Count Your Blessings

(Dedicated to:  Brandon & Danielle Greenland) 

Once upon an early eve in May, the 28th to be exact, a Mother received a startling message from her youngest child.  She listened to Danielle’s joy-filled voice and couldn’t help but join in her daughter’s excitement.  The call of love revealed that Danielle had just eloped, marrying the man of her dreams.  She had grown to a woman and had just become Mrs. Brandon Greenland.

The Mother’s heart filled to overflowing pride and skipped a few beats, but remained silent with her emotion as her daughter happily shared the moments of the simple, but beautiful, ceremony.  Danielle began describing her beautiful dress, which matched the ribbons woven in her hair.  Across the miles, the Mother could easily envision her daughter’s beauty.  Her daughter merrily described her groom’s handsome appearance in his military dress blues and the glimmer of love in his eyes.

The temporary, one-sided conversation included details of her new and now extended family, thoroughly accepted by one and all.  Her new Mother and Father-in-Law had taken every opportunity to help her feel welcomed into their home and lives.

Obviously, on Cloud Nine, Danielle completed the description of her wedding day with a request and a solemn vow.  “I promise to renew the vows at home, in one year from this date.”  She continued, “Because nothing would mean more to me than having you to perform the ceremony and to have my Daddy walk me down the aisle.”

The Mother knew she would do anything she could to make her daughter’s dreams become reality and agreed to her daughter’s invitation.  However, she also knew she would never force Danielle to honor the offer she’d made while her head was in the clouds.  The Mother had learned, over her many years, to no longer try to force events or life into occurring a certain way.  She learned to depend upon nothing (until it happened) and to follow the flow, expecting anything and everything.  She had learned to live her life one day at a time.  If her daughter’s heart’s desire included a future ceremony involving her Mother and Father, it was okay, and if not, so be it…that was okay, too.

Expressing their love for one another and the Mother giving sincere congratulations to the bride and groom, the call ended.   The Mother was surprised she took the news so well.  She and Danielle’s Father discussed their joy and only wished Danielle the best life had to offer.

As the hours passed, the Father and Mother began feeling and processing every possible emotion.  They continued to fluctuate from joy to regret for not being present at one of the single most important moments in their child’s life.  It would, perhaps take time to accept that all is as it is supposed to be, although at times, like this, it is humanly impossible to understand.

Each evening, following dinner, the Mother walked.  Whether it was rain or shine, snow or sleet, hot or cold…she walked.  In this quiet time, she received spiritual insights and inspiration.

Only days had passed since the call and the Mother had still not decided on a gift for the newlyweds.  Starting a new life, in an apartment…with no utensils, dishes, pots ‘n pans…should have been a good clue what they could use.  But, it just didn’t seem to be enough…  Of course, she would mail a sizable monetary gift, allowing them to choose, together, those “things” they would share, but in her mind, even money wasn’t enough…

As the Mother walked, she hushed her mind from trying to mentally decide what she thought would be the best gift to give.  She listened to the silence…and the Silence spoke.  The message from the Invisible Messenger filled her heart and mind, “Count Your Blessings.”  Along with the three words came the meaning in its entirety.

Returning home, she took pen in hand and wrote these words to the newlyweds.


To my daughter, Danielle…

I am no longer disappointed that I couldn’t be a part of your wedding.  Rather than counting my disappointments, however few, I will instead count my blessings that you had an alternate Mother to help you prepare for the ceremony and to tell you how beautiful you looked.  In our twenty years together, I could count my disappointments concerning you on one hand.  If I counted my blessings, concerning our Mother/Daughter relationship, we would need to have everyone on the planet join hands around the earth and it still wouldn’t be an accurate count.

Danielle, you have been raised in a home, united in love.  Your Father and I have set an example to follow and you know that the only fight we ever had was over who loved whom more.  

Just a Mother’s bit of advice:  If you and Brandon decide to take even days to love the other more and odd days “to be the luckiest person alive,” and only argue about who’s love is deepest and strongest, you will be ones of the few who live happily-ever-after rather than fantasizing about doing so.

As you and Brandon begin your new lives together, remember not to keep count of disappointments in life and in one another, but to Count Your Blessings and to honor the Force of Love that brought you together.  Don’t keep count of resentments or arguments; remember always to Count Your Blessings of the many things you have in common and the dreams you now share. 

If you ever have a difficult time making a decision when falling asleep, look to your side and see the reality of your husband.  Reach out and lovingly touch him, kiss him goodnight, close your eyes and Count Your Blessings. 

To my new son-in-law, Brandon…

 Welcome to our family and our lives!  Although we have never physically met, I have seen you through Danielle’s eyes and know you to be a reflection of the united love and spirit between your Mother and (step)Father.

As Dani was growing up, she was stunningly beautiful.  We had a few quarrels and I would tell her, “It won’t matter how pretty you are on the outside if you’re ugly inside.”  Brandon, as you look into the face of my daughter, you are seeing her inner beauty.  I must congratulate you – YOU and you alone – are the first man to see the loveliness of Danielle’s soul…  Count Your Blessings!

Brandon, when Danielle enlisted in the Air Force, I felt so strongly that she was now safe and secure in her future.  I know how odd that must sound since her career may one day lead her to defending this country and the expense costing her…her life…  The Air Force gave Dani an opportunity at an education, which I was unable to give her.  It gave her a chance at a life, beyond Stevensville, and the limited boundaries I surrounded her with.  The Air Force gave her an exciting future she couldn’t have had otherwise.  Yes, when Danielle joined the Air Force, I felt she was safe.  Now that she has met and married you, I know how right I was.  Without the Air Force, she would have never met you.  Danielle IS safe and secure in the arms of the man she has chosen to love.  Count Your Blessings.

As the years together pass, don’t count the years in birthdays, anniversaries, or in well-earned achievements.  Instead, Count Your Blessings that you and Danielle could share them together.

The Mother’s message from her heart ended by saying,

And to the two of you, Brandon and Danielle… 

“You have the blessings of your parents, which is the first indication that you will live long and prosper.  Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Brandon Greenland!”

As Danielle’s Mother closed and sealed the envelope with a kiss, she lay her pen on the table and folded her hands.  She closed her eyes and bowed her head in silent prayer, counting her many blessings…

Thanks for touching my life…

…With love


Personalized Fairytales, Unlimited


To my parents, Esther and Allen Hale

On September 14, 2005 for their 57th Anniversary

“I’d Do It All Again With You”

Esther took a photo, of Allen, out from an old dresser drawer, holding it dearly in the palm of her hand.  She rolled the wedding ring back and forth, which he had placed on her hand fifty years ago.  Wondering where the years had gone, she took a deep breath and exhaled in a long, deep sigh.  A million memories passed through her mind as she gazed at the picture, in hand.

 If, in that moment she could have written a love song, each line would have told the world of her love for this man.  The song would have said, “When you see me walk on water and when the sea doesn’t reach the shore…when the fires of hell freeze over, I won’t need you anymore.”

As Esther placed the aged photo, of Allen, back inside the drawer, her attention was drawn to an envelope that was neatly tucked to the side.  The paper had yellowed with age.  Distinctly, in black letters that appeared to have been printed hastily, she recognized Allen’s handwriting.  The seal had never been broken.  The outer message read:  “To Esther, With Love.  To be opened September 14, 1998,” which just happened to be today!

