yes . . . I can see where that woman thought I was a detriment to society through her Grumpy Smurfbutt eyes!  I wanted to go slap her to a peak and knock the point off!  (Sorry.  A quote my mom used to say when she thought us kids were being smart-mouthed.)

            So, I did as I was told.  I “turned my light off, zipped my lip, and sat quietly watching people pass by our booth without knowing how effective this product could be in their life.  I sat for an hour and had four to go before the Gun Show was going to be finished for the day.

            The joy that had flowed like a liquid river through me had become a non-moving stale puddle of yuck.  I had allowed this stranger to disrupt my inner peace.  I was no longer in service to God or man.

            Everyone has met a “Debbie Downer” at some point in their life.  It is truly a natural occurrence on this planet, and it is so sad when it occurs!  We immediately give them our power when we get put in a victim’s position.

            After an hour of sitting quietly as pronounced guilty (but without explanation to those in charge,) I told Michele I was leaving.  Three competent ladies were there to run the booth and they certainly didn’t need me any longer.  Plus, I had already achieved my goal to do what I had offered to do in half the time of the event.

            I donned my hat and coat and exited to drive back to Stevensville.  Soured from the insult, I started talking to myself about the experience.  My natural state is love and being an “opti-mystic” person, what could change my perspective of this situation before I even returned home?

            The woman was obviously a sour-puss and unhappy about something that didn’t really even involve me.  She carried that attitude; I didn’t create it.  Unknowingly, I had triggered something inside her.  Those who deserve it the least are the ones who need love the most.  I had to start there.  Send her love.  Send her boat-loads of it.  Lift her up, because she is already down.  How far?  I didn’t consciously know, but I knew that if an introduction of joy could appall her to that degree . . . she carried a burden of resentment and anger that needed to be dissolved and she evidently didn’t know how to do so.

            Desiring to share the unlimited love that flows through me, I gave her second helpings of spiritual food.  I thought of her later, and sent her third helpings.

            And then I had to look at myself and the part I played in it.  Do I have such a fragile ego that someone can’t correct me without pouting about it?  Was I doing this for God or was I doing this job for Michele and my team members to get approval or have them like me?  Was I drawing more people in with signatures to be greedy or impress my team?  How many people would fit in the small space we were using for a food tasting party?  Did I want “standing room only” and would we need to rent a stadium if I continued doing what I was doing?  How many are enough?

            I got my answers.  My volunteering to reach out and let people know about the product was for God and not for my team who had “skin on.”  He touched the ones He wanted touched.  I had done my job. 

            Hopefully, by the time that woman got home, she felt lighter and wasn’t going to yell at her husband and kids or kick the dog!  I got home cleared of that uncomfortable human yuck and enjoyed the rest of my day.

            We, as a humanity, take these things so personally and oftentimes carry them for a lifetime.    When you experience one of those, “I didn’t see that coming,” situations . . . shift your perspective as quickly as possible.  Giving them love is the LAST thing you feel like doing, but needs to become the FIRST thing you do after you wallow for a minute or two.  It feels good to wallow.  Your feelings are hurt, you are stunned and your energy gets unbalanced with the slam-dunk that just happened to you.   But, the shift in consciousness will make your boo-boo feel better in moments when you just send them love.  It has to pass through you to get to them and it purifies your energy field on its way through.

            The “jewelry” I will be hanging in my new kitchen are inspirational “Signs from God.”  I figured that my entire life is an open book (literally in book form.)  My home is now the same, with inspirational plaques and signs.  One that got hung at the ceiling entering my kitchen is a double-sided sign so you can read two different coming and going messages.

            Quoting Maya Angelou, “I have learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”  In my home, I am going to help you feel like you are the most important person in my life . . . because YOU ARE while you are in my presence.  (Or, I should say “In God’s Presence that is within me.”)

            I will never forget how the woman made me feel when I approached her in error, giving her the message a second time.    But I will also never forget that my Service is to God, not self or others.  If I experience a “bump in the road” every now and then . . . I will remember that not everyone feels the Divine Love daily as I am fortunate to experience.  I also realize that with the unlimited Agape Love . . . there is an infinite amount and plenty for everyone to enjoy.   I don’t have less by giving more.

            If you are interested in getting more information about Thrive Life freeze-dried foods, you can go to my website:  gloriabenish.thrivelife.com and take a peek.  I feed the masses, so when I signed up – that amount went towards food, plus a 15% discount.  Even purchasing my food, I get bonus points, which purchases more food.   To me, it’s a win/win!

            As you leave my home today, the “Sign from God” above the door says, “The Will of God will never take you where the Grace of God won’t protect you.”  Be safe my friend, I love you with my whole great big heart!

            Until next month, take care . . . I care . . .


Gloria D. Benish, Ph.D.

To get my free book, “GUTS & GLORI(A)”  From Fear…to Eternity, go to:


P.S.  I received a telephone call from a reader of the Open Line early this week, requesting me to become like a “Spiritual Dear Abby.”  If you have questions about spirituality and your growth, problems you are dealing with, or “inquiring-minds-wanna-know anything,” I will “go into the light” and pray about it to help in any way I can.  My personal email:  miraclemessage@yahoo.com

November 2021

Greetings and good evening from the Bitterroot Valley!  How many of you are wondering where this year went?  I feel like I am in a time warp.  I could turn back to the pages of my wall calendar (yes, I’m a dinosaur and still use a wall calendar) and see that nearly every day had writing on it.  So, I know that I haven’t just lollygagged and done nothing.  I have been busy, but where did the year go?

            I was hoping to download a link to gift you with the new book, ‘CENTER OF THE CINNAMON ROLL,’ but my professional editor and her family became ill and she wasn’t able to return it to me yet.  All in God’s Timing, eh?!  Perhaps it can be my Christmas gift to you next month . . .

            This month, with Thanksgiving just about upon us, I would like to focus on gratitude of friendships.  A month ago, three friends and I drove to Glacier for the weekend.  I can’t believe I have lived in Montana for 30 years and never been to Glacier before.  What an experience it was.  A spiritual experience from start to finish.  I considered it Biblical, in fact. 

            Just as we arrived, the girls and I decided to get a photo of us at the entrance.  Standing in front of the Welcome sign, a stranger took our picture together.  As I was walking back to the car, my phone buzzed with a request from another friend, asking to send pictures of us in the forest.  I forwarded the picture a moment following the request.  “Before they call . . . I will answer.”

            Being a food pusher, I brought the picnic lunch.  I tend to over-do everything, whether it’s decorating, cooking, being hospitable, or showing my love in gifts or gratitude.  My picnic was quite an extravaganza on top of the world.  There were no picnic tables.  We were on the “Going to the Sun Road” and there was a pull-out.  We noticed a 4’ x 8’ flat stone on the ground.  We put a tablecloth on it and started unloading the ice chests.  The food I brought completely filled the “table,” with no room left over.

            Some travelers pulled off and walked to our table, commenting on the large assortment of food.  Some said, “Someone really knows how to have a picnic!”  All the girls pointed at me, explaining my desire to feed the masses.  Each person who passed by us was offered an opportunity to partake.

            One woman walked up and exclaimed her admiration.  I asked her to help herself.  Sheepishly, she denied the invitation.  That is, until I asked if she would like to have a zucchini brownie and she exclaimed with delight, “Yes!”  I started to unwrap the tin foil and stopped, asking her if she was alone, had a partner or friend with her.  She stated that she and three friends were traveling from Indianapolis together.  I stated, “Then take the entire package so you can all enjoy them.”

            Not wanting to do so, leaving us without any of them . . . I explained that I had another entire package for us, and she agreed to accept them.  Standing and opening the treat, one of her friends found her way to this woman’s side, remarking about our extraordinary lay-out, and asking, “What are you eating?”  She replied, “A zucchini brownie and she gave me enough for all of us.” 

            I interrupted and stated, “I offered to give her marshmallow/walnut fudge, as well . . .but she said, “NO,”  The lady said, “I will accept it!”  I gave her a full package they could all enjoy, as well.

            What was Biblical about the experience is that I returned home with even more food than I took.  The blessed food multiplied just by offering it to the people who stopped to remark about the plentiful bounty set before us sitting on top of the world.

            Leaving Glacier, there was a waterfall coming directly out of a boulder on the side of the mountain.  Fresh, pure spring, ice water was pouring abundantly from the earth . . . which we filled our containers to bring back home with us.   We were hungered and were fed.  We were thirsty and we were given water to drink.  The abundance and beauty here in Montana are staggering.

            This spiritual journey made a loving deep memory for me.  I met Nancy and Leslie a year ago.  Nancy had posted a picture of her dog Dosha on Facebook.  I saw her face and something inside me triggered a profound, “I have to meet that dog in person.”  Almost embarrassed and not wanting to sound like a weirdo, I wrote a message to Nancy and explained the unexplainable.  How weird does it sound to hear, “I just have to meet your dog?”  God works in mysterious ways when He wants His kids to meet face-to-face for His Divine Purpose.

            She courteously replied, “I read your book, “GO WITHIN” and I have always wanted to meet you.”  We arranged for her to bring her dog and meet in person here at my home.  Two hearts of soul sisters joined that day.  She mentioned that her sister Leslie also wanted to meet me and we scheduled a second gathering here at my home.  I fell in love with these two ladies and both of their pets and have been best pals ever since, having slumber parties, dinners, and celebrating life together.

            Nancy and Leslie go to Glacier yearly and my housemate Coco and I were invited on this year’s sojourn.  The sisters would be our tour guides for the weekend and were excited to show us their favorite spots. 

            I was riding shotgun.  (Being a first-timer has its perks!)  Riding quite a way, without stopping, I asked Leslie where we were going next?  Perhaps she’d had a drop in her blood sugar or a little cranky with my endless chatter and questions.  She abruptly said, “To the boardwalk.”  I asked what the boardwalk was in a childlike manner and she flatly started describing, “It is made with flat boards that are nailed together to walk on with rails on the sides so people don’t fall off,” going into detail to describe what a boardwalk is.

            I am sure my eyes got wide and the “dumb look” on my face as I barked, “I KNOW what a F’ing boardwalk is!”  I was asking, “What is so special about it, where does it lead, why is it a special place you are taking us to it for?!”

