Once upon a nowaday time, a beautiful Lady (named Morgan) found herself on a path that led deep into the heart of the forest. She feared she had lost her way and wasn’t quite sure which direction (in life) to take.

She watched as squirrels scurried about, securing a plentiful harvest of treasures, which would feed them throughout the winter. It was in this moment, that she realized that through human conditioning, she had performed the same ritual throughout her life. However, her preparation for tomorrow was executed in a fearful manner. She had been told that tomorrow never comes and she prepared for tomorrow as if she knew that in its non-existence, it would be unable to provide for itself. Had she only known that Manna falls daily. Alas, she and countless other souls were unaware of this great spiritual truth.

The Lady watched, also, as the ants marched in unison to the heartbeat of Earth, realizing that each worked in harmony with the Whole. Something extremely magical was occurring that golden afternoon.

Morgan sat upon a carpeted, grassy area under an ancient Pine Tree, feeling the coolness of the breeze that whispered through the forest. She took a long, deep breath of air, expanding her abdomen and awareness simultaneously. As she knew she was One with all things, she silenced herself in order to hear what the Earth had to say.

In that moment, the woman was startled by a “Psst….” She looked from side-to-side and saw no one and yet another distinct “Psst….” reverberated, breaking the silence. And still she saw no one! A loud and almost hissing “PSSSST!!!” followed and this time, rather than looking around, her attention was drawn downward and sitting near her feet was a large Bullfrog!

He fully captured her attention, not from his size, but he was wearing a miniature Dodger’s baseball cap, mind you, and a jersey, boldly displaying the professional team.

Morgan rubbed her eyes, for surely this little creature and his daring outfit were a hallucination! This, indeed, was one of the silliest things she’d ever seen.

Alas, it wasn’t a vision or her imagination, for the Frog spoke, “Afternoon my Lady! My name is Fritter” and spoken like a true gentleman, he removed his cap and bowed down to her.  His message, with pride followed, “Named proudly, of course, after my old Grandpappy who was the biggest fan of the Dodger’s Team back in ’94.” With a heavy sigh, he replied, “God rest his soul.”

Morgan, still slightly questioning if this was a dream and pinching herself to make sure, smiled rather reserved at Fritter. It was, afterall, quite an honor to meet a Frog who could talk! The Bullfrog, cleared his croaky voice and sat on a carpet of fallen pine needles, leaned back against the tree and as if an afterthought, stretched and crossed his legs at the ankles. With great authority, he spoke, “The Great Spirit has sent me with a message for you.”

Fritter, watched and awaited Morgan’s reaction. He hesitated to continue, but mostly because he liked the suspense, drama and mystery of this meeting with a human. Solemnly, he vowed that the only way he could share the message was if she was willing to meet him at his pad.

Trustingly, Morgan felt Fritter’s heartfelt words and believed this Messenger was Heaven Sent. The beautiful Lady agreed upon the appointed hour and he whispered the directions so that only she could hear.

At the chosen hour, on the chosen day, Morgan arrived at the pond, deeper in the heart of the forest than she would have ever humanly challenged herself to go. As promised, Fritter sat awaiting her arrival in his Dodger’s hat and jersey.

Sitting upon a lily pad in the middle of the pond, he softly asked Morgan to join him. Without hesitation, she shook her head at the unreasonable request.  Voicing her concerns that the lily pad would sink with her weight, she refused to entertain such a ridiculous notion!

Fritter, smiling at Morgan’s response knew full well that she and countless other humans would reject such a request. He responded, “You’re a Divine Thought held in the Divine Mind, incapable of sinking a lily pad. You believe yourself to be large, me as small and the lily pad as fragile but the spiritual facts are that each is Spirit made manifest, working together in harmony and balance.  Please, dear Lady, reconsider my request and listen to the truth, allowing it to dispel your illusions.”

Fritter lightheartedly began sharing that his Grandpappy used to sit upon this very same lily pad, telling stories from the Land of the Giants. One of Fritter’s favorites was about how high rise buildings were constructed, stretching up into the sky being kissed by the clouds. Fritter concluded this lesson by sharing that skyscrapers were erected on the theory of the lily pad.

Morgan was in deep contemplation of her Teacher’s message, knowing that what he had shared was, indeed, the truth. Fritter, not allowing a moment of their time together to be wasted, began sharing a parable of so long ago, a grand story involving his dear, departed Grandpappy:

“It was on a dark, rainy night in the year, 1994, when the wise old Frog knew it was time to depart the Earthly dimension. You see, my Lady, nature knows these things because we listen to the crickets in the night, to the streams in the days, and the wind is filled with wisdom.”

In that moment of remembrance of where his story was headed, his voice softened as he spoke:

“Grandpappy was a great Master Teacher, even up to his final release To All That Is.  Being so interested in baseball, he liked to compare life, on Earth, to the baseball game. He believed that Home Base is God. He would sit on the lily pad, for hours, sharing that we all are the players, we are the coaches, the bystanders, the media, and the entire audience.  We can’t cheat in the game or we cheat ourselves.