She had gone through this drawer many times over the years.  Never before had she noticed this envelope.  Her fingers trembled as she thought of breaking the seal on their Golden Anniversary.  She knew, without spoken words, that the contents would reveal his feelings that had spanned a half of a century.  Even through the aged paper, she could literally feel Allen’s love.

Esther slipped a letter opener into the corner and slowly sliced the envelope.  She felt like a young schoolgirl, once again, with a butterfly in her stomach or nervous awaiting her first kiss.  She reveled, briefly, in the anticipation of reading Allen’s love letter. 

Spanning their fifty years together, he had more than once been charming and romantic when she least expected it.  A slight smile parted her lips and for a brief moment, she daydreamed of those special moments that had brought her so much joy with this man. 

Esther removed the solitary piece of paper from the envelope.  It had been folded in thirds.  Even without reading its contents, she knew it would become a lifetime treasure. 

As she opened the page, her breath caught as she noticed the date:  September 14, 1948.  She realized, then, he had written the letter on their actual wedding day when she was a mere child of 18 and he…a handsome 23. 

In his chicken scratch handwriting, the letter began: Dearest Esther, The things that I’ll be writing is how I imagine our future life will be.  And in case I forgot to thank you daily, THANKS FOR SHARING THIS LIFE WITH ME!  They say that time can play tricks on a memory, that it can make people forget things they knew.  I’m told that time can take its toll on a body, too.  So, just to be on the safe side, I’m taking this time to capture, on paper, the love I have and will always feel for you. 

Once upon a time in our life,

We held the key to every door.

And the only thing I desired,

Was you forevermore…

My heart found love,

Once broken far beyond repair.

And you renewed my soul,

That had forgotten how to care.

Everything we ever needed,

Was at our beck and call.

With you and I together,

Our love could conquer it all.

When I needed you badly,

Or to be cheered up for awhile,

You were always there for me,

And all you had to do was simply smile.

Keeping our family together,

Seemed so easy for us to do.

For you could turn to me for help,

And I could turn to you.

Jealousy was non-existent,

It never once entered our hearts

For we were made for one another,

And had been…from the very start.

When things were at their darkest,

And I didn’t believe enough in me,

I knew everything would be okay,

As I recalled the “I” that is “We.”

So, given every chance for me,

To start the second half of life anew,

There’d be no question, Esther,

I’d choose to do it all again with you.

All my love, now and always,


Esther read and reread the love letter, from Allen, blurred from the tears, which had filled her eyes.  Smiles and pride filled her heart that she had been so fortunate to have Allen as her best friend, her lover, and her husband for five decades.  Earlier that day, he had asked her to be his bride, reuniting with him in a renewal of their vows.  He had surprised her by flying their Best Man and Maid of Honor in, from Alaska, to be their witnesses once again. 

The blushing bride felt so loved.  She had just learned that all of their children would be present for the ceremony, as well as loved ones from near and far.  Their middle child would minister to their needs, reuniting them in holy matrimony.  Allen had been busy, indeed, secretly orchestrating the gala event! 

Esther looked at the clock and realized that with time, all dreams could become reality.  Just as her dream had come true on September 14, 1948, another dream was coming true on this day…fifty years later.  Nothing had changed, except their appearance, and she smiled and silently thought, “I’d Do It All Again With You,” too…Allen… 

Happy Anniversary, Mom & Dad!

Thanks for touching my life…

…With love,




(Dedicated to:  Rev. Linda M. Morris)

Once upon a brief moment in time, two women (named Linda and Gloria) met. Kindly, in gentleness, their hearts touched. Fate took them in different directions, one North, one South. Time passed and through their journeys, they were fortunate to meet once again and during this meeting, their hearts opened further and touched longer.

Across the miles, a friendship grew, answering prayers for the two women.  Gloria wanted a friend to talk with, someone who didn’t “need” her as a teacher or as a healer. She opened her heart to Linda and found such a friend.

Linda’s needs were similar in seeking a friendship. She was seeking to unconditionally give and receive from a friendship that bore no expectations or judgments. She sought a relationship that would provide honesty, integrity, and loyalty.

As the years passed, their friendship blossomed into a bouquet of roses, lilies, lilacs, and daisies… mentioned only to describe the beauty of Linda’s and Gloria’s growing relationship.

Linda’s birthday was approaching and Gloria wanted to give her a gift that would never rust or decay. She wanted to give something lasting and precious to, forever, remind Linda that their friendship could and would withstand the hands of time.

During quiet time on an evening walk, Gloria thought of Linda’s love for Dolphins in the deep, blue sea. “Hmmm,” Gloria silently thought, “perhaps I could purchase a lovely necklace or figurine for my friend’s special day.”  Instantly, a bold “Voice” filled her thoughts, “Allow Christ to choose the gift for you.”

In perfect obedience, Gloria no longer took thought to humanly or mentally figure out what gift might be given to bring joy to Linda.  She silenced her thoughts and awaited further spiritual guidance…

Without sound, all-knowingness filled Gloria’s mind. “Write her a personalized fairytale to tell her what her friendship means to you.”  In less than a millisecond, a title appeared in her thoughts.

As Gloria walked, thinking of their friendship, emotion filled her and the tale was written in its entirety before she could return home and sit with pen in hand.

Clearly, if she was speaking the words to Linda, she would say, “I have never had a friend like you. You are forever giving, forever caring, forever loving, and forever loved.”

Her message would continue, “It’s seldom that I don’t have the right words to tell you how much I love you. I can only tell you how fortunate I feel to have you as a friend, someone I know who will never let me down. On your birthday, I just want to tell you that you are very special to me and how grateful I am that we met.”

Sighing as she remembered the countless times, through the years, that Linda had given financial support to Gloria’s ministry, a listening ear, or giving reassurance in Gloria’s growth and isolation, she continued, “I feel fortunate to have you to talk to, so blessed that we’re as close as we are. And no matter what the years may bring for either of us, I know some things will always remain the same.  They are:

Our friendship is special, for you and I share,

A deep understanding that’s precious and rare.

We accept one another as loving friends should,

Overlooking our mistakes and always seeing the good.

We’re there for each other in so many ways,

Encouraging and caring and brightening our days.

Our friendship will always be special to me,

For you’re my precious friend and you always will be.

In closing, Gloria’s gift to Linda would sincerely speak for itself.  “I just wanted to remind you how much I cherish our friendship and to thank you for being such a special person in my life. From my heart, to your heart, I wish you a wonderful birthday. May every wish you have, come true, today and always.”

Thanks for touching my life…

… With love, Gloria D. Benish

Personalized Fairytales, Unlimited



Once upon a long ago time, a fair Maiden (named Katie) found herself in distress. She had spent her life in service to one and all, attending to the needs of others. Many times, she offered a shoulder to cry on. For countless others, she nurtured their hungry souls, and to each, she showered them with loving attention. The Maiden, however, felt like she was starving for genuine affection. Everyone believed she was strong and so she was.

