Once upon a time, a gallant, brave, dashing Knight (named Kirk) journeyed through life with high ideals and aspirations. He offered kindness and love to all he touched. Kirk’s armor protected him from the harsh elements of life, his word was mightier than his sword…and he rode a pure white Unicorn that symbolized his purity of heart and intention.

A sojourn took the Knight to the most Northern part of a distant land and there he met a Damsel (named Gloria) in distress. Just in the nick of time, Kirk literally swept her off her feet. With his mighty strength, he lifted her gently to sit next to him atop the Unicorn and they both soared to unknown heights.

Kirk took Gloria up into the stars and she thought she must have been dreaming. They slid down from the Unicorn and stood face-to-face, looking deeply into one another’s eyes. In the silence of the Universe, they embraced, each feeling the warmth and security of one another. For the briefest of moments, beyond time and space, they escaped society’s eyes, judgments, and criticisms…experiencing a Oneness of Spirit.

The Knight whispered to Gloria,

“If you ever feel alone, just look to the stars…

For in one, I’ll be smiling, through another,

I’ll send love…. Remember to give thanks for those stars up above,

For in them are beauty, love, and light…. guidance, direction,

and me…your White Knight.”

In the stillness of the morn, the Damsel replied, “Memories of our magical and precious moments, together, are my prized treasures. They need never be locked away in a safety deposit box, for no one can steal them and no flood can destroy them.  They are forever in safekeeping.”

With those words, she placed a timepiece of gold upon Kirk’s wrist. The Knight didn’t need a tangible object to remind him that their time would come, however, he graciously accepted the token of her love.  He knew that the greatest gift there is…is one you can give away….

Within the timepiece sat four small diamonds that sparkled like the stars, in the pattern of north/south/east and west. Was it “coincidence” or did they somehow symbolize four children that would one day grow and go in separate directions in life?

In a Holy Moment, beyond time and space, Kirk and Gloria surrendered their personal Wills, placing their lives in the hands of God and “His Time.” Each pledged their hearts to one another and believed in one another, as well as in God.

There is no ending to the brief, but lovely encounter. The beginning is accepting that once true love is experienced – one can no longer settle for less and be satisfied.  As Kirk and Gloria know it – time knows no existence, for as they were, as they are, and as they shall be…intertwines in that timeless reunion of All That Was, All That Is, and All That Is To Be.

Therein, my friend, my love, my partner…lies our happily-ever-after.

Update: When Kirk proposed, on bended knee, he said, “I want to be the father to your children, I want you to be the mother to mine…and I want to awaken, each morning, with you at my side. I accepted.

When we were trying to find a minister to marry us, we were told by one, “I’d rather perform a burial ceremony than a wedding.” Others wanted us to join their church prior to a ceremony. After countless attempts, we found a faith that would join us as man and wife, however, we were asked to rent a hall to do so.  In our tiny town, that request was no easy task.

One afternoon, I was inspired to approach the local “Chantilly Theater” and the owner happily rented us the building. It was around Christmas, decorated with flowers, gifts, and large bows hanging from the theater curtains.  Earlier that day, Kirk’s mom and my mom placed the cake and reception tables “behind the closed curtains.”

Looking like a “Barbie bride,” my Knight, in a Tux…joined hands, hearts, and minds in holy matrimony.  Following the ceremony, the theater curtains were opened – and much to Kirk’s and my surprise, LARGE SILVER STARS (for an upcoming Christmas pageant) adorned the black backstage curtain. He and I looked at one another, in awe, because “six years earlier,” the tale had already been written.  Amazing. Simply amazing.