            Coco started it from the backseat.  She burst out laughing.  Then Nancy, then Leslie and then me.  Our laughter rang so deeply and richly; it was just the beginning of far more to come.  We all got the sillies from so many things throughout the weekend.  I regressed to a full child on a path in the forest, flinging my arms outstretched for a “Caterpillar Crossing,” not wanting someone behind me to step on the furry little creature.  I had all the time in the world that moment to direct traffic and allow this little critter to get safely to its destination in the bushes.

            We, as a small group of playmates, became famous that weekend.  On our final morning at Glacier, we stood outside a restaurant in a line awaiting to be seated.  Approaching hungry folk saw us and stated, “You are the gals that know how to throw a picnic!”  Our time together for that weekend is what beautiful movie scripts are made of to describe extraordinary friendships.

            With Leslie’s birthday approaching, I wrote her a Personalized Fairytale as one of her gifts.  I am sharing it here today and perhaps you can see you and your friendships in it.

The Boardwalk

          Once upon a time, four little girls decided to go on a magical adventure together.  This time with one another would create memories of a lifetime for these children . . .

          The eldest in age, but youngest with a playful, light-hearted spirit was named Gloria.  Nancy was second in age and she had a mothering spirit, always looking out for the others.  Leslie was third in the age group. Her spirit was protective, loyal, and adventurous.  With her spiritual gifts, she fearlessly sought to journey to the Akashic Records to help others advance spiritually.  The youngest was Coco.  Her spirit shined with helpfulness to be the first to offer others, in need, a helping hand and she played well with others. 

          These four friends represented the best of themselves and always showed unconditional love in their friendship with one another.

          Leslie’s birthday was just around the corner.  December 2nd was fast approaching.  Gloria wanted to gift her with the greatest gift she could find, which would be memories she held in her heart.

          The walk down memory lane with these four little girls began in the mountains of Montana.  Stopping along the way, they discovered a magical place on a hillside where water mysteriously poured forth from a rock.  This first exposure to the natural elements of nature felt almost Biblical in the demonstration from the Divine.  Was it perhaps a “Sign From God,” symbolic of their spiritual purification on this adventure together?

          Each step along the way was more beautiful than the last as they rose higher and higher on the Mount of Transfiguration.  The beauty that surrounded them in the heart of this forest filled them with stunning, dramatic elegance of God’s creation.

          Along the way, Gloria was tested with her teaching skills of an approaching Boardwalk.

          As the little children approached the elevated foot path, built with wooden planks that enabled them to cross wet, fragile, marshy land, it allowed them to be lifted higher and higher in joy.  They found themselves laughing heartily . . . wiping tears from their eyes – cleansing their clouded vision to see a greater level of beauty.

          The children’s laughter rang like music throughout the hillsides, wiping away every tear from visitors who had traveled from near and far.  Their joy lifted fear and burdens from each weary traveler who had come to this area for solitude and refreshment in their souls.

          The wooden planks took the children higher and higher until they reached the summit to see a welcoming beautiful waterfall, misted with a rainbow.  The Sun shined through the tall timbers with a liquid light that cascaded to the canyon down below . . . misting the autumn forest with a golden glow.

          The waterfall symbolized God’s sheer abundance that flowed mightily into physical form.

          Onward the girls trekked, still higher and higher on the road to the Sun, itself.  Hungered, they stopped and set a banquet upon a 4’ x 8’ flat stone upon the ground.

          Passersby watched as the Mighty Hand of God multiplied the food as it was offered freely to each who witnessed the feast set before them on top of the world.

          These four children ate, drank, and were merry for two days, spreading sunshine and smiles wherever they went.  Alas, their time together on this adventure came all too soon and it was time to return to their homes to say their sad goodbye’s.

          Cherishing this time together, making memories . . . and love . . . with one another and for strangers would become a tradition from hereon after and forever more.  These little characters gathered together often in celebration as a living example of what true friendship is based and built upon.

Looking after one another,

Being helpful to one another,

Playing well together, experiencing joy,

Being protective and loyal to one another,

Teaching and learning from one another,

Spiritually growing together,

Giving total freedom to be one’s self,

Loving unconditionally, being in gratitude.

          In life’s magical adventure, friends are truly blessed when they bring out the best part of themselves in one another.

          Happy Birthday, Leslie.  On your special day – from your blood – and soul sisters – we each . . .

Thank you for touching our lives . . .

. . . With love,

Gloria D. Benish

Personalized Fairytales, Unlimited

            (As you can see, I used my warped sense of humor in her tale to prove and define that I KNOW what a stupid boardwalk is!!)

            Leslie is certified in the modality of “Soul Realignment,” as an Akashic Records Practitioner.  I had her do my reading a few months ago and it was helpful to affirm that I came into this life to express Divine Love.  Her reading is extensive and helpful.  She will be working at the Spiritual Boot Kamp to help people discover the blocks that keep them from expressing their Soul’s path.  If you would like to visit her website to get a greater understanding of her gift to help humanity, you can go to:  mtmysticsisters@yahoo.com.   Her sister Nancy will be also working at the Spiritual Boot Kamp, teaching guests about Young Living Oils and their importance and usefulness in their lives.  I recommend them both highly!  (I am sure you can see God’s Hand in our meeting one another!)

            Every day, I express gratitude in endless ways.  But, as Thanksgiving rolls around this year where families and friends can gather together and be grateful to and for one another, I had to express my deep gratitude for my local supportive, loving, of-like-mind, playful friends who give my life joy every single day.  The friends I can turn to and vent after listening to endless calls or demands on my time.  Everyone thought I must have a million friends, but until I had Coco, Nancy, and Leslie, I didn’t have daytime friends who are consistently there for ME.   I cherish them for having slumber parties/a girl’s night to watch movies, eat popcorn, laugh, talk about metaphysics and spirituality or things that are corrupt in our world. 

            Together, they give ME a place to be welcomed and nurtured for all I pour out to others.  They cook for me, listen to my endless chatter and understand and appreciate my playfulness without judgment.  They give me a place to relax and just be all of me and share their animals for a “pet fix.”  No words can ever be fully expressed to share with you all that these women have given to me. I am so grateful for their abiding friendship, honesty, support, cheer-leading, and unconditional love.

            For each of you on this wonderful holiday or the next one together, sitting with your loved ones, I am hoping that you will reflect on anything I may have said herein and to voice your appreciation to one another.  Any day can be a day of griping of everything that is wrong in your lives, but take the holiday and EXPRESS your appreciation on those things in your memories or hearts and verbally share them with one another.  Be honest of your affections and love.  You just might find miracles expressing themselves in a way you never believed possible!  Have a Happy (& Safe!) Thanksgiving everyone!

            Until next month, take care . . . I care . . .


Gloria D. Benish, Ph.D.

(Alias:  Dr. Glo-bug – Just here “to lighten things up”)

December 2021

Greetings and good morning from the beautiful picture-postcard-pretty Bitterroot Valley!  Join me this morning with your cup of coffee as I begin today’s Christmas message.  My sweet house-mate Coco received a call last week that her father in Spokane had fallen and wasn’t doing well.  She immediately began making preparations to go see him.  Along with a friend, they encountered transmission problems and experienced delay. 

Between my schedule with having a Christmas dinner a week early, followed the next day with a dinner/meeting for 20 guests, Coco chose to take Greyhound for transportation.  Complications occurred in traffic on Look Out Pass and she received “the call” . . . her father had already passed.  My compassion for Coco wreaked havoc when I received her text, knowing that I wasn’t there to place my arms around her and tell her how sorry I was.  Not only for her loss, but for any guilt she may place upon herself unnecessarily.

I can be a cup half-full or a cup that runneth over for the majority of my days, but a reminder today sucks the wind right out of those sails.  This spiritual message of awareness touched me deeply and I thought I should share it with all of you.

During this busy time of year, please remember:  Someone you know is preparing for their first Christmas without their husband, wife, mother, father, brother, sister, daughter, son or grandchild.  Others are preparing for their last.  Regardless of the specifics, remember that this season of joy is often times a season of sorrow for many.  BE KIND, BE GENEROUS, GIVE LOVE, GIVE HELP; IF NOTHING ELSE, JUST DON’T GIVE PEOPLE A HARD TIME.

No one is without challenges in these times.  Unless your heart is stone, you are feeling the pain of humanity in many forms.  Our world has a blanket of darkness over it, testified by information being revealed nationally globally, and individually from those who contact me for prayer and healing.  Being the little “opti-mystic” instrument for God – I have to tell you that what is occurring IS THE END TIMES:  THE END OF EVIL ON OUR PLANET and their time is just about up!  It is difficult to see the beauty of forthcoming events right now, but I know how this story turns out.

In dreams and visions, God is showing me that all you little ol’ light-workers/God-Lovers are making a difference – having been prepared for such a time as this.  If you thought you were busy before, well . . . you are going to be most-needed in the days to come.  These statements are not here to frighten you, they are here to encourage you.  Your spirit has been prepared. 

As a nosey-wanna-know-the-end-of-a-book-before-I-start-reading-it-kinda-gal and only getting info from the Divine on an “as-need-to-know-basis,” I could be experiencing some doubts and lack of clarity, myself.  But, as long as I remain peaceful and LISTEN, I have everything I need (usually before I know I need it!)

Because I am a spiritual healer or have a Direct Connection to God does not make me immune to human problems.  Since July, I have walked with my son through three major surgeries.  Getting Covid, then the vaccine, he had a surgery to have his colin removed suggesting pre-cancerous cells.  A second surgery rebuilt him, removing the bag.  A third surgery opened him up, unable to do what they anticipated to help him . . . and they just re-sewed him and sent him home.  (I did playfully suggest that the doctors should just put a zipper in him to make the process easier!  I apologize OFTEN for my warped sense of humor.)

On his first surgery, looking at my son’s face contorted in pain, I took the pain from him.  I TEACH IN WRITINGS AND WORKSHOPS NOT TO DO THIS.  But, as an empath, I didn’t follow my own advice.  I said my good-byes to him at his bedside and took two steps out the front door of the hospital.  My thoughts said, “Oh my God!  I am going to die . . . I don’t even know if I can make it home.”  God Willing, I did, but it was one of the worst days of my life, suffering and unable to burn it off while driving through traffic and back to the Bitterroot.