Katie had touched thousands upon thousands.  She loved one and all and yet a time had come that she, herself, felt empty. She knew the Source from which love flowed, for it streamed through her merely by placing her thoughts upon it. She couldn’t own the love, nor could she keep it for herself, for it didn’t belong to her. The more she gave, the more she seemed to have to give. However, she felt alone and lonely, surrounded by millions of manifestations of the Divine and yet, she had no one to call her own.  She had once heard that a little bit of love is better than no love at all, but first-hand experience had taught her this was false. It seemed her life was merely one of Service and this experience materialized in the outer world of form as a visible reflection of proof.

Unconditional, non-judgmental loving energy flowed through her daily and she questioned why she had to walk the Path of Life alone? She was graced with the Spiritual Sense of Truth and clarity and her ever-guiding thoughts taught her to know false flattery when she heard it. She vowed before God as her witness that she would only accept the Divine Complement into her life. She could never settle for a honey-tongued man who only spoke empty words. It seemed the world was filled with lonely hearts and though countless people surrounded her, she knew their aching loneliness. She literally felt the pain of others, assuming their burdens, but took responsibility for her own emotions, as well.

Her choice had made life a lonesome one. She met a man in her dreams and she had seen the two of them at a Holy Alter, being blessed with Heaven’s Consent. In her dreams, her Knight was tall, dark and handsome, he lived by his word and though he was gallant and strong, he was gentle and kind. In DreamTime, her Knight would gaze at her with love eyes. He had eyes that said what no human language could speak. Nightly he joined her In The Light Of the Spirit.

The Maiden wanted so desperately to believe in dreams; to believe there was a man who whispered to her in the night.  Nightly, he guided her, “Surrender your false sense of identity of who you believe yourself to be. Recognize yourself as who you truly are. Once you feel whole and know love for yourself as you do for others, I shall join you at your side, to be as equals, to be as One.”

Daytime friends knew not of her loneliness for she smiled, hugged, laughed and loved. She questioned if she was a sponge; unable to absorb enough love from those she met? She questioned if life had numbed her, for why could she not feel loved in return?

Her nighttime lover returned each eve, awaiting her with open arms and unconditional, loving acceptance. Could he teach her how to love herself so they could one day come face-to-face in the light of day?  She lived for her dreams because what others termed “reality” was too seemingly painful and empty.

One eve, as she was lost in the arms of the Knight, he whispered to her and his warm breath against her shoulder seemed so real. “The outer world of form is merely the world of effects. You cannot fix or change an effect; you can only heal the state of consciousness, which created the loneliness. Close your eyes and open your mind and see spiritual reality as it truly IS. Seek only for this Divine reality and it shall unfold in the light of day.”

In the silence of the night, far beyond where time and space exists, Katie soon discovered that an ever-flowing peace began joining her as each new day dawned.  She had faithfully surrendered from manipulating the outer realm.  Whether her Knight, whose armor shined as a golden light, ever came face-to-face no longer mattered.  Detached from all outcomes, she felt at peace.

No longer did she seek the man of her dreams in a physical form. Where once she gazed upon men, in human likeness of her Shining Knight in the way they walked or spoke, she now no longer sought an earthly companion. No longer did she seek a man who could place a strong arm of protection and security around her tired shoulders. Nor did she fantasize of those couples who walked hand-in-hand.  For the first time in her life, she felt secure within herself.

Katie felt whole and no longer emotionally abused herself for setting her desires on only that which is holy, true and pure. The emotion of love appeared outwardly as a totality of acceptance, a Oneness with all humanity, the Sun, Moon, Earth and stars.

On a quiet afternoon, sitting outside her humble cottage, she watched as a man galloped across a field. The horse was white and stately and even in the distance, the bridle sparkled of a golden light. In her mind, she reasoned that it was the way the Sun touched it with its warming rays.

The horseman’s armor, though silver in color, seemed as if it was transparent even in the distance.  It was as though she had extended vision and could see to the core of his very soul. Through a remembrance of nightly journeys to the Land Of Light, she knew inwardly, in that moment, this man was the Knight she had been awaiting. Her heart began racing as she counted the years. Had it truly been 14 years since the moment they’d first come face­to-face in the DreamTime?  Had they met sooner, would it have been in Divine Right Order? Had she finally “earned” this man By Right of Consciousness?

The Knight rode towards the cottage and where, only moments prior, the sound of horse hooves could be heard in the distance, Katie became intensely aware of a muffled sound. A sensation filled her of a remembrance of a soothing, soft breath, almost as if a gentle wind was beneath the animal’s feet. His gallop had transformed to a graceful prance and yet, the hooves appeared to nowhere near touch the ground and made no sound.

As the Knight reached the boundary of her property, he respectfully stopped and Katie and the Knight looked at one another. It was as if time had mysteriously frozen and neither wanted the moment to come to an end. He looked at the softness of her face and a beautiful smile came to her lips. However, still displayed in full armor, his face was hidden. Seeing far beyond the human mask, Katie “knew” he was the man of her dreams. An invisible force drew them into one another’s arms and lives.

As the Knight released the Maiden, very cautiously and slowly, he removed the suit of steel fully trusting that he would be accepted for the totality of who he was.

Perfect love at first physical sight,

Standing united in warm sunlight,

Embraced in warmth, the two did kiss,

Heart-to-heart in God’s pure bliss.

Hand in hand, they walked to a nearby stream.  Upon the shore, the Knight and Maiden sat side by side, allowing the crisp, cool water to bathe their feet. Fourteen years of meeting in DreamTime, In The Light Of the Spirit, had only been the beginning. Hours passed quickly as they confirmed and validated one another’s dreams.

They united in matrimony immediately, sealing their love forevermore. To family and friends who did not understand, they were as strangers. In spiritual reality, they had taken the quantum leap of faith, for they were and would forever remain… Twin Flames. Whole and complete, united and strong, two souls who had once been simultaneously breathed into expression, only to reunite and be again as One.

Others realized their vibrancy while in their presence. To one another, it was as if liquid fire flowed throughout their veins.

As the years passed, one quiet evening, Katie looked at her Knight who had grayed with the years and tears began flowing down her cheeks as she gazed into the soft, love-filled eyes of her mate.  She whispered ever so gently, for gratitude filled her heart with an emotion that would be difficult to speak. (Only because no human language could ever fully reveal her love. To those who have never known true love, it’s comparable to pure adrenaline, the power unfathomed by the human mind.)

Her gift of words to the Knight was this: “Throughout my entire life, I knew that a spiritual, totally loving life was all I wanted. You, my dearest, are the physical manifestation of my dreams. You are a symbol to me that because I know that I love you and that I can feel how much, you are a daily reminder of the abundance of beauty, courage, strength and honesty which IS Spirit.”

The Knight looked at the Maiden’s face that was lined, not so much from age, but from laughter. As he spoke, tears came to his eyes; “I waited for you for what seemed like a lifetime. Countless years have passed with you at my side. You taught me to laugh in the face of fear, you taught me to seek only peace, which gave me my every heart’s desire in physical form. I never felt jealous that another may receive of your love, for you are like a thunderstorm and if I had selfishly attempted to keep it all for myself, it would have flooded me. Instead, I received of your nourishing, nurturing love and I grew far beyond my limited expectations.”

The Knight paused briefly before he continued, “I always wanted to be, or to do, something grand, to leave a legacy to others that I had a purpose for my existence. To all those I’ve met, I’ve given through example, a measure by which others can compare and attempt to accept and live. I have loved and been loved. I have needed and been needed in return. I have demonstrated that this is by far the ultimate happiness and know that one won’t work without the other. My life, my love, has been a true success.”