The game isn’t going to be rained out, it will be played in its entirety, with overtime if needed. The players are tired of running, when walking would be so much easier.  The ball is pitched, the player swings, but he misses. It was a mistake, release it. In baseball, if the player misses three times, he’s out, but only temporarily because he always gets another chance. (That’s a game played BY MAN’S RULES, NOT GOD’S.)  Morgan, we are never out of God’s game and no matter what anyone tells you, He doesn’t count mistakes. Each has a chance to play or they wouldn’t be in the game.

Some players get stuck between bases, not knowing which way to go. The bystanders are all screaming to go back or to go for it and the player has so many telling him what to do, he doesn’t know who to listen to. In his moment of indecision, he looks to see his Father, standing at Home Base, motioning him to come on home and trust that he’ll be safe. The player learns to ignore the crowd, listens for instructions and does make it home free.

Fritter questioned, “When you get a home run, getting to Home Base, aren’t you elated? Not only you, but everyone cheers who is on your side. Those who don’t cheer are your opposers, afraid you will win, making them the losers. Losers, I might add, are those who choose to no longer try.”

He questioned again, “Do you want the game to be exciting or do you want to walk away from it early? It’s your choice.  Do you want to play or do you want to sit on the sidelines, pouting because no one asked you to join in? Don’t wait to be asked, get up and get in the game. You have the right! You may be in the minor leagues, but the moment you hit that home run (and you will), you find the Truth, remembering who you are, and at that point, it’s a whole new ball game!”

Fritter was enjoying the analogy as he continued, “If a grounder is hit and any player gets bruised, he chose to be hurt by being in the game, believing himself to be an insignificant (mortal) team member, limited by life and its experiences. If a bystander catches a ball, hit by the player, it again was his choice by being at the game. Every action/reaction is our choice. We choose to catch the ball, get bruised along the way or be a non-committal portion of the audience when we choose the game.  We can all play or we can watch others, it’s our choice always.”

“By the way,” he said, “The game is going to be played over and over, until we get it right.  If that takes thousands or millions of years to accomplish, our Father is patient with us. Earth and this dimension is not the only game and we will attend out of town games in order to play. We, the champions of this game (the present Golden Age) receive a trophy for all the past games we’ve played.  It’s not the highest honor yet to be given, as we will continue to play in the major leagues.”

In conclusion, Fritter, with great authority said, “No one cares what the score is, if you’ve played your best and for being in the game, you are the winner. And remember, there’s always another day and another game. If you enjoyed the game is all that matters. Your Father sent you to this game and said, “Enjoy yourself, be happy, play your best and I’ll be proud.”  Contradictory to all myths, legends and guilt trips you’ve been taken on, I hope that you will trust me when I tell you He Is proud.”

Having completed Grandpappy’s Parable, Fritter shared wisdom for Morgan’s individual needs and spiritual growth.  “On Grandpappy’s final eve, he chose to help a two-legged, soft-hearted human understand the significance of destiny.” Words came rapidly as he said, “That evening, as the thunder subsided and the sky cleared, Grandpappy found himself face-to-face with a young woman, in the dark of night, who believed it was her mission to save. On a soul level and with considerable thought, he had chosen the exact way he could lay his physical being to rest.

Grandpappy removed his Dodger cap and jersey, willing them to me and one-by-one, said his good-byes to all his loved ones.  We all waved as we watched him hop slowly to the road. He’d been bothered by rheumatism and arthritis in his knees for years and knowing this, it made it much easier to accept his decision.  From the bushes, I remember that I continued to watch over him, not desiring to see his actual death, but making sure that if Grandpappy chose to change his mind, that someone would be present to assist him.

Fritter continued, “Grandpappy must have sat in the road for hours, awaiting the woman who needed to learn this lesson. Had I not witnessed the event with my very own eyes, I would have never been able to share the message with you or others. This woman was known as a do-gooder, always doing nice things for others, even though they didn’t ask. We’re not sure, but we think she was interviewing for Sainthood! She was sensitive and compassionate, but sometimes, like on this evening, she went a little overboard.”

Morgan was feeling anxious, wanting to hear the rest of the story and prodded Fritter to continue. “Well, my Lady, seeing my Grandpappy in the road, and knowing he’d be flattened by oncoming traffic, she literally stood in the road, protecting him from oncoming coaches. Now, I ask you.  Isn’t that about the silliest thing you’ve ever heard?! A human who would jeopardize her safety for the life of a frog???” Morgan sat silent, pondering the many times she had gone out of her way to do kindness’ for others, sometimes from her heart and other times, as a result of wanting credit or thanks.  And, silently she questioned herself if the gratitude or compliment had been worth the price?

Fritter continued, “After the coaches had passed, the lady lifted my Grandpappy and carried him to the bushes of safety and scolded him for being in the street and placing himself in danger. Just before she walked away, she teasingly reminded him, “You should know better! Next time, look both ways before you cross the street!!” My Grandpappy and I just sat looking at one another in amazement.”

Fritter laughed himself silly as he said, “It was the funniest thing, watching Grandpappy at the edge of the road, looking to the left and to the right, not for oncoming traffic, mind you, but to make sure that the woman was out of sight before he re-entered the roadway!”  “You see, Morgan, do-gooder humans attempt to intervene in the free will of others, not realizing that their vain attempts merely delay a person or creature’s lessons. Individually, each creation knows when it’s time to return to Spirit and all of nature knows when a species is to become extinct. In this case, it was Grandpappy