Arriving home and able to quiet myself to do the inner work, I was all-better in just a few minutes.  I texted him and asked how he was doing and he said, “Much better.”  He had no idea of what I had done in his behalf, nor did he need to with God using me as an anonymous instrument.  What mattered to me was that I knew he was better, because I was and we are One.  When I no longer felt it, neither did he. 

You may be asking, “If you are a healer, why don’t you just heal him?”  This is a FREE WILL planet and I don’t have the right to just walk around healing everyone without their permission.  Their challenges may just be what catapults them to a new understanding or a stepping stone on their journey.  If I remove that, thinking I know what is better for someone else’s life – I could actually be doing a dis-service, rather than a service. 

It is important for people to ASK for help and for me to not just assume I’m doing a random act of kindness.  My son knows who I am and what I do.  He hasn’t asked me to help him.  Don’t think this isn’t hard for momma when I know the miracle possibilities!

On my son’s second surgery, the doctor discovered there was cancer and put him on chemo, which highly inflamed the first surgery’s rebuilding.  Chemo was stopped immediately, but not until he felt total exhaustion for all the trauma his body was experiencing.  As a mother and as a healer, the only thing I can do is to remain at peace and allow the process to be in God’s Hands.

I am so proud of my son’s acceptance, peace, and behavior with all his health challenges.  He doesn’t know, nor does he have to, that others and myself do keep him in prayer for his highest good.

My daughter’s father-in-law is suffering from cancer with the same issue as my son.  Undergoing chemo treatments that make him so ill and scheduled during Christmas week, as a family . . . we chose to have Christmas dinner a week early so he can enjoy it, too.  Last Saturday, we watched him eat and enjoy the lovely meal.  He left early to rest, but the look on his face as he ate, was worth our decision.

Last Saturday night, following the meal, I returned home and turned on the dishwasher to run the dishes I’d used to prepare the foods I was taking to the meal.  I had Coco and a guest of hers in the living room.  As I walked into the kitchen, I noticed tiny droplets of water scattered on my flooring.  My first thought was that Coco and Casie had dropped ice cubes and not being picked up, had melted.  I wiped up the water and a few minutes later, I re-entered the kitchen and saw many more.  I called the girls into the kitchen and showed them I had a problem.  Every step on my Purgo flooring had little bubbles of water oozing up from the floor boards.

The following day, I had 20 guests arriving for a dinner meeting.  Being exceptionally organized this year, I had baked and cooked for five days straight.  Rum cakes had been delivered to the businesses downtown and 15 large cookie platters had been delivered to neighbors and friends.  All the preparations, decorations, and the food for the early Christmas dinner and for the dinner party had been prepared so I could enjoy the events, as well. 

Thirteen months ago, my icemaker leaked unknowingly and flooded my kitchen floor.  Now, I felt like I was experiencing deja vu and wasn’t very excited to re-live it!  I said a few bad words and went to bed to have a chat with God.  “I have lost my inner peace, God.  I am fried!  I want a Healing Center for Humanity and get disturbed with home maintenance – what in the hell am I thinking?”  I let ‘er rip with God, whining and testifying to total frustration. 

He then reminded me ever-so-gently, “If you think YOU are doing any of your life as a human personality, you have every right to feel frustrated and overwhelmed.  It is your first indication that you are trying to do it humanly on your own.  When you remember that I AM doing it through you and we are a team, feeling My peace and LISTENING, I guide you through it to do things right the first time.”

I slept like a baby and had a vision in my mind’s eye as I was awaking.  A beautiful pure white long-stemmed flower unfolded its petals and a missile of white blasted out of it at Mach speed and the petals gently closed again. 



not outside of us — that we have to draw to us.

Our needs are just awaiting their expression in our lives.

            My dinner party was a huge success, feeding my guests on paper plates rather than on Christmas china.  Twenty guests were reduced in number to eight due to weather-related travel.  They ate on TV trays and folding chairs in my living room rather than a dining table and no one cared.  The loving, enlightening conversations were filled with sharing, sorrow, truth and depressions that needed to be expressed.  An abundance of spiritual and physical food nourished our minds, hearts, souls, and spirits.

            Yesterday, I called my insurance agent.  I had just paid my house insurance bill last month for $1,400.00 and now I was going to be paying $1,000.00 deductible to get this water damage taken care of . . . days before all the holidays.  But I made the call and had the “speeding bullet” vision unfolding right before my eyes.  At such a busy time of year, everyone who called or came to rescue me unfolded the next step.  Everyone made it feel like it was their loving priority to get this taken care of and through it all, I am peaceful, accepting, and actually joyful.

            The truth be told, I was disappointed with the flooring that was installed 13 months ago.  Although it was beautiful, it was being scratched with my rolling chairs in the dining room.  A friend, as a Christmas gift to me, had my living room furniture professionally upholstery cleaned.  My home takes a lot of wear and tear from grandkids and the public I invite into it.  God knew I was disappointed and I don’t need to humanly question why this deja vu occurred.  He doesn’t want us to “settle-for” or be disappointed.  We are His kid and a joint heir to His inheritance!

            In fact, by sticking my neck out here on the line – I am going to share how I really feel 2022 will be.  There is so much abundance awaiting us.  The hammering and division of our people and our nation has not been for nothing.  We are on the fast train to awakening and experiencing such profound wonderful things that seem unimaginable right this second if you aren’t in a peaceful state of mind. 

I know that each of us are surrounded with someone you know who is preparing for their first Christmas without their husband, wife, mother, father, brother, sister, daughter, son or grandchild.  Others are preparing for their last.  Regardless of the specifics, remember that this season of joy is often times a season of sorrow for many.  BE KIND, BE GENEROUS, GIVE LOVE, GIVE HELP; IF NOTHING ELSE, JUST DON’T GIVE PEOPLE A HARD TIME.

There are also those who are suffering from stress and unnecessary expenses, large or small, along with the frustrations of others not caring to help get things taken care of effortlessly and easily.  My gift to each of you here today is the awareness of how to restore your peace of mind and to know that He is willing to take care of it through you.

Personally speaking, I know grief by its first name.  When my precious Coco returns from Spokane, I will be gentle and loving with her.  I remember how it felt, as if it was yesterday, how grief places a fog over your brain and you can’t think straight.  I remember every step of it clearly.  I will be patient, I will hold her physically, in my heart, and in my prayers.

The gift of this column from Him – to me – to you — is just one of many, many more to come . . . Merry Christmas everyone!  And, HAPPY NEW YEAR.  We each hope and pray for joy, health, prosperity, and peace for one another and all we have to do is claim it . . . and to BE IT.

Until next month, take care . . . I care . . .


Gloria D. Benish, Ph.D.

(Alias:  Dr. Glo-bug – Just here “to lighten things up”)

October 2021

Greetings and good morning from the beautiful Bitterroot Valley!  Before I start telling you what I’ve been up to this past month, I want to give a special thank you to a dear friend.  Carolyn Beasley (in Spokane.)  Every year since her healing through me in 1995, she has never once forgotten my birthday in October – or Christmas.

            I found myself anxious this year.  I hadn’t heard from her and feared she was ill.  My house-mate, Coco eased my concerns by saying, “Gloria, it is still two weeks away from your birthday, just be patient.”  Carolyn is always the first one who sends me a card, like clock-work.  Never once has she failed to remember, but this year – it wasn’t about me getting a card and her loving message inside it.  I realized that I used the card as a template of her well-being, even if it was only once or twice a year that I heard from her.

            I didn’t have access to technology for two months this summer, which is why I missed writing my columns.  But there was a great deal of time that my phones weren’t working either.  I have 7,000 emails to go through to find those who were trying to reach out to me in friend or stranger requests for help.  Please understand that I am always doing the best I can.

            You can’t even begin to imagine how many times I got snarky calls from friends, frustrated and angry with me, for “ignoring them or not caring.”  I apologized to each and did so lovingly, apologizing that the “Invisible Realm” was the cause . . . not me as a personality.

            You could question, “If you were so dadgum concerned about Carolyn’s well-being, why didn’t you just pick up the phone and call to check on her?  It would have been an appropriate thing to do, which would have eased my concerns quickly.  But, as easy and as simple as that sounds, it seemed there was a brick wall not allowing me to do so.

            To Carolyn Beasley today, this Tribute is to you personally.  Your heart may have been miraculously healed through me in 1995 . . . but because of that healing, I want you to know how many other people have been healed as a result.  Had that not occurred, LuAnn Stallcop would have never ventured to ask me to come be a guest speaker in Spokane, have me teach a workshop, or doing years of private healings every-other-weekend in Spokane for three years.  Without you, I wouldn’t be writing these columns.  Without that meeting, it would not have assisted in connecting consciousness across this nation (& International) for further workshops and healings.  Not to mention the miracle stories in book form that continue to inspire and heal the multitudes.

            Carolyn, stepping out into the public eye all began with you.  So, if that contact started the snowball rolling in every facet of my life and service to God and humanity, you might well understand how deeply I care for you.  Not just on my birthday and Christmas when we make brief contact, but nearly every day of my life, you are in my thoughts and you are FOREVER in my heart.   I know how much love for God, humanity, and me that you have.  You Willed your inspirational sayings to me to put into print and I vow to do so.  If you ever question your purpose on this planet, I just want you to know how much you have affected the world with your mere presence.  I love you now, I always will.  Thank you, your (most appreciated) birthday card arrived before October 5th, signed and sealed with your love.  ooxx

(A Men’s Spiritual Retreat Weekend in the rustic mountains in Montana)


Using the “Center of the Cinnamon Roll” as a metaphor, learn how to experience the best part of a spiritual union with your Creator and all other relationships.  Find yourself tucked away in a rustic cabin surrounded by pine trees and listening to a waterfall in the near distance.  Pack your bags and be Dr. Gloria’s guest on a three-day spiritual retreat in the Montana mountains.