It was late that evening that Katie awoke from a dream and knew it was time for her to depart the earthly world. Unafraid, she awoke the Knight to tell him goodbye. As he held her in his arms, he knew his destiny was in his own hands and solemnly vowed he would join her once again In The Light Of the Spirit.

He whispered, “Thank you, my darling, living and loving with you couldn’t have taken my human life further. See you soon, I’ll join you in the Heart of God, to live and love you throughout all time and eternity.”

Together, they fulfilled and expressed God’s perfect love.

Katie closed her eyes and quietly took her last breath. Unafraid, he watched as her Spirit rose, blanketing the room with glittering, golden sparks of light.

Just then, the Knight realized he would leave his desired legacy… an example of their Love…to the world. He folded his hands in prayer, closed his eyes and quietly whispered: Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord her soul to keep.

 And as I awaken, I’ll remember to share the Dream, Of the Divine perfect love that eternally stands supreme.



Once upon a time, a Lady (named Clara T.) sat reflecting her life.  From her perspective, she could clearly look back in time and see when and how she had erred. She was able to witness her strengths and weaknesses, she recognized her loves and hates, and attempted to identify and categorize her successes and failures.  In doing so, however, Clara T. discovered that some of her greatest defeats had transformed into her grandest victories.

Tears filled Clara T.’s eyes as her mind filled with memories of her first love.  She had never lost anyone close to her, through death. As the relationship with her royal mate died, the grief consumed her. She was unprepared for the emptiness that felt as though it had eaten through the walls of her abdomen. A sinking feeling filled the pit of her stomach. She had never before felt such pain and remorse. Her heart physically hurt.

The Lady wanted to selflessly help humanity. She knew that there were countless reasons for divorce to occur. If she would share her story, then perhaps needless suffering could be avoided. Until this moment, she could not have conceived how she could help another, for helplessly and hopelessly, she’d been unable to help herself. In silence, she pondered and meditated upon the word, “faith.”  She didn’t know if she had any. She had lost what she perceived as faith in her mate, herself, and in what she had been told by others of a Greater Power. With courage, Clara T. found herself willing to recall the details of her life and lessons. In that moment, she was committed in service to mankind.

In a blinding flash of light and direct knowingness, Clara T. saw the invisible, heard the inaudible and knew the unknowable. She now consciously understood what faith truly meant. Confidently, she devised a Spiritual Workout, a way for others to exercise their faith. She, like so many others, had focused on her mate’s weaknesses rather than his strengths. The hour of awakening and forgiveness was at hand.

Through experience, Clara T. had discovered that until she became committed, her fears manifested as hesitancy, the choice to always draw back in retreat. Time and time again, she had been shown that once she definitely committed, Providence moved, also.

Synchronistically, miracles begin to unfold and occur in the outer world, assisting those who are willing to exercise their faith and beliefs that never would have otherwise occurred. Once one becomes committed to a cause, assisting in personal and planetary growth, material assistance and meetings, which no man or woman could have ever dreamt possible begins coming your way.

She also now fully understood that in all acts of creation, there is one elementary and primary truth, it is only fear and unawareness that kills splendid plans, ideas and dreams.

Clara T.’s favorite Goethe couplet had been memorized long ago, “Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.

Inspired by her own beliefs and feeling her inner strength, the Lady was aware that now was the time to reveal her past. To show others her fears and uncertainties, her pain and remorse, as well as her darkest shadows could stand forth as a shining example, lighting the way for others, preventing needless pain or to ultimately heal their lives.

Clara T. was a child bride, falling deeply in love with a warrior returning home from battle. The First Knight was grateful that his life was not lost in combat. He appreciated life in its fullness. Each event that made him feel alive drew him to experience it.

Fearlessly, he tasted life, partying and celebrating life in all forms. He rode the swift, rapid rivers and lived life to the fullest. Accidents occurred, breaking the Knight’s bones, but never his spirit. She was frightened beyond words for his safety.  She lost her confidence, becoming obsessed with the Knight.

Fearfully, Clara T. attempted to change the Knight. She questioned him often, wanting to know what he wanted her to change, within herself, those things that would make him happier. He always responded, “Nothing. You’re perfect the way you are.” Did he truly love her unconditionally? She felt guilt. She silently desired for him to ask the same question of her. She wanted to list the things she believed would make her happier, but he never gave her the chance.

The more involved away from home he became, the more Clara T. found herself absorbed within it. She, like most humans, tried to fix and alter the “outer,” rather than healing the fears of the “inner.” She erringly believed that perhaps if she cleaned more, he’d fully enjoy coming home to her. She slaved and toiled to make his castle a delight to enter. Alas, that wasn’t the answer.

The Knight didn’t want Clara T. to make herself more attractive. He said he liked her looking natural. However, those outside the home were painted up and he seemed to enjoy being with them. Clara T. thought, “Maybe if I look more like a woman, he’ll treat me like a woman.” But, alas, that wasn’t the answer either.

Clara T. felt she was losing her sanity and had tried everything to coerce her Knight to come home. She seemed to have only a few more options. Maybe if she prepared seven course meals, the Knight would want to be home. She soon discovered, however, that the smells of homemade bread and cookies only attracted more children to the home for her to care for.

Maybe, just maybe, if she was a more patient, nurturing, loving mother to their children, the Knight would want to be part of the family? Alas, this wasn’t the answer either.

She fantasized of having an affair. He would never know. He was never home. But, she would know. That wasn’t the answer either.

She had tried manipulation, control, and tears. Nothing worked. Nightly, she prayed that the Knight would come home and be part of her life.  Alas, her prayers were finally answered.

As time passed, she could speak from experience: “Be careful what you pray for, because you just might get it.” She had fully discovered, through experience, that when one prays for a human, desired outcome, it sets the Karmic Law into motion. Because she, nor others, could “see the whole plan,” nor knew what all lives and circumstances had or would be effected, she had witnessed the results of her own selfish desire.

Wishing and hoping he would change had occurred, but it still didn’t make her happy. Who was this man who sat quietly, no longer living life to the fullest? Nightly, he sat in the royal chambers with a cup of ale, merely existing.

Clara T. self-righteously bragged to her friends that she and the Knight never fought, but she wasn’t being fully honest. In reality, they never spoke either.

More years passed and Clara T. then knew: sin is living in a home without love. Sin, in her belief, only meant “error,” however, and she believed mistakes could be corrected. With faith, she opened herself, in silence, for the Greater Power to pour blessings out upon her. She would have no personal desires, but one: to live by the Word and Will of God.

It was nearing Easter time, and Clara T. found herself thinking of how symbolically this holiday was concerning the crucifixion of the relationship. With hope, she looked forward to the resurrection because she felt totally dead inside. Bravely, to the Knight, she replied, “I’m not happy and I know you’re not either.” He nodded his head in agreement, which broke her heart. She had known it for so very long. Until this moment, it had never been validated. It had lived secretly beneath denial and “let’s pretend.”

The night before they parted, Clara T. attempted to make love to the Knight in the hot springs beneath the stars. In a final attempt to force things to be as she dreamed they should be, she opened herself to receive him. The Knight sat stiffly.  Proudly, he remained closed to her love. In her mind, she screamed at him, “Please touch me, I’m starved for your love! Stroke me, kiss me, tell me I’m pretty even though I know I’m not.” Afraid to speak the words aloud, she knew the relationship was dead.

