Once upon a nowaday time, a child of royalty was born. As he was placed in his daddy’s hands, to hold, the King’s heart sang with great joy.

The infant was named Allen William Hale IV, so named to carry on the lineage of a great family’s name and integrity. The mother, who bore this infant, was unaware at the time, of the great glory bestowed upon the child… Nor was she aware of the reason for his destined birth. His earthly father felt, inside his soul, that this child would grow to make a difference, not only in his life…but the lives of all those he touched.

Commoners, from near and far, rejoiced as the infant drew his first breath.  The trumpets resounded as word spread throughout the kingdom of the joyous birth. The Prince of Peace had been born…a child who would bring peace and serenity to warring peoples and nations. How could anyone doubt this extraordinary gift of life, itself, when it was proclaimed in the heavens that this child would be named the “Will of God?”

Will appeared, of course, as any other child with ten fingers, ten toes, two tiny arms, and two little legs. Only those who had the “eyes to see,” would realize that Will had one tremendous heart. …A heart that was filled and overflowing for one and all. …A heart that was filled with overpowering love to give and to share. …A heart that knew, felt, and believed in He who had sent him to the masses to make a difference.

Will’s earthly father felt blessed, in countless ways, that he had been chosen to guide and oversee the growth of this special soul. The King…Allen William Hale III, walked and rocked Will as an infant. He hummed and sang tunes to the newborn babe, and as Will grew, the King spent every free, waking moment playing with him, teaching the basics of life and showing in countless ways of his love for him.

The King knew the importance of nature and enjoyed the outdoors. His greatest love, beyond that of his child, was to feel the sun warm his back as he used his hands to build his empire. With Will, at his side, he planted flowers and trees, shrubs, and plants…all the while teaching Will of the actual nature of God.

Many long days in to Springtime…that time when all life springs forth into expression…the King daily planted seeds of Divine Ideals in his young Prince’s mind. He explained the process of life, itself, in those quiet moments with his son at his side. The King taught Will, by example, using gardening and its tools as his guide.  He clearly and dearly loved Will, and the King knew he was a chosen Steward to govern this individual soul.

One early evening as the sun was setting behind the mountain, he noticed that Will was quietly following in his footsteps and carefully walking in his father’s shadow.

Laughing softly, realizing the child’s playful and joyful nature, the King turned and replied, “Will, you were never born to follow. My Son, you were born to be a leader.”  Reaching out his hand, to his toddler son, the King invited Will to walk at his side.

As the father and son joined hands, the King pointed to the purple and pink majesty overhead in the sky. Together, they gazed upon the beauty of those two colors as the King expressed the symbolic meaning. “Purple,” he replied, “is about to transform our lives with significant and safe changes…and the pink, which is Divine Love, will soon express itself in our lives.”

The King whispered, “No longer will hate, revenge, or conflict be entertained in our Kingdom, my Son.” “Comfort and love will be what unifies our world,” he whispered…as a quiet sob was swallowed deeply from the truth he felt in his words.

He turned towards his son and knelt before the child. On bended knee, eye-to­eye, the King sincerely said, “Will, you are my child in whom I am well pleased. I had a dream, not so long before you were born. I was guided, from on high, to name you as I did. The “Will of God” is born in and through you, to demonstrate individually and to all nations that His Will is made manifest upon this earth.” He continued, “The Roman Numeral, IV, placed upon your name, not only carries the lineage of our family’s crest and history…it also refers, once again and forevermore, of the Nature of the Divine.”

Just then, the King pointed to the “ivy” that was beautifully growing up and across the castle’s walls. He said, “Son, your destiny is to grow like this ivy. It is a hardy and dependable climber. Its roots exist in the air, itself, rather than confined in the soil or water.”

The little Prince absorbed his father’s words as if he was a plant, himself, getting a refreshing and much needed drink of water.

Many hours were spent, together in the gardens, as this father and child… planted healthy seeds of thoughts and dreams for their present and for their future.

And, as it happens in all things and in all ways, time passed. The child grew to a man and stood before his father, eye-to-eye, once again.  Will plucked a rose from the plant, whereby he stood, and handed it to his father, in deepest respect, admiration, and in loving memory of those years gone by. He cleared his throat and spoke; “I am those best parts of you, Father. I am all that you gave me. I am…the strength and support of ivy; I am the protection for loved ones through the thorns of the rose. I experience beauty in the sunsets, humor in the wind, flexibility of the trees bowing in that wind, and like the grass, I…blanket the world in peace.”

Will sighed heavily as he said, “Father, I AM the Will of God, of goodness in all ways and I AM the very nature of all you taught and demonstrated.” Will sighed heavily one more time as a lone tear escaped from one of his eyes and rolled softly down his cheek. “And, if I am to be counted amongst those in the Ivy League…those who are chosen and tempered by a selective, Divine process…then it must be known that I achieved this by being your son.”

The two men hugged. There were no stopwatches present to measure the length of the hug, but I truly believe it was the longest hug in the history of mankind. As the seconds and minutes passed, two hearts united as One…just as it had been experienced the day the King first held his newborn child.

There is no ending to the amount of lives to be touched by this father and his child. The true beginning is to understand that this was a fairy tale…used only to foretell of an incredible statement of Truth. How could it not be so, as one and all experience the “Will of God,” as it was written in the heavens so long ago, at the very beginning of Creation, by and with the Actual Hand of God?

Thanks for touching my life… …

With love,

Gloria D. Benish

Personalized Fairytales, Unlimited