Accept this personal invitation to the Spiritual Boot Kamp for a retreat of “basic (spiritual) training.”  For those out-of-touch with their feelings and needs, Dr. Glo-bug (Just here “to lighten things up”) is prepared to help you identify and get in touch with your innermost deepest Selves.  By doing so will transform your disappointments and heartache into achievable successes within your relationships and lives. 

Men, bring your favorite fishing pole to enjoy the stream behind the cabin in the great outdoors under Montana’s Big Sky.  Your restored solitude and peace are just one step closer to experiencing heaven on earth here in “God’s Country,” right here in Montana in the good ol’ U.S.A.

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Gloria D. Benish, Ph.D.                                       

With me, even a simple experience can prompt an entire book to be written through me.  In the last two weeks, Roger R. Franklin, Co-Author and I wrote, “The Center of the Cinnamon Roll” to assist humanity at the “Spiritual Boot Kamp,” providing “basic Spiritual Training” in book form. 

After my husband died, I was invited to breakfast by a man. 

After looking at the menu, he picked up his newspaper and began reading it.  I excused myself to go to the Ladies Room and I pondered that I should just walk out the back door and walk back home.  I decided to return to the booth.

The waitress arrived, he put his paper down and ordered a cinnamon roll.  When the waitress placed his order before him, it happened to be the size of a dinner plate.

I asked, “Would you give me the center of your cinnamon roll?”

He barked, “NO!  IT’S THE BEST PART!”

“I know,” I responded, “would you share a bite of it with me?”

“No!” he exclaimed and he evidently meant it.  As he ate, he continued to read his newspaper.  I sat there thinking, “If I wanted to eat alone, I would have just stayed home.”

We finished eating and he still had some of the remnants on his plate and still wouldn’t offer me an opportunity to taste it.

As we were waiting for the bill to arrive, I said, “I want to use the cinnamon roll as a metaphor for a possible future relationship with you.  I asked, “Would you be willing to give me the center of your cinnamon roll?”

He barked, “NO!  IT’S THE BEST PART!”

I responded, “I know . . . and understand, but would you give me a bite of it?”  He therein responded, “No!”

Giving him the benefit of the doubt that he didn’t understand what “metaphor” meant, I slowly explained that I was using the cinnamon roll, itself, as being HIM AND HIS HEART.  In simple terminology, I was using it as a diagram of a healthy loving relationship.  He said he understood.

“So, what you are saying is that you aren’t willing to give me the best of yourself in a relationship together or even share a bite/a little bit of yourself.  “Pretty much I guess that’s what I am saying,” he responded.  It was evident that I didn’t want a relationship with this man.  He wasn’t even trying to win my heart.

I even went on to explain that who I am – if he had asked for a bite of the center of my cinnamon roll, I would offer not only it – but the entire thing.  I would be willing to give the best of myself to him in every way.  I gave him a third opportunity to change his tune and he still refused.  He was a bright man; he understood completely what I was getting at.  In one meal together, I had my answer.   The red flag was so glaring, I couldn’t ignore it.

As he paid for our breakfast, I thanked him kindly for feeding me at all.  I also related that if I ever chose to go to breakfast with him again and he picked up a newspaper instead of talking to me across the table, I would quietly disappear and he would never see me again.

Months later, he came to my home bringing a large cinnamon roll.  He sat eating the entire thing in front of me . . . never even asking if I would like a bite.  As he ate all around the center, he then pushed the to-go container in front of me, offering me the center of his cinnamon roll.

I kindly thanked him and pushed it back towards himself as I said, “A little too late.”

I had seen the truth up front long ago.  I think it’s wonderful that he finally “got it,” but my experience of opening my heart to someone who was that selfish, after such a loss of a great man – I was no longer willing to set myself up for an obvious disappointment       

For the Grand Opening of the Spiritual Boot Kamp (in book form), I am inviting the men in the world to come be my guest.  I am making them the priority, whether they are Veterans or not.  Men are our protectors in this world standing up for women and children, for our country, and for one another.   They are willing to go to war for our safety and freedom.  Even if they have not enlisted in the armed forces, they go to battle daily in jobs and within society to put a roof over their family’s heads and food on the table.  They deserve our utmost respect, to honor and to cherish them for their daily sacrifices and for their love.

            Our de-moralized civilization has taken the healthy, strong, dedicated Father figure out of context, mocking him in commercials, sitcoms, and movies . . . making him look foolish.  “They” have succeeded in feminizing many of them in their struggle to give women equal rights.  “Those” who have chosen their lane to destruct the family unit with media and advertising, making the leading men in our lives a laughing stock – I can just say that those days are over.  Beginning immediately to spiritualize our men will bring their human side into alignment with their spiritual nature.  Just watch and see the strength of the families return to morality and goodness, dissolving the insanity that has led to the decay.

         Not only have I brought the reader in my down-home/country voice (“Go Within or Go Without” style) to the Boot Kamp for basic spiritual training, I have documented my entire dream of a healing center into book form.  Coupled with the emotion I felt as if it is already real (because it is . . . I already do it in reality through my home,) the manifestation can unfold.

            I am awaiting approval from an another publisher on an 11-page insert that Roger used in one of his “Fireside Chat’s” in the book.  Once that approval is given, I have a “green light” to get this information to the masses. This book will be gifted freely to the world and will have a link in next month’s column.  The men, in this book, are the first to enjoy the Grand Opening of the Spiritual Boot Kamp Healing Center.  Thereafter, everyone has a personal invitation.  Stay tuned . . . next month, I have faith that a link will attach my column so you can freely download and enjoy.

            Until next month, take care . . .I care . . .

Always,   Gloria D. Benish, Ph.D.

Alias:  Dr. Glo-bug (Just here “to lighten things up”)

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April 2021

Greetings and good morning from the beautiful Bitterroot Valley!  Two days ago, Stevensville got hammered with high winds and 4” of snow.  Yesterday, the temperatures were in the 50’s and sunny.  My 8 year old granddaughter Kathryn asked if I would take her swimming because it was so hot.  When I explained the temperature difference of what summer heat is versus what she felt right now convinced her that perhaps she should wait a month or so.  You know you’re a Montanan though if on a 50 degree day, you’re wearing a tank top and flip-flops.

            On such a nice day, I went for a walk.  I noticed a sign on Main Street that Mother’s Day is coming soon and to order your flowers now.  I felt a deep sadness that my mom isn’t here this year to do anything loving for her.  She passed in August 2020.  My younger sister Sheila and I are co-representatives of her estate and planning her a July funeral.  Due to Covid, all . . . or most funerals have been delayed.  My siblings and what few remaining family/friends will be joining us at Black Hills National Cemetery outside of Sturgis, South Dakota for a “drive-through funeral” this summer.

            It’s a crazy world, eh?!  A drive-through funeral, given 30 minutes to get in, say what you want to say in record speed of 15 minutes, put her ashes next to Dad, and get moving for the next vehicle and family’s turn.  It hardly seems easy to give a grand testimony to someone who was such an important person in life to be given such a short amount of time for the celebration of that life.

            So, to ease my soul and give my mom a “Happy Mother’s Day” salute, I’m extending her funeral near and far through this month’s column.

Mom’s Eulogy

Greetings and good afternoon, and thank you all for coming.

We are gathered here today to celebrate the life of Esther Mae Dunkelberger-Hale, born on May 12, 1930 and passed on at 90 years of age on August 2, 2020.  She is survived by her five children, 8 grandchildren, 10 great grandchildren, 2 great-great grandchildren, and her younger sisters Darleen Stritecky and Alice Boyle.

I am Gloria Benish, #3 daughter of Esther and was chosen to officiate because I am an ordained minister, a natural-born writer, and a third generation motor mouth.  Any one of my siblings could have been up here doing this because we all inherited the ability to speak not only from our hearts and memories, and also to speak our mind — but any one of us would have plenty to say in celebration of our mother.

Dad told me more than once that he hated to go to funerals and listen to them make that individual sound like a Saint if he had been an asshole his entire life.  Today, I am going to honor Dad and Mom by speaking of who she was as an individual not only to us kids, but to anyone who entered her home and life.

Sheila and I discussed what to put on her tombstone.  She read her choice and the phone got very silent.  I knew what that meant and asked, “Are you breathing?”  Several seconds passed before she could say yes.  Each of us children have our emotions tied to our throat when we are emotionally touched.  I admired Mom that she could get angry and not shut down like I did when I got angry, crying instead which was so frustrating to me. Not that Mom didn’t have emotions, she did and her tone in anger at us kids, Dad, or a grandchild was nearly every day of her life.

Anger and her expression of it wasn’t a negative per se – it made her into a warrior and she would do battle in a heartbeat, at your back without pause, and fight for what was right and just.  She would have made one hell of an amazing attorney!  Oh!  That’s right!  She did . . . she took on a Ford Motor dealership, representing herself and won!

Esther Hale would have had to live many lifetimes to do everything she wanted to do.  In this short 90 years of life – she wanted to see the nation and the world.  If anyone mentioned wanting to go for a ride, she was packed and out the door, ready to roll, and waiting for you to get your butt in the car.  She was a runner!  Getting in the car and traveling was one of her favorite things to do.  She absolutely loved the Oregon Coast.

Her second favorite hobby was fighting.  Her third hobby was gambling.  Growing up with a compulsive gambler, I often said, “She’s out either spending or earning my inheritance, good or bad, who’s to say?”  Mom didn’t play games with us kids, unless it involved cards.  And just as soon as those dishes were done on holiday meals – out came the cards, usually to relieve Uncle Sonny’s money.

Mom’s perfect day was perhaps getting to do all three hobbies in the same day.  Dad, of course, played along.  He was a pretty smart cookie, knowing that the fight would begin with her, “We never get to do what I want” and would end with taking her on a road trip up the mountain to gamble.  It took well into my 50’s to realize it was just part of the game they played in unison.

Mom wanted her kids to have an education, and herself as well.  She prided herself with graduating late in life, achieving her goal.  She lived her life through her children through osmosis.  As the mother she wanted to be and couldn’t sit to read to us kids or hold us on her lap because she had elderly to care for, neighbors for coffee klatches, chores to do . . . she watched Terry grow up and be that mother.