It would be many years later before she would understand the significance of her Silent Knight withholding his love from her. Had he given himself freely, in that moment under the stars, she would have never left. She needed to go. In a moment of the greatest sacrifice, the Knight had given Clara T. the greatest gift, her freedom.

The morning before she drove away with the children, the Knight said he had visualized the two of them as balloons. He untangled the strings and cut her free, watching in his mind as the two objects floated in different directions. He replied, “I set you free and if, one day, you don’t return to me, I’m going to kick myself in the royal derriere.”

Three months separated the Knight and Clara T. before the final divorce was granted. Once complete, the Knight hugged his Lady and whispered, “Come back to me in a long, white wedding gown.” Tears filled her eyes as she quietly said, “When I used to leave the children with you for an hour, you’d punish me for weeks. I’ve been gone for three months now. I fear that would mean a lifetime of punishment.” The Knight responded in an empty, ashamed, hushed whisper, “You’re probably right.”

The family of four broken hearts went their separate ways that day. To all outer appearances, it was better off broken. No one had the solution or human power, nor desire or strength to fix it.

Clara T. began processing the pain as the years passed. She had told the Knight she didn’t want to blame him, yet she had. Secretly, she felt hate which she was afraid to voice.  She feared hurting him and others if they knew of her inner rage. Why hadn’t someone taught them how to have a healthy, loving relationship? Where were the answers? What was wrong with her that he didn’t want to be part of her life?  Why couldn’t he love her the way she needed to be loved?

One afternoon, as she was feeling consumed with her past of what if’s and if only’s, the Voice of Spirit broke through the physical barrier of time and space. “What is the thing you liked best about the Knight? Before you ever part company, always remember to share these insights with one another. Always part in love, not in anger.”

Twenty years had been spent in a relationship with the Knight. He had provided for her and sired two heirs.  Surely he deserved to know what she enjoyed most about him. Thoughtfully, she sat in the golden silence of the afternoon. She remembered their lives with one another. Clara T. prepared a message for him.

It began…

Dear Sir,

Society says when people divorce, friends and family are expected to choose sides, to cut one another down, and to be angry, and mean for the sake of being mean. Both are encouraged to get even. My heart says otherwise.  

Without sounding sarcastic, I have seen you more since we divorced because we continually meet in my dreams. We both had so much to heal! I’ve been shown the error of my ways. I’m writing to you for several reasons:

(1) Our son has expressed a desire that we one day reunite. I guess it would be most children’s dream that their parents could love one another under the same roof. Would it be too much to ask, to be friends, for our sake as well as the children’s? I’m willing to try.

(2) Our daughter has confided that she doesn’t feel your love when you speak it.  I understand it’s difficult to be a parent across the miles. I attempt to reassure her, endeavoring to view our past from a new perspective and to believe that good truly does stand behind all appearances. Ironically, Sir, the very act of silencing our emotions over the years allowed them to control our lives.

(3) I apologize for being self righteous. Playing the role of the martyr was natural and easy. It was a comfortable place for me to be.

(4) I’m sorry for all the times I hurt or disappointed you.  For all the times you hurt me, I forgive you. I truly believe it was unintentional. I was angry because you wouldn’t support my dream. I never thought of asking if you had one. I was so busy talking, I couldn’t have heard you speak.

(5) I’m sorry I couldn’t trust you. My insecurities and fears controlled my thinking. If you cheated on me, I was an active participant for I constantly put worrisome energy into that creation through my fearful thoughts. If you were faithful, it’s only because you’re a strong man of mind and heart. Neither can no longer matter because we were both doing the best we could in a dysfunctional, pretentious relationship, having no awareness except to continue the roles we chose.

(6) I’m sorry I couldn’t be honest with you about my feelings and desires.  Fear of anger (my own or anothers), along with my fear of rejection made me a prisoner to the silence, also.

(7) I’m sorry for guilt-tripping you into being someone other than who I fell in love with.

(8) I’m sorry we both became so sad.

(9) I’m sorry I was too lazy and frightened to be a companion for you. Sorry you had to taste life’s experiences alone.

(10) I have never spoken badly of you to the children because I didn’t want my pain or judgments to color their feelings for you. However, I’m sorry that I have spoken critically with condemnation and judgment to others. Unknowingly, I was judging myself.

I ask your forgiveness. It can be given through thought, in the silence of dreams where we meet, or it can be withheld.  It’s your choice, but whether you give it or not — I must forgive you and myself.

People show love differently. You showed me, I’m now aware, in giving me “things” which you thought I wanted or that you believed would make me happy. You worked endlessly, without recognition (and usually with crisp, sarcastic remarks of being a workaholic) to provide for your family. I was spoiled and over-indulged, not recognizing or appreciating the real and true love that inspired you to do so.  If I had only been aware, we may have never become a statistic…

One of the things I liked most about you is your devotion to friends. I was envious. I wanted to be your friend, but I didn’t know how to be one to you. I also loved your smile and felt good whenever something I said or did was the cause for it.

I appreciate that you never once threatened me with divorce and understood my fear of it. I know now that we attract what we love, hate, and fear.

In closing, Sir, I make a vow to be honest concerning my emotions, knowing they are important parts of the totality of who I am. If I tend to become critical or self-righteous, I’ll remember that I wasn’t perfect either.

In deep respect, Clara T.

The Lady read and re-read the letter, wondering if she should destroy it or be courageous to send it. Perhaps she should rewrite it, making it sound poetic or more beautiful and she hesitated. It had been written from her heart with considerable emotion. It had flowed without effort onto paper.  She rested assured that the Knight deserved to see exactly what had unveiled from her heart and mind. Without regret, the letter was mailed.

Several months passed before a response came. Clara T. wasn’t really expecting one. She knew how difficult it was for the Knight to express his feelings.  The message brought tears to her eyes as she read his heartfelt words:

Dear Clara T.,

Please excuse the delay in a response to your letter. It has taken many hours of thought for me to process your words, viewing our relationship from your perspective.  To tell you the truth, I continued to be in confusion as to why you even left. It seemed so sudden, though, in truth, it had been coming on for years.

I understood. Finally. I have been able, because of your letter, to know for certain that I loved you, but that I didn’t love you in the way you felt you needed to be loved.

I remember back to a time when you were visiting your parents. Upon your return, you discovered a note from me on the Icebox that said, “I’m sorry it’s so empty, but it’s not half as empty as I am without you near me.” Another note, on the timepiece that sat near your pillow was discovered that stated, “Time seems to stand still when we’re apart.”

Until your letter arrived, I never realized that you wanted me to be more romantic. Though you oftentimes said, “If you can’t say it, let Hallmark say it for you,” I never realized how important it was to you.

I remember the evening you wore black velvet and I told you how beautiful you looked. You blushed. I am blushing now, embarrassed that I gave you only one compliment on your beauty in 20 years. Because you nurtured and complimented me and it was uncomfortable, I couldn’t respond. I didn’t know. I’m sorry.

I watched you be so loving to others and I saw how others loved you in return. I was envious. I wanted to put you in the corner, in a glass globe, and tell everyone, “You can look, but don’t touch, because she’s mine.” I couldn’t do that though, because of who you are.

