Once upon a time, planet Earth was an amusement park, where children roamed freely to play. Smiling children sat in swings, with straps, to give added security. Teeter-totters went up and down, with each child attempting to rattle the other’s teeth by hitting directly upon the ground. This, too, brought squeals of delight. The slides had children lined up; taking turns to coast with great speed to the bottom. Merry-go-rounds took “team effort” to spin so rapidly that all would be thrilled with momentary dizziness.  Yes, life was fun, and then something changed.

Negative individuals took away the security of others using and enjoying the playground to the fullest. Those same individuals completely lost their balance, remaining and living with nothing but negative conditioning. This, in turn, taught them greed and they began sliding further into the negative. Feeling all-powerful, they began pushing others around! They no longer chose to go round and round, they wanted off the playground – at any expense – even if it be their own.

The entire playground was littered with old, worn-out attitudes and ideals and it was so ugly to see, but it seemed too far gone to be saved.

One day, a young man came to the playground.  He saw that these terrorists had the upper hand and he also noticed that they didn’t think too highly of themselves…and for this, more than any other reason, he was sad. These were not “bad” children, they were confused and he offered to re-teach them how to share and to allow others the privilege of enjoying the playground.

They rebuked him, heaping insults upon him, along with comments, “No one asked for your help, why don’t you just split, man?” He calmly explained that it was everyone’s playground and that new rules were being made.

  1. You will learn to be nice to others;
  2. You will respect this property and play by the rules or not at all on this playground.

He continued, “It’s your choice to follow those rules or to continue your negative acts of violence. The rules are being changed NOW and you either play nice – or not at all here.”

The children did not realize this teacher’s strength in his gentleness, for he had quite a small stature. Nor could they understand “where he was coming from.” However, they had dealt with larger adversaries than this and they raised clubs, knives, and chains to attack him. The man did not raise his voice from a normal tone of speaking, but yet his words froze in mid-air as he spoke, “STOP NOW.”  (He didn’t want to harm the children. They would be responsible for their own actions if they took further recourse to be a menace in his presence.

Something inside each of the children told them to go home, think about what this man had to say, and to believe in his newly established “rules.”  But, they chose instead to force the issue. They had bullied so many and hadn’t they been taught that there was safety in numbers? They again raised their weapons, took one step towards the man…and turned on each other. This was a surprise to the onlookers and all were confused, for was this man a magician or a warlock?

He spoke to the crowd that he had come in the name of peace, that he was truly saddened by the display of violence, but in the name of love – they had made their own choice. He also stated that such events would continue on this playground until everyone “cleaned up their act,” for there is no more complacency towards negative acts of violence to children on this planet.

He explained, “I am not a witch, I merely projected the light of God to these individuals. Upon this radiant beam of light is love, which is intended for the whole of humanity’s safety and protection. To those, who know not love – for self or others – they shall have their hatreds and fears mirrored back upon themselves.  Each must look, honestly, at their individual lives and attitudes and ask, “Am I a swinger or do I like to push others around?” This display only proves that negative conditioning hurts no one, but self.”

This man’s message for each and every soul flowed forth: “This Earth is returning to an amusement park where all can play in unison to the tune of peace. Harmony in the greatest sense is being restored for now and evermore. You will roam the countryside freely, you can play to your heart’s content, without fear, and you can rejoice – for it is the truth.”

The only ending was for those, who (through Free Will,) chose to intimidate others with false strength, threatening the enjoyment of others and vandalizing the lives of the children who willingly follow the New Golden Age Rules. The beginning is awareness that this isn’t a fairy tale at all, but a reality of our future tomorrow’s. Recognize the importance of your light, alone, to become a part of this great plan of team effort so we can all have a Merry-Go-Round.

To the Reader: Allowing a little bully to grow to a bigger bully is not an act of love. Perhaps we can unveil “why this person is a bully in the first place, healing the cause.”  Allowing someone to be harmful to self or others, again, is not an act of love.