Her love for nursing unfolded with Vicki walking in those nursing shoes.  She wanted to write a book about the senseless murder of Alvira.  Even in her final years, she still found herself confounded at the serendipity that occurred the night of Alvira’s death.  Sitting at a stop sign with her and dad trying to decide which way to turn that evening, fate stepped in – or they would have been in the center of the tragedy.  Knowing Mom, her mouth would have escalated her possible demise.  But her love for wanting to write a book found its way through me as one book after another was born and brought into print.

Her love for working for the government and accounting found its birth through Sheila and not that Sheila was any more loved than the rest of us . . . Mom, at a time in her life most needed . . . found Sheila as that best friend.  I believe that every one of us kids would agree that Mom was blessed in that choice and each of us owe Sheila a grand gesture of appreciation for everything she did in mom’s final years.

And then there is Bill.  Mom, as a warrior fought for each of us and often times with us when push came to shove.  But, with Bill – everyone and anyone heard the story of her becoming a Warrior in his time of need.  Bill, of all of us kids, inherited Mom’s passion and voice and uses that gift as a Union Rep at work – standing up for people and being their voice to represent and defend the interests of his fellow employees.  In my opinion and hope for his future to broaden that gift lies the book on “Georgia Justice.”   Bill’s writing ability far outranks mine and has the potential to heal . . . not in the medical field, but in the area of heartache for men whose hearts have been broken by injustice.   The only boy in this gaggle of girls . . . Bill was Mom and Dad’s pride and joy.  Not that they treated him like most little boys in the movies – going out and playing ball with him or making him a rough and tumble little boy . . . but building him in strength to face the world head on and succeed.

Through Dad, us kids may have inherited a sense of humor . . . warped as it is at times.  But Mom gave us a reason TO laugh.  Her story telling and her casual remarks that came out of her mouth like it was generational gospel became the cornerstones of understanding.  Just a few, “I feel like I’m being pulled through a knothole backwards,” “I could eat the south end of a north bound horse, I’m so hungry”, “I call a spade a spade, not a “f’ing” shovel,” and on and on they would be quoted.

You knew where you stood with Mom.  There was no stranger that entered our home.  She demonstrated keeping your coffee cup filled and re-warmed, you were fed when hungry, and you had clean sheets to rest your weary head upon.

It was important to Mom what other people thought of her.  She put us girls in every wholesome activity she could to give us a well-rounded experience of life, growing up in a small town.  She made sure our clothing was pretty and clean.

She didn’t buy us lots of toys and made sure that we knew the necessary grind of housework and doing dishes at an early age.  She taught each of us pride in ourselves, how to carry ourselves in public, how to act with manners in someone else’s home, and that life wasn’t going to be a free ride.

Almost two decades had passed with all of us as adults with children of our own when we gathered together at mom and dads for a Christmas dinner.  Following it, I asked Bill to go around the table and say something kind about each one of the family.  When he got to Mom, in a very serious tone, he said, “If we ever go to war . . . I hope you are on our side!”  It was true.  It was also funny, but damn . . . it was true!  You didn’t ever want Esther Hale as your enemy.

We all hate the idea of leaving this world with regrets.  If I had one that was family generated, it would be that I was denied the ability to be close to Mom’s sisters.  A family rift had occurred and only on brief occasions got to see Edna and Darleen.  As an adult, I found myself so loving them and had always wished we could have been closer. 

And, so it is with all of us siblings.  Until the Covid, there wasn’t a day I didn’t talk with Terry.  Sheila and I have been undoubtedly close . . . but it’s only on occasion for birthdays and holidays that I speak with Vicki.  With  Bill, generally only when I make my way to Denver.  My point in bringing this up – life is too short to hold on to grievances.  We should make the most of every opportunity to be together and take advantage of those God has placed in our lives to love and to cherish.

It isn’t that any of us love one another any less than the others, but time and distance along with busy lives interferes in the closeness with one another.  Although Mom and Dad had a tendency to play “Good cop/bad cop” with us kids and put wedges between us from time to time, as generationally taught to her . . . she brought us together today to celebrate her final resting place.

When Sheila and I were discussing what to put on her headstone, Sheila shared a saying that touched her deeply, but it was too long and I had her forward it to me to say in Mom’s Eulogy.

It said, “To know even one life has breathed easier because she lived is to know she truly succeeded while here.”  Whether in youth or elder years, I’m sure Aunt Darleen and Aunt Alice can attest that Esther Hale did something to achieve this for them.  And the same with each of us here today physically or in Spirit:  Terry & Rod with Heather, Chris, & Adam, Vicki & Chuck with Scott, Me with D.W. and Danielle, Sheila with Tiffany & Brandy, Bill & Heather . . . and friends and family now long gone .  Mom touched the lives of so many, either making their stay in her home nicer or going into full blown battle if need be in their behalf.

On August 2, 2020 when mom was preparing to leave this world, Hospice had asked all of us to call and give her permission to leave.  During my telephone call to her, I was sobbing my words out.  I asked her to pay no attention to my crying.  I told her that I would miss her, but in all truth – while she was still alive I had already missed her.  Until she moved to Oklahoma City, I had spoken to her every day of my life.

 I was so glad that I had the entire month of February 2020 with her.  I would walk across the street from Sheila’s to the nursing care center and just sit at the foot of the bed watching her breathe and sleep.  I didn’t want to awaken her, because while she was sleeping, she wasn’t conscious of hurting.  I just needed to be with my mother and didn’t selfishly need her to be or to do anything for me. 

I asked her at one point during all those visits, “Mom, do you have any wisdom you need to share with me?”  She cocked her head, rolled her eyes up like she was searching her memory bank and replied, “I can’t think of anything right now, Gloria.’   Mom’s days of being a counselor were over.

To Esther Mae Hale, here you rest as our heroine at Black Hills National Cemetery with Dad . . . once again re-united as the “King & Queen of Hearts.”  You have fought the last battle you will fight in this life and have earned the Purple Heart for how many of us who were saved with the wisdom and the fight you had in you to do so.  May you rest in peace forever more. 

For those of us she touched who are still living, we take her with us in our hearts and in our memories.

In closing today, I will read a poem Vicki wanted to share with each of us here.  The author to be given credit is unknown, therefore, I’ll give the credit to God as the source of inspiration:

“God saw she was getting tired and the cure was not to be.

So He put His arms around her and whispered, “Come with Me.”

With tearful hearts we watched her fade away,

Although we love her dearly, we could not make her stay.

A golden heart stopped beating, hard-working hands to rest.

God broke our hearts to prove to us, He only takes the best.”

It is only because we have limited time here today that I can speak no longer, not because I couldn’t say more in behalf of this amazing woman.  Therefore, I will close with the Lord’s Prayer and ask you to close your eyes, bow your heads and join me.

Our Father, who art in heaven,

Hallowed be Thy name.

Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done,

On earth as it is in Heaven.

Give us this day, our daily bread

And forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who

Have trespassed against us.

And lead us not into temptation,

But deliver us from evil –

For thine is the Power, the Kingdom and the Glory

Forever and ever . . . Amen

Thank you all for coming.                **********

I am a reflection of mom.  I embody her good AND bad qualities, taking pride in the growth I have achieved to overcome any generational abnormalities.  I pride myself that I hand down the warrior part of her personality to my off-spring to fight for what is right and good, to have a moral compass, and impart grace and mercy when sometimes we fall short of living up to the ideals handed down from our parents.

To every mother, youthful or aged, today – with skin on (or not) on this side of the Veil or the other — I wish each of you a Happy Mother’s Day!  May you be surrounded by love from all those near and far who are who they are because of you.  Good or bad, who’s to say?   Your shortcomings just may have been laid to rest or helped to transform the world in the greatest sense of love for your descendants and for humanity as a whole.

Until next month, take care . . . I care . . .


Gloria D. Benish, Ph.D.

Alias:  Dr. Glo-bug (Just here “to lighten things up”)

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March 2021

Greetings and good morning from the beautiful Bitterroot Valley!  It is now 2:11 a.m.  I went to bed at 11 last night and was awoken at midnight, absolutely drenched.  I don’t get night sweats, except when God shows up and wants me to write.  Knowing that this column is due tomorrow, I remained quietly in bed wondering if I was going to get up and write this column or if I was meant to write another book.

            Writing has always been easy when it’s inspired.  I hear about authors that take years to write a book, struggling or researching. 

            I have a guest here visiting from San Francisco.  I met Debra Jones 25 years ago when I was teaching my second workshop in Boise, Idaho.  I hadn’t seen her since then.  We got reacquainted by telephone and have talked several times over the last few months.  She’s now peacefully sleeping in my guest room and I am being as quiet as a mouse in my home office.

            A week ago, I did my first Podcast.  Music is being downloaded to it and artwork prepared.  It had been planned to do a video and at the last minute, my co-hostess Miss J chose to begin with an audio.  I hung up the phone, took two steps away, and had the thought to go to my office because I was going to write another book.

            That thought surprised me because I hadn’t been having any ideas about doing so.  As I took the steps towards the office, I wondered if I was finally going to write the love story about Kirk’s and my relationship.  I have planned on writing Love Letters in the Sand and having it made into a movie, as well.

            I sat behind the computer and the words, “Care & Comfort for the Covid Blues” was written.  “Oh,” I thought, “I guess I’m going to write a book to cheer people up from the depression experienced by the pandemic.”

            The free book I just wrote and gifted to the world began much the same way.  I was watching a movie with a friend in the living room.  I heard myself say, “I have to go to the office.  I’m going to write another book.”  Like this latest one, I had no prior thoughts that I would be doing so.  No planning at all!

            This new book is written in “Go Within or Go Without” style, coming into my home.  This time, I am inviting you, the reader, in for a three-day girlfriend slumber party.

            As girlfriends, we are going to talk about intimate subjects, politics, and spirituality intermingled with miracle stories that I have experienced.  I had a busy week last week, teaching piano lessons twice each to two little eight year olds, got my chimney cleaned, answered emails/texts and kept up with telephone calls of those seeking to be uplifted.