There were times I didn’t feel I deserved your love. You had such a forgiving nature, which added to my guilt. Your nature is warm, tender, loving, and innocent. I didn’t understand.

I gave in the only way I knew how to give. I watched you.  I saw how easy it was for you to bring tears to the eyes of others, speaking your feelings aloud. I was afraid and I didn’t understand.

As a man of few words, this has been difficult for me, but I have pushed past my boundary of comfort, because you deserve to know this.

The thing I liked most about you…was everything. You were perfect as a wife and mother. Perfect in the sense of being pure and absolute in teaching and demonstrating love for me and others. All the rest is just part of the experience of growing, though sometimes painful.

We are both who we are today, because of those experiences. Good did stand behind the appearance. We’ll meet again, face-to-face, one day, Clara T.  Not as man and wife, but through the gift, as friends.

Sincerely, Your (not-so-Silent) Knight

The secret to a successful relationship is this: Speak your feelings, now — or — as in this case, years down the road. Assuming is a homewrecker. To assume another knows our needs, thoughts, desires, and feelings is guaranteed to make an ass of u and me.

(The Silent Knight, an excerpt from the title of the same name, reprinted with permission from Miracle Publishing Company. All rights reserved.)



Once upon a nowaday time, a beautiful Lady (named Morgan) found herself on a path that led deep into the heart of the forest. She feared she had lost her way and wasn’t quite sure which direction (in life) to take.

She watched as squirrels scurried about, securing a plentiful harvest of treasures, which would feed them throughout the winter. It was in this moment, that she realized that through human conditioning, she had performed the same ritual throughout her life. However, her preparation for tomorrow was executed in a fearful manner. She had been told that tomorrow never comes and she prepared for tomorrow as if she knew that in its non-existence, it would be unable to provide for itself. Had she only known that Manna falls daily. Alas, she and countless other souls were unaware of this great spiritual truth.

The Lady watched, also, as the ants marched in unison to the heartbeat of Earth, realizing that each worked in harmony with the Whole. Something extremely magical was occurring that golden afternoon.

Morgan sat upon a carpeted, grassy area under an ancient Pine Tree, feeling the coolness of the breeze that whispered through the forest. She took a long, deep breath of air, expanding her abdomen and awareness simultaneously. As she knew she was One with all things, she silenced herself in order to hear what the Earth had to say.

In that moment, the woman was startled by a “Psst….” She looked from side-to-side and saw no one and yet another distinct “Psst….” reverberated, breaking the silence. And still she saw no one! A loud and almost hissing “PSSSST!!!” followed and this time, rather than looking around, her attention was drawn downward and sitting near her feet was a large Bullfrog!

He fully captured her attention, not from his size, but he was wearing a miniature Dodger’s baseball cap, mind you, and a jersey, boldly displaying the professional team.

Morgan rubbed her eyes, for surely this little creature and his daring outfit were a hallucination! This, indeed, was one of the silliest things she’d ever seen.

Alas, it wasn’t a vision or her imagination, for the Frog spoke, “Afternoon my Lady! My name is Fritter” and spoken like a true gentleman, he removed his cap and bowed down to her.  His message, with pride followed, “Named proudly, of course, after my old Grandpappy who was the biggest fan of the Dodger’s Team back in ’94.” With a heavy sigh, he replied, “God rest his soul.”

Morgan, still slightly questioning if this was a dream and pinching herself to make sure, smiled rather reserved at Fritter. It was, afterall, quite an honor to meet a Frog who could talk! The Bullfrog, cleared his croaky voice and sat on a carpet of fallen pine needles, leaned back against the tree and as if an afterthought, stretched and crossed his legs at the ankles. With great authority, he spoke, “The Great Spirit has sent me with a message for you.”

Fritter, watched and awaited Morgan’s reaction. He hesitated to continue, but mostly because he liked the suspense, drama and mystery of this meeting with a human. Solemnly, he vowed that the only way he could share the message was if she was willing to meet him at his pad.

Trustingly, Morgan felt Fritter’s heartfelt words and believed this Messenger was Heaven Sent. The beautiful Lady agreed upon the appointed hour and he whispered the directions so that only she could hear.

At the chosen hour, on the chosen day, Morgan arrived at the pond, deeper in the heart of the forest than she would have ever humanly challenged herself to go. As promised, Fritter sat awaiting her arrival in his Dodger’s hat and jersey.

Sitting upon a lily pad in the middle of the pond, he softly asked Morgan to join him. Without hesitation, she shook her head at the unreasonable request.  Voicing her concerns that the lily pad would sink with her weight, she refused to entertain such a ridiculous notion!

Fritter, smiling at Morgan’s response knew full well that she and countless other humans would reject such a request. He responded, “You’re a Divine Thought held in the Divine Mind, incapable of sinking a lily pad. You believe yourself to be large, me as small and the lily pad as fragile but the spiritual facts are that each is Spirit made manifest, working together in harmony and balance.  Please, dear Lady, reconsider my request and listen to the truth, allowing it to dispel your illusions.”

Fritter lightheartedly began sharing that his Grandpappy used to sit upon this very same lily pad, telling stories from the Land of the Giants. One of Fritter’s favorites was about how high rise buildings were constructed, stretching up into the sky being kissed by the clouds. Fritter concluded this lesson by sharing that skyscrapers were erected on the theory of the lily pad.

Morgan was in deep contemplation of her Teacher’s message, knowing that what he had shared was, indeed, the truth. Fritter, not allowing a moment of their time together to be wasted, began sharing a parable of so long ago, a grand story involving his dear, departed Grandpappy:

“It was on a dark, rainy night in the year, 1994, when the wise old Frog knew it was time to depart the Earthly dimension. You see, my Lady, nature knows these things because we listen to the crickets in the night, to the streams in the days, and the wind is filled with wisdom.”

In that moment of remembrance of where his story was headed, his voice softened as he spoke:

“Grandpappy was a great Master Teacher, even up to his final release To All That Is.  Being so interested in baseball, he liked to compare life, on Earth, to the baseball game. He believed that Home Base is God. He would sit on the lily pad, for hours, sharing that we all are the players, we are the coaches, the bystanders, the media, and the entire audience.  We can’t cheat in the game or we cheat ourselves.

The game isn’t going to be rained out, it will be played in its entirety, with overtime if needed. The players are tired of running, when walking would be so much easier.  The ball is pitched, the player swings, but he misses. It was a mistake, release it. In baseball, if the player misses three times, he’s out, but only temporarily because he always gets another chance. (That’s a game played BY MAN’S RULES, NOT GOD’S.)  Morgan, we are never out of God’s game and no matter what anyone tells you, He doesn’t count mistakes. Each has a chance to play or they wouldn’t be in the game.

Some players get stuck between bases, not knowing which way to go. The bystanders are all screaming to go back or to go for it and the player has so many telling him what to do, he doesn’t know who to listen to. In his moment of indecision, he looks to see his Father, standing at Home Base, motioning him to come on home and trust that he’ll be safe. The player learns to ignore the crowd, listens for instructions and does make it home free.

Fritter questioned, “When you get a home run, getting to Home Base, aren’t you elated? Not only you, but everyone cheers who is on your side. Those who don’t cheer are your opposers, afraid you will win, making them the losers. Losers, I might add, are those who choose to no longer try.”