            In a three-day time frame, this book wrote itself in 14 hours through me.  I went to the grocery store and Kate in Customer Service asked me, ”What have you been up to, Gloria?  I haven’t seen you for a while.”  I said, “I just wrote another book this week.   She giggled and asked, “You mean you wrote a pamphlet?”

            “No, Kate.  I wrote another book.”  She looked at me like I was from another planet.  It’s difficult for people to understand that I can type 120+ wpm and just write a book with no forethought.  I guess, if it was me . . . I would think, “Well, it can’t be very interesting or worth reading if you just barf up enough pages to write a book in such a short time.”

            Coming from my perspective of it happening through me – it makes me definitely aware of a Divine Presence working through me and feeling almost urgent to get loving, helpful information to His kids.

            When I was under contract with the New York Publisher and their five-book contract with me, they would call and say, “Now, Gloria, you do know that another book is due in three weeks, right?!”  I would respond, “How would I know that?  You haven’t followed anything per the contract since we began.”

            Nevertheless, they had a book on their desk and ready to go to press in three weeks.  Who does that?!  Me.

            I called my daughter on the third day of writing and asked if she could come by the next day and make a jacket cover for it.  I LOVE THAT KID!  She knows her momma well and she isn’t afraid to be honest with me.

            “Momma, I don’t like your title, it doesn’t even sound like you.”  She, of course was referring to “Care & Comfort for the Covid Blues.”  I agreed with her – it didn’t feel like it flowed and in fact, I couldn’t even remember it without having to look at the first page to see what I had called it.

            I asked her to go to the site where I buy my artwork and to find a cartoony couple hugging to soften the title.  When she opened the site – the very first image took my breath away.  It was perfect!  A little teddy bear holding a sign saying, “GIVE ME A HUG”!  Out of my mouth came the words, “AND DON’T LET GO UNTIL I TELL YOU.”

            I say those words IN REAL LIFE every time I am completing a healing.  I said it throughout the book to you, my guest, giving you a hug when you arrived and each night before you retire to my guestroom to go to bed.

            In the book, I pick you up at the airport, drive you to my home and here we go . . .

Let’s get your luggage into the house and get you settled in.  Your guest room is large and comfy with your own bathroom.  I think you’ll find everything you need and if you don’t, please just ask.  Guest towels are under the sink and washcloths in the top drawer of the vanity.  Extra blankets in the closet should you need them.  Let’s sit your suitcase here on the luggage rack out of your way.  While you are getting unpacked and settled, I’ll get a pot of coffee started or I have fresh iced tea made if you prefer.

I made a light lunch to serve you since you had to get up so early and the stress of traveling. It’s a pot of homemade vegetable soup with filet mignon diced into it and some warm homemade bread to go with it.  There’s a menu on the refrigerator of the already prepared meals and desserts to enjoy while you are here.  I do all of the prep work I can before you arrive so I can enjoy every single moment with you.

Friday Lunch:

Homemade vegetable soup with diced filet mignon and homemade bread.

Friday Dinner:

Quiche with mushrooms/sun-dried tomato/onion/broccoli/pepper jack cheese  -or- Quiche with the same vegetables/including bacon.  Homemade banana bread, banana/apple fruit bowl

Breakfast Choices:  (Everything homemade)

Cold cereal (Banana/Walnut Crunch)

Variety/flavored oatmeal

Breakfast Burritos with scrambled egg/hash  browns/sausage/cheese with salsa/sour cream

Biscuits & Gravy

Sausage/Egg/Cheese Biscuits

Pancakes with real Maple Syrup

Saturday Lunch:

Clam/Shrimp Chowder with grilled cheese on homemade bread

Saturday Dinner:

Hot Wings, stuffed potato skins, jalapeno’s stuffed with cream cheese/wrapped in bacon, stuffed mushrooms, vegetable tray w/ranch dip

Sunday Lunch:

Bacon/Lettuce/Tomato on homemade bread, potato salad w/sweet jalapeno pickles, home-fried chips w/homemade garlic dip

Sunday Dinner:

Rolled Pork Roast with apricots/figs, potatoes/carrots/gravy, fresh green beans w/bacon, Stir-fried Asparagus w/garlic, homemade dinner rolls

Desserts Available:

Homemade Rum Cake                                      Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies

Homemade Banana Cream Cheesecake                             Homemade Mounds Bars

Homemade German Chocolate Cheesecake          Tuxedo Mousse Cake (Costco)

Could you please give me a hug and don’t let go until I tell you before you go to your room and get settled in and relaxed for lunch?  I just want to tell you, “Welcome home . . . I am so glad you are here!”   **********

FAIR WARNING!  Don’t come to my home if you are on a diet unless you have self-control!!  I am a food pusher.  Like I said – fair warning.

The outside back cover says:

EXPECT THE WARM FUZZIES when you join Dr. Gloria D. Benish in a best friend, three-night slumber party at her home in Montana.  As a spiritual healer and teacher, she shares heartwarming true modern-day miracle stories that will touch your heart and feed your soul.  In a weekend of self-discovery, you will learn how to experience your own miracles.  She has a lighthearted way of making you feel like you are definitely a part of her spiritual family.

            She may be pint-sized in stature, but her Spirit is enormous with a passion that burns brightly to love all of humanity.  Add her irrepressible humor and her outspoken honesty and it only adds fuel to the fire.  This little firecracker is known as “Dr. Glo-bug – Just here “to lighten things up” and she lives up to that promise in every way.

Fun loving and steeped in the depths of mysticism, she walks with balance and God’s Grace.  A spiritual healer known nationally and internationally for 26 years, author of 8 published books including “Go Within or Go Without” (A Simple Guide to Self-Healing), “Spiritual Life Savers,” “Spiritual Training Wheels,” and “As God is My Witness,” to name a few will delight you in her down-to-earth voice.  If you step over the threshold to Dr. Glo-bug’s world, plan on having your life change.  Fears, depression, anxiety, and illness . . . among other ailments will melt like butter on a hot biscuit.

            Reading this book brought me right back to a few weeks ago when I had the honor to come stay in Gloria’s guest bedroom.  She truly is one of the kindest, most giving persons I have ever met.  She treated us to all her talents in the kitchen (and she is blessed with many).  She filled us with the Presence of God and a wonderful sense of being home.  She has a way of making you feel like you’ve been best friends for years.  There is no pretentiousness when you see Gloria.  You get ALL of her.  And it’s like having the most positive, glowing, uplifting spirit around you 24 hours a day.  Her book portrays her perfectly.  (Patti Ramler)

         My sister and I have had the honor and privilege of reading “Give Me a Hug an Don’t Let Go Until I Tell You” as Gloria wrote each chapter.  This book takes the reader on a weekend visit to Gloria’s house.  You will experience the love and care that Gloria shows everyone who enters her world, and will be left wishing for more.  When you have finished reading this latest creation, you will, indeed, know that you’ve been kissed on the forehead by God.  (Nancy & Leslie Whitman)


My visiting guest Debra lies in the guestroom sleeping as I write these words, living the experience that the reader will encounter within these pages.  My dream of having a healing center where the nation can come to be nurtured, pampered, and loved has not yet manifested.  Until then, I can bring the reader in to enjoy it without traveling.

Believe me, it will feel REAL to you.  It certainly did to me.  On the third day, God woke me up at 2 a.m. to write.  I came in to the kitchen to start the coffee brewing, quietly opened the cabinet, walked quietly, and stopped and thought, “Gloria!  You are the ONLY ONE HERE.  There is NO ONE in the guestroom to disturb.”  That is how real it felt to me while writing it.  I actually got seconds and thirds of coffee and both times, I quietly entered the kitchen off the guestroom so I wouldn’t disturb my guest.

My daughter will be getting it made into an Amazon Ebook and Books on Demand ASAP.  With Covid social distancing, being kept from our loved ones, and the depression it caused has the world hungry for hugs, closeness, friendship, and love.  The world has been bombarded with fear!  I can’t even take credit for the idea of what this book brings.  But, God evidently wants His kids to know how deeply loved they are – and I got the honor of getting to be the one He used to “git r done” and get His love flowing.

I will keep you advised of the upcoming physical and electronic printing.  It would be such a pleasure for me to take you in my arms and whisper in your ear,  “Thank you so much for coming!  GIVE ME A HUG AND DON’T LET GO UNTIL I TELL YOU!”

Until next month, take care . . . I care . . .


Gloria D. Benish, Ph.D.

AKA:  Dr. Glo-bug – Just here “to lighten things up”

To download your free copy of ‘GUTS & GLORI(A)  From Fear … to Eternity”

Go to: www.miraclepublishingdistribution.com

February 2021

Greetings and good morning from the beautiful Bitterroot Valley!   The sun is shining on the newly fallen snow and it is literally sparkling.  For me, it will take another trip out to shovel the sidewalk and driveway to assure guests don’t slip and fall.  But, hey . . . it was such a mild winter (until it wasn’t,) I have no complaints!  I apologize that I missed writing last month’s column.  My daily schedule went in to hyper-drive for a while in many different directions.

            You see, I live on a different planet than most people.  I know there is so much fear and confusion going on, but I am at peace.  I know there are so many rumors and mis-and-dis-information, but I listen to my heart.  I know that so many feel hate, but I have so much love coming and going through my heart and home that I have to absolutely share it.

            I feel compassion.  Oh boy, it has been taken to an all-time new level in fact.  My entire day from morning until night has me on the phone, texting, or emailing people who are seeking for calm, peace, and understanding.

            I am reminded of years gone by with a dear elderly friend.  In 2010, I was tickled to remind her of us before we came into this total service incarnation.  I asked her, “Don’t you remember when we were in the brightly lit auditorium with Christ standing before us asking us to prepare to help in the Intergalactic Love Story of all time?”  I teased her by gently poking my right elbow into her ribs saying, “C’mon Wynona, raise your hand . . . it’ll be fun . . . trust me!”

            I have to admit that it hasn’t all been fun, especially the ride through the dark side, but it helped too – preparing me for this hour/day/and time.  Even more importantly than all the miracles that happened through me and found their way to be spoken of on stage or in books, the seeds of lies/corruption were germinating in the darkness to sprout into the Divine Truth when the time came.

            And the time is upon us.  Having been asked to not write of political situations in this column, I am being respectful to that request.  However, I must say that the political awakening goes hand-in-hand with the spiritual awakening that is occurring.

            For Lightworkers, we have remained on the path seeking deeper and deeper within to carry more light than the average bear.  We have remained steadfast, never giving up to our calling and destiny.

            With that statement, I have to relate a story that happened long ago to me.  I was living in Texas at the time in a 19 year marriage.  I wanted to leave it sooner, but had been guided not to and then all the dominoes lined up to release me.

            It began the day I arrived in Texas.  My husband had been transferred to work.  I was sitting in a motel room waiting for our furniture to arrive and to sign the closing papers on a house we had purchased on a golf course.  A friend from Sacramento called and asked me to get the local newspaper with house rentals and send to him as he, too, was being transferred to Texas.

            I went to the Lobby and got the paper, did as he asked and threw the remaining newspaper into the trash.  A woman’s face was looking back at me and I “knew” I needed to meet her.  I removed the newspaper from the garbage can and read who she was.  Rita Diogastino, a famous psychic who did readings for the elite oil men was coming to town.  It said she was staying in a local motel during her stay.  There were only three motels in town and I was in one of them, so I called the front desk asking if Rita would be staying this weekend.

            Their response was, “Normally she does, but this time – she will be staying with Jan Sloan,” and the desk clerk gave me her number.  I sat pondering how I should discuss this situation with Jan.  I had just newly arrived in the Bible belt.  I took a deep breath and dialed her number, beginning the conversation and introduction of myself.  “My name is Gloria and I just saw the write-up about Rita in the newspaper and I believe we are supposed to meet.”  Knowing that Rita must be highly gifted in order to read for oil men concerning their money, I continued, “But, I don’t need a reading . . . but I am a spiritual healer . . . does she need me?”

            Jan gasped, “Oh my God, Gloria!  She was born with polio and is in a wheelchair and she has a raging kidney infection and her legs are hurting her so badly, she’s crying.  YES, SHE NEEDS YOU!”

            I drove to Jan’s home and was an instrument for God and Rita received her miracle.  In return, she offered to do a reading for me.  She asked if I wanted to record it and I excitedly agreed.  Pushing play/record, the first words she spoke, “You are going to get a divorce.”  I slammed the stop button and barked, “Don’t say shit like that!  I am in a motel waiting for my furniture to arrive and sign closing paperwork.”  She asked if I wanted her to continue and I agreed.  “There’s a man who loves you very much out there who’s waiting for you” were her next words.  I barked a second time, “Don’t say shit like that!  Did you not hear me?  I just bought a house on a golf course and getting ready to move in!”  She asked if I wanted her to continue and once again, I agreed.  She pushed play/record and as she spoke a third time, she did it quickly in order to get it all out before I shut her down.  “Your son isn’t going to have an easy time of it, but your daughter will . . .”

            I, of course, slammed the STOP button a third time.  Frustrated, I was finished.  The hostess Jan and I spoke for a few minutes before I left.  She volunteered to have a potluck luncheon for me for arriving in the area in order to meet 17 of her friends of like mind.  She mentioned that I would have “built-in friends” for my children.  I agreed to do so.

            At the luncheon, I met Grace (named changed to protect her privacy, you will understand soon.) 

            As soon as we moved into the 3,600 square foot home with 13 sliding glass doors, I began dreaming about Kirk Benish 3-5 nights a week.  Washing all the windows one day, I was affirming, “All those who are no longer a divine part of my life leave effortlessly, easily, painlessly, and peacefully.  I had a talk with God, “If Kirk is supposed to be part of my life, bring-it-on, and if not — get him the hell out of my head because I am married to a different man.”  I was feeling so guilty for dreaming about one man and being married to another!

            A year later, I got a call from Grace asking if she could stop by.  Standing in my kitchen, not even having a seat, she began talking.  “I knew I needed to speak with you today.  I have to tell you a story.”

            I urged her to sit, got her a glass of iced tea and she slowly started the conversation as if it was the hardest thing she ever had to do.  Her story began:

            “When I was a little girl, my daddy owned a ranch here in Texas and it was failing.  He decided to put it up for sale and a man came to look at it.  In front of the prospective buyer, I cried out, “Daddy, our land is worth a lot of money … please don’t sell it.”  He backhanded me and I flew through the air, hitting a fence post and slumping to the ground.  As I was pulling myself up to my feet, I heard him say, “If I want your opinion, I’ll ask for it.”  Daddy sold the property and the man discovered oil on it.  Because he hurt me so badly that day, I hesitated to tell people throughout my life that I have a gift.”

            She continued, “Reluctant as I am to tell anyone, I felt compelled to come see you today with a message.  Your husband is having an affair and he’s with her right now . . . I can even tell you what she’s wearing.  Even more important than that, however, I know you have three manuscripts and are trying to get published.  Maybe you will and maybe you won’t.  But, you need to know that IN YOUR 60’s, YOU ARE GOING TO DO WHAT YOU CAME TO DO.”

            I was 38 years old at the time.  I felt like she had just dropped an anvil on my head.  I thought, “In my 60’s?  I have to wait that long to do what I came to do?” 

            Sitting at dinner a few nights later with my children, I got an intuitive knowingness to call Kirk Benish NOW.  I got up from the table and dialed the telephone.  We had only seen each other once in 11 years.   Asking how he was, he said he’d had a dream a month ago about driving to work, being hit by an 18 wheeler/spun three times and just before he died in the dream, he saw the grill of the truck.  Days later, he was driving to work, an 18 wheeler hit him/spun three times and just before he lost consciousness, he saw the same grill of the truck he’d seen in his dream.

            He said it concerned him greatly because his wife had left him six years ago, leaving him with two little children to raise.  He didn’t have any documents written saying who would care for his children should anything happen to him.  He continued, “But, even more importantly than that – I would hate to die and leave this planet without you knowing how deeply in love with you I am and always have been.”  I replied, “This is your lucky day, buster . . . because I just filed for divorce.”

            Kirk offered to come to Texas and get me and I had to decline.  My attorney had forewarned me that if I was even seen with another man, I could be sued for infidelity by Texas Law and lose my children.  I wasn’t going to take that chance and told him I would see him when I was divorced.  A year to the date of Rita’s reading . . . I was driving away from Texas.  Three months later, the divorce was final and I followed Kirk (a man I’d seen once in 11 years to Montana.)  He said he wouldn’t rush me . . . and he lied.  Two months later, he proposed.  Two months later, we married.  I never even dated between marriages!

            While having constant dreams about Kirk, but married to my first husband, I was writing, “Intergalactic Love Story,” which wasn’t just about the love of a man and a woman – but the love of the galaxies for Planet Earth as she evolved to a spiritual planet.  I trashed the book because I felt guilty of writing about love for one man and being married to another.  Kirk later scolded me for throwing it in the garbage and I told him that I had trashed more books than most authors write.  However, that book is just as clear in my head as it was when I wrote it and could be rewritten so easily.

            The point being, I “saw Kirk in that same auditorium of golden light” the same as I saw my elder friend that I was poking playfully in the ribs to raise her hand and promising it would be fun.  That is more real than what we are all looking at in this experience that we call “reality.”

            Every one of us who were sitting in that auditorium during that “vision” that wrote a book through me is here and now.  I am 67 years old now.  Going from age 38 to 67 went by like a blink of an eye!

            You see, things went south with Adam and Eve in Eden.  We all know that.  A deep sleep was cast over Adam it states in the Bible, but it never says that he woke up.  We have been living in the nightmare of Adam and are getting ready to wake up in mass consciousness.  Each one of us have been prepared with the good/bad/ugly/vile/inspirational/hopeless and are here to be of great courage as the Spirit of God lifts humanity from their slumber.  We are ready and it’s BIG.

            Never before has humanity gotten this opportunity on a global level.  The galaxies are in celebration.  Two of my most recent visions. 

  • The first vision:  I saw Jesus with a grin of great pleasure on His face as He opened double French doors on the Kingdom of Heaven.  There was standing room only.  He almost looked like the “cat that ate the Canary,” He was so tickled with Himself. 
  • The second vision:  I saw a deceased actress walk by, then Andy Griffith walked by, and then JFK walked past me.  The vision opened to a panoramic view and a coliseum appeared around the entire earth and every seat was filled.  JFK sat in the front row.  I intuitively KNEW that “as above/so below,” God was getting ready to reveal TRUTH and set all souls free.  Every whistle-blower, everyone who tried to make the world a nicer place to be, every person who died attempting to help humanity with life-saving information (i.e. cure for cancer, etc.) and had lost their life as a result . . . they were going to see the fruition of their efforts.

            The TIME has come.  The time IS NOW.  We are each here to fulfill our destiny to experience earth as it is in heaven becoming our reality.  Congratulations for hanging in there and never giving up.  This planet is getting ready to be turned right side up!  The Spirit of God is going to pour itself out through each of you and you are going to shine like the noon-day sun.  Humanity’s spiritual nature and reality being experienced is finally on the horizon.  Phew.  It’s been a wicked ride with ups/downs, but the journey was exciting, but not nearly as exciting as the destination that says, “We have arrived.”

            Until next month, take care . . . I care . . .


Gloria D. Benish, Ph.D.

Alias:  Dr. Glo-bug (Just here “to lighten things up”)

To download my latest free book, “GUTS & GLORI(A)  From Fear … to Eternity,”

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January 2021

Greetings and good morning from the beautiful Bitterroot Valley!  Here it is Christmas Eve day and I am inviting you over the threshold into my heart and home today to experience the holidays with me.  My heart is so filled with love and excitement for the New Year that I have to share it with someone or I will burst (and that would be a helluva mess to have to clean up!)

            As you parked out front, you noticed the red/green/white lights mixed amongst all the poinsettias that lead up to my front door.  As I meet you at the front door, I’m urging you to come in out of the cold and give me a hug . . . and don’t let go until I tell ya!