He questioned again, “Do you want the game to be exciting or do you want to walk away from it early? It’s your choice.  Do you want to play or do you want to sit on the sidelines, pouting because no one asked you to join in? Don’t wait to be asked, get up and get in the game. You have the right! You may be in the minor leagues, but the moment you hit that home run (and you will), you find the Truth, remembering who you are, and at that point, it’s a whole new ball game!”

Fritter was enjoying the analogy as he continued, “If a grounder is hit and any player gets bruised, he chose to be hurt by being in the game, believing himself to be an insignificant (mortal) team member, limited by life and its experiences. If a bystander catches a ball, hit by the player, it again was his choice by being at the game. Every action/reaction is our choice. We choose to catch the ball, get bruised along the way or be a non-committal portion of the audience when we choose the game.  We can all play or we can watch others, it’s our choice always.”

“By the way,” he said, “The game is going to be played over and over, until we get it right.  If that takes thousands or millions of years to accomplish, our Father is patient with us. Earth and this dimension is not the only game and we will attend out of town games in order to play. We, the champions of this game (the present Golden Age) receive a trophy for all the past games we’ve played.  It’s not the highest honor yet to be given, as we will continue to play in the major leagues.”

In conclusion, Fritter, with great authority said, “No one cares what the score is, if you’ve played your best and for being in the game, you are the winner. And remember, there’s always another day and another game. If you enjoyed the game is all that matters. Your Father sent you to this game and said, “Enjoy yourself, be happy, play your best and I’ll be proud.”  Contradictory to all myths, legends and guilt trips you’ve been taken on, I hope that you will trust me when I tell you He Is proud.”

Having completed Grandpappy’s Parable, Fritter shared wisdom for Morgan’s individual needs and spiritual growth.  “On Grandpappy’s final eve, he chose to help a two-legged, soft-hearted human understand the significance of destiny.” Words came rapidly as he said, “That evening, as the thunder subsided and the sky cleared, Grandpappy found himself face-to-face with a young woman, in the dark of night, who believed it was her mission to save. On a soul level and with considerable thought, he had chosen the exact way he could lay his physical being to rest.

Grandpappy removed his Dodger cap and jersey, willing them to me and one-by-one, said his good-byes to all his loved ones.  We all waved as we watched him hop slowly to the road. He’d been bothered by rheumatism and arthritis in his knees for years and knowing this, it made it much easier to accept his decision.  From the bushes, I remember that I continued to watch over him, not desiring to see his actual death, but making sure that if Grandpappy chose to change his mind, that someone would be present to assist him.

Fritter continued, “Grandpappy must have sat in the road for hours, awaiting the woman who needed to learn this lesson. Had I not witnessed the event with my very own eyes, I would have never been able to share the message with you or others. This woman was known as a do-gooder, always doing nice things for others, even though they didn’t ask. We’re not sure, but we think she was interviewing for Sainthood! She was sensitive and compassionate, but sometimes, like on this evening, she went a little overboard.”

Morgan was feeling anxious, wanting to hear the rest of the story and prodded Fritter to continue. “Well, my Lady, seeing my Grandpappy in the road, and knowing he’d be flattened by oncoming traffic, she literally stood in the road, protecting him from oncoming coaches. Now, I ask you.  Isn’t that about the silliest thing you’ve ever heard?! A human who would jeopardize her safety for the life of a frog???” Morgan sat silent, pondering the many times she had gone out of her way to do kindness’ for others, sometimes from her heart and other times, as a result of wanting credit or thanks.  And, silently she questioned herself if the gratitude or compliment had been worth the price?

Fritter continued, “After the coaches had passed, the lady lifted my Grandpappy and carried him to the bushes of safety and scolded him for being in the street and placing himself in danger. Just before she walked away, she teasingly reminded him, “You should know better! Next time, look both ways before you cross the street!!” My Grandpappy and I just sat looking at one another in amazement.”

Fritter laughed himself silly as he said, “It was the funniest thing, watching Grandpappy at the edge of the road, looking to the left and to the right, not for oncoming traffic, mind you, but to make sure that the woman was out of sight before he re-entered the roadway!”  “You see, Morgan, do-gooder humans attempt to intervene in the free will of others, not realizing that their vain attempts merely delay a person or creature’s lessons. Individually, each creation knows when it’s time to return to Spirit and all of nature knows when a species is to become extinct. In this case, it was Grandpappy’s hour to leave, not an entire species, but do you understand what his message to humankind is? The Great Spirit is in control, not man. Nature, can, will and does take care of Herself.”

“Oh!” Fritter exclaimed, almost forgetting the punchline of his story. “I have to tell you how Grandpappy completed his act of service for the woman. The following afternoon, she had arrived home from picking her children up from school. Her young son came running into the kitchen, screaming, “Mom, come quick! Hurry, come see! YOU ran over a frog!” Disbelieving, shaking her head “No…” and running to the street, she looked down and my Grandpappy was flatter than a fritter.  The woman was in tears, for in that moment, she could not understand the why, when she had gone out of her way to protect and to serve.

Fritter continued, “It was the woman’s husband who explained the meaning of this perceived tragedy. I listened at the window as he said, “Excuse the pun, Hon, but you, nor others, have the right to jump in, offering advice or help when it has not been requested. You may have great insight to see when another is going to walk into a wall, but you were never created to be a Savior.  A person may need to walk into the same wall several times before they learn to walk around it. The solid wall may very well be the avenue they need to learn that they are not yet so highly evolved as to walk through it.  The wall and obstacles people encounter may also be the tools, which lead them to the open door of opportunity of an entirely new life or meaning. As a softhearted human, you must remember to only help, when asked. Give each the right to make their own mistakes and to self-correct them, empower those you know and love with the belief in their strength to do so. Affirm the Divine Intelligence which guides, sustains and maintains them, for this is the reality of all.”

Morgan, in that moment, needed to consolidate the meaning behind the messages given by Fritter. She had become stuck in the game of life, not sure who to listen to any longer and not believing herself to be worthy of hearing the still, small voice within.  And yet, she had clear vision concerning others, attempting to help others when she couldn’t help herself. Never again would she try to plan what tomorrow would bring for herself or others, for just as the winds of change blow freely in many directions, so, too, does the paths and destinies alter with the changing states of consciousness in a person’s mind, body, and experience. She would, from this day forward, allow God to Coach her through the game of life and trust His Divine Intelligence to guide others, as well.

So badly, she wanted to step out upon the lily pad and join Fritter, but fears and doubts paralyzed her. Could it truly support her weight? Could she truly depend upon an Invisible Force to support her, to maintain and sustain her in all ways and always?  Can a lifetime of programmed conditioning melt away without hours of therapy or meditative practices?

As countless questions blazed through Morgan’s mind, Fritter intuitively sensed her unvoiced fears and responded, “Who told you that Mother Earth could support you?  And yet, you believe that you will not sink into the soil.”

In that moment, Morgan knew that her limitations were hypnotic suggestions from her forefathers and from the forefathers before them. Without placing blame for centuries of fears-upon-fears, she made a final release, surrendering her senseless fears that echoed separation of herself from the Divine, and bravely took the step.

The lily pad, at first, trembled and wavered beneath her feet but she found it to be as supportive as the ground upon which she had just stood. Love flooded forth as she realized that she truly was secure, no matter if she found herself on land or sea. Morgan had mastered her fears, doubts and anxieties in One Holy Moment of time.

The hour had come to say goodbye to Fritter, that little creature Teacher who wore a Dodger’s hat and jersey. Morgan bent down to kiss the Frog with loving thanks, and Fritter pulled back questioning, “You’re not expecting me to transform into a handsome Prince by any chance, are you?”  Morgan’s laugh lilted through the forest and she hesitated to perform the loving act, long enough to ponder if she unconsciously desired that outcome.”

With a smile, she replied, “No, I accept appearances and chosen realities as they are, without the need to change them.” And, with those loving words, she lifted Fritter and kissed him on top of the Dodger’s cap.

The only ending is in limiting the Divine in the form that the messages come or fearing that He hasn’t prepared for each of our endless future tomorrow’s.  The true beginning? It began long, long ago. Millions of years ago, in fact and as Grandpappy has shared, we’re going to keep playing the game over and over until we get it right. Time? It holds no meaning for God.  He is sure of His Creations and the outcome.

Do you need “time out” to ponder the truth contained herein? The bottom line of life and this fairytale is this:

Give only when you feel inwardly guided, Do only as your heart says to do, Empower your loved one by example, As your heart reminds you this is true….

The game is already in progress, And you’ll find that it’s never too late, Your name has just been called in the silence, C’mon…it’s your turn to step up to the plate,

Never dis-empower a loved one by trying to make them change, Not only is it impossible, it was never your job to do, Trying to fix, change, or save was never your responsibility, Above all things, remember: to thine own heart, be true!

Don’t make the common mistake to ever try to “play God,” Or you might just find yourself hearing, “There’s strike two!” Because right now, you’re only in the Minor League, And in this game o’ life…He’s busy playing you.



Once upon a nowaday time, a child of royalty was born. As he was placed in his daddy’s hands, to hold, the King’s heart sang with great joy.

The infant was named Allen William Hale IV, so named to carry on the lineage of a great family’s name and integrity. The mother, who bore this infant, was unaware at the time, of the great glory bestowed upon the child… Nor was she aware of the reason for his destined birth. His earthly father felt, inside his soul, that this child would grow to make a difference, not only in his life…but the lives of all those he touched.

Commoners, from near and far, rejoiced as the infant drew his first breath.  The trumpets resounded as word spread throughout the kingdom of the joyous birth. The Prince of Peace had been born…a child who would bring peace and serenity to warring peoples and nations. How could anyone doubt this extraordinary gift of life, itself, when it was proclaimed in the heavens that this child would be named the “Will of God?”

Will appeared, of course, as any other child with ten fingers, ten toes, two tiny arms, and two little legs. Only those who had the “eyes to see,” would realize that Will had one tremendous heart. …A heart that was filled and overflowing for one and all. …A heart that was filled with overpowering love to give and to share. …A heart that knew, felt, and believed in He who had sent him to the masses to make a difference.

Will’s earthly father felt blessed, in countless ways, that he had been chosen to guide and oversee the growth of this special soul. The King…Allen William Hale III, walked and rocked Will as an infant. He hummed and sang tunes to the newborn babe, and as Will grew, the King spent every free, waking moment playing with him, teaching the basics of life and showing in countless ways of his love for him.

The King knew the importance of nature and enjoyed the outdoors. His greatest love, beyond that of his child, was to feel the sun warm his back as he used his hands to build his empire. With Will, at his side, he planted flowers and trees, shrubs, and plants…all the while teaching Will of the actual nature of God.

Many long days in to Springtime…that time when all life springs forth into expression…the King daily planted seeds of Divine Ideals in his young Prince’s mind. He explained the process of life, itself, in those quiet moments with his son at his side. The King taught Will, by example, using gardening and its tools as his guide.  He clearly and dearly loved Will, and the King knew he was a chosen Steward to govern this individual soul.

One early evening as the sun was setting behind the mountain, he noticed that Will was quietly following in his footsteps and carefully walking in his father’s shadow.

Laughing softly, realizing the child’s playful and joyful nature, the King turned and replied, “Will, you were never born to follow. My Son, you were born to be a leader.”  Reaching out his hand, to his toddler son, the King invited Will to walk at his side.

As the father and son joined hands, the King pointed to the purple and pink majesty overhead in the sky. Together, they gazed upon the beauty of those two colors as the King expressed the symbolic meaning. “Purple,” he replied, “is about to transform our lives with significant and safe changes…and the pink, which is Divine Love, will soon express itself in our lives.”

The King whispered, “No longer will hate, revenge, or conflict be entertained in our Kingdom, my Son.” “Comfort and love will be what unifies our world,” he whispered…as a quiet sob was swallowed deeply from the truth he felt in his words.

He turned towards his son and knelt before the child. On bended knee, eye-to­eye, the King sincerely said, “Will, you are my child in whom I am well pleased. I had a dream, not so long before you were born. I was guided, from on high, to name you as I did. The “Will of God” is born in and through you, to demonstrate individually and to all nations that His Will is made manifest upon this earth.” He continued, “The Roman Numeral, IV, placed upon your name, not only carries the lineage of our family’s crest and history…it also refers, once again and forevermore, of the Nature of the Divine.”

Just then, the King pointed to the “ivy” that was beautifully growing up and across the castle’s walls. He said, “Son, your destiny is to grow like this ivy. It is a hardy and dependable climber. Its roots exist in the air, itself, rather than confined in the soil or water.”

The little Prince absorbed his father’s words as if he was a plant, himself, getting a refreshing and much needed drink of water.

Many hours were spent, together in the gardens, as this father and child… planted healthy seeds of thoughts and dreams for their present and for their future.

And, as it happens in all things and in all ways, time passed. The child grew to a man and stood before his father, eye-to-eye, once again.  Will plucked a rose from the plant, whereby he stood, and handed it to his father, in deepest respect, admiration, and in loving memory of those years gone by. He cleared his throat and spoke; “I am those best parts of you, Father. I am all that you gave me. I am…the strength and support of ivy; I am the protection for loved ones through the thorns of the rose. I experience beauty in the sunsets, humor in the wind, flexibility of the trees bowing in that wind, and like the grass, I…blanket the world in peace.”

Will sighed heavily as he said, “Father, I AM the Will of God, of goodness in all ways and I AM the very nature of all you taught and demonstrated.” Will sighed heavily one more time as a lone tear escaped from one of his eyes and rolled softly down his cheek. “And, if I am to be counted amongst those in the Ivy League…those who are chosen and tempered by a selective, Divine process…then it must be known that I achieved this by being your son.”

The two men hugged. There were no stopwatches present to measure the length of the hug, but I truly believe it was the longest hug in the history of mankind. As the seconds and minutes passed, two hearts united as One…just as it had been experienced the day the King first held his newborn child.

There is no ending to the amount of lives to be touched by this father and his child. The true beginning is to understand that this was a fairy tale…used only to foretell of an incredible statement of Truth. How could it not be so, as one and all experience the “Will of God,” as it was written in the heavens so long ago, at the very beginning of Creation, by and with the Actual Hand of God?

Thanks for touching my life… …

With love,

Gloria D. Benish

Personalized Fairytales, Unlimited