            Let me have your jacket and I’ll hang it right here in the coat closet.  Back your hiney up to that beautiful fireplace and toast your buns for a minute before I put a glass of Eggnog or a hot cocoa in your hand.  Admire the beauty of the living room with all the childlike snowmen and elves, along with Santa and Mrs. Clause on the piano.  As you can see, the decorations didn’t just end at the curb, my front door, and living room – there’s the lighted large gingerbread man and house on the wall and lots of lighted Christmas stocking holders on the mantle.  As far as you can see in any direction, even the back porch, it’s Christmas in Montana!

            God’s abundant supply has showered this house with delectables made with loving hands and no one is going to go hungry here in the next few days as my guest, except by choice.  I’d like you to feel safe to make yourself at home, YOUR home away from home.

            I have baked for two weeks straight, taking rum cakes, Black Russian cakes, and trays of all varieties of cookies, plus chocolate and peanut butter fudge to friends and neighbors.  Again, the abundance is astounding and my heart had to make and take these delights to those who mean so much to me.  Oh, and I guess you could say that I got a little carried away making Chex Mix to the tune of about 15 lbs. and gifting as well.  Umm . . . I’m not sure what came over me, perhaps the Spirit of Good Will?  I got creative and made a variety of different tastes and damn…I’ve gotta admit – I kinda have a new gift on board if I ever choose to go into the food-making business!

            I hope you remembered to bring your jammies and toothbrush, because I’m hoping you will choose to stay at least a few days with me.  I would love for you to stay at least through New Year’s Eve and Day to capture and fill your heart with as much love and spoiling that you can stand!  I promise I won’t do all the talking, I’ll let you get a word in edgewise as you can and choose to do.  I’m more than happy to lay you down in beautiful soft fleece sheets when you begin to feel tired after we eat and chat.

            There is plenty of love for every one of you, so don’t be shy to ask if you need more at any point!  There’s an infinite amount available and I am at your service, happy in fact to be of service. 

            Even with everything going on in our nation and in our homes, my heart is so filled with joy I can hardly stand myself!  I have witnessed prayers being answered, lost things being found, lost souls being saved from further long suffering and depression . . . and the list goes on and on.

            So many gifts surround you in this home and I’m not talking about the brightly, neatly wrapped gifts under the tree and in front of the Grandfather Clock. 

            Oh . . . excuse me for the interruption, my daughter Danielle and granddaughter Kathryn just showed up to pick up goodies for her incoming guests.  Now, as I was saying about the gifts surrounding you.  Let’s start with family.  The gift of family, like with my daughter just now.  She’s my apple and not that she’s more loved than my son – but I see her doing things for people like she has watched me do.  It wasn’t that I sat her down and taught her with words how to be kind, caring, and sharing.  She watched me throughout her life and followed by that example.

            You, as a friend . . . some of you whom I have never met until now “with skin on,” happen to exude what a true friend is.  Showing your appreciation for me over the years, being a cheerleader and rah/rah/reeing me to the finish line has meant so much to me.  Words of appreciation for your undying support are difficult to find without me writing a novel to do so.  I sometimes think I should apologize for being so wordy all the time, but it’s just “part of the package.”

            The gift of sharing with all of you is such a pleasure.  What appears as “me” being generous is just “God in Action.”  Everything I have (or do) comes directly from Him and just happens to pass through me.  The more I give, the more I have to give.  I can and have donated a large bag of clothing to the needy and days later received seven large bags of lingerie, clothing, and socks and I was the only one they knew who was small enough to make it useful.  Food multiplies, as well when it is freely shared, which with me being a “food pusher,” comes in mighty handy!  There is no way I can ever “out-give God.”  One friend recently told me that I’m the most selfless person he has ever met.  My mother always harped that I was giving to a fault.  I have determined that it’s all a matter of perspective, being seen through human eyes or through spiritual vision.

            The gift of kindness . . . oh, don’t you look so embarrassed when I tell each of you that I have seen you during this pandemic!  Allowing someone to go before you in line or holding back in traffic, motioning for someone to safely change lanes.  Taking the time to smile with your eyes at a child in a store who’s having a meltdown or complimenting the mother for her patience as she wipes her tears of frustration.  I have listened to you take calls from frightened family members and friends, being courageous in the face of one’s fears and frustration.  Oh yes . . . I have witnessed it personally.

            The gift of gratitude from you that I would personally invite you and your families into my home for these holidays (or any time your schedule would allow), shines with your appreciation.  Wasn’t it a hoot that it was just this year that we all learned during our isolation from one another and feeling alone and depressed, unmotivated and lethargic that when you have no energy . . . it’s the best time to give thanks?  I recall, myself how amazed I was – sitting alone and felt like someone had opened the top of my big toe and all the energy inside me leaked out.  I didn’t have the poop to pop!  The lightbulb came on and I began giving thanks:  for my dependable vehicle, for the roof over my head, the clothes on my back, a shower to stand in, the food in my pantry, the immense supply, the friendships, my toothbrush, a dishwasher, icemaker (addicted to ice!), my spiritual gifts, all the “things” that make my life easier.  My energy raised immediately and I once again being an energizer bunny accomplishing everything He put before me that day to do and to enjoy.

            Could I offer you a cocktail?  I have a variety of liquor around here for guests.  I’m not much of a drinker, only an occasional one.  I have fresh cream if any of you would like a Kahlua and Cream cocktail – and you can’t forget the Bailey’s at Christmas time!  One little nightcap before you get tucked in is available if you so desire.

            The gift of relaxation from the “Signs From God” are all around my home, offering comfort, wisdom, and inspiration.  RELAX, THE WILL OF GOD WILL NEVER TAKE YOU WHERE THE GRACE OF GOD WON’T PROTECT YOU, I GIVE THANKS FOR THIS AMAZING FAMILY are but a few of His Signs.  I put them inside and outside my home so just in case I don’t say these things to you – your attention will be placed upon the ones with the things you most need to hear.  I consider you part of my spiritual family and I am so grateful to have this time with you.  You are such a blessing to me!

            The gift of humor and the laughter!  If 2020 did nothing else for me to scramble my brain to the point that I don’t even know which day it is and wondering, in fact, if we’re even still in 2020?!  Daily, I open my phone . . . see the date and day, walk to a calendar on the wall and use my index finger to point to it to SEE what day  it really is within the week.  You could say that senility is setting in early on me, walking down the hall and stopping, slowly turning and looking at three bedroom doors, the bathroom door and the linen closet door . . . not only not remembering WHY I walked down the hall, but forgetting which door I was even going to open.  Walking back to the kitchen and thus remembering what I was going for and making a conscious effort to get there!

            The art of aging in itself, I could write a joke book!  Last night at dinner, a friend looked at my bruised hand and asked what I had done to harm myself.  I responded, “Childbirth.”  She looked at me oddly, me being 67 years old and asked what I meant.  I replied, “As soon as a baby is born, you forget the pain you endured.  Having older thin skin, I must have bumped it yesterday, but can’t remember where or how.  At least with childbirth, I knew how I got that way!

            In healing an older gentleman a couple months ago, he coughed and expelled gas.  Turning red, he quietly said under his breath, “I hate aging!”  So as to not embarrass him further, I got lighthearted and said, “I have been thinking about writing another book called, “How to Fart in a Crowd” and if you wouldn’t mind me using your story anonymously, I believe it could help people laugh and smile!”

            Before I relate one more gift today, I would like you to consider staying a few more days.  You can look at the menu on the fridge and see what delights you will be fed during your visit, along with some of the activities such as “roasting Chets Nuts over an open fire.”  My New Year’s Eve dinner for you is one of excitement for me . . .  my plan is to indulge in shrimp cocktail, King Crab Legs, coconut shrimp, loaded baked potato, asparagus spears, and homemade chocolate Tuxedo Cake for dessert.   On New Year’s Day, I used to always prepare Filet Mignon to signify prosperity all year long, but “big changes are afoot at the Circle K.”  I’m being flexible as the New Year’s resolution in all ways, so this year I’m preparing Mexican combination plates:  homemade Pork tamales, Red Cheese Enchiladas, bean burritos and tostadas with homemade refried beans, tacos, Spanish Rice, Mexican Cole slaw, and my famous Rum Cake for dessert.

            The gift of REST.  This year has been an emotional roller coaster.  On January 1, 2021, we will all be able to look back and say, “Hindsight is 2020.”  Our 2021 will be bumpy with the election results revealed, corruption of churches and individuals, and so much dirt coming to the surface.

            Years ago when my kids were in school, I would ask my son to clean his room.  I always regretted the request.  As he did so, he took EVERYTHING OUT OF HIS ROOM and put it in the hall.  You couldn’t walk through the hall and it would be so frustrating.  Stacks and stacks cluttered the walkway with him taking everything out of the closet and drawers.  But, with everything out, he would clean, change his sheets, get dirty laundry to the hamper, dust, and vacuum.  Slowly, but surely, everything would go back into his room, organized and tidy.

            So it is with 2021, deep cleaning will occur.  It will be frustrating and emotionally draining, but the results will be amazing!  I am asking you to rest often.  Stress will deplete your immune system and I want you to remember the feeling of love you’ve had today and the messages.  I especially want you to remember to give gratitude as often as you can daily, silently or aloud, EVERYWHERE YOU GO AND NO MATTER WHAT SITUATION YOU ARE IN.  It will keep your energy high and get you through these coming days.  Remember to rest well often, rubbing your hands together and placing the palms over your eyes to burn off negativity and fear, heightening your consciousness, and expanding your energy fields.

            For those of you who have other obligations and somewhere else to be through the holidays, give me another hug and don’t let go until I tell ya.  From my heart to your heart, go safely in the night, arriving safely at your destination.  And thank you for coming!

            To those of you who are staying for a few more days, it’s time to go get your pajamas on.  While you’re brushing your teeth, I’ll turn down your covers for you and come in to kiss you goodnight on the forehead.  My daughter never fails to do this for me when we’re together, we consider it my “Kiss on the forehead from God.”

            In our heart-to-heart hug, I am whispering in your ear, “I’m so glad you are here!  Have sweet dreams, sweet hearts . . . I love you with my whole great big heart!”

            Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!  Take the gift of joy everywhere you go!

            Until next month, take care . . . I care . . .


Gloria D. Benish, Ph.D.

(Alias:  Dr. Glo-bug – Just here “to lighten things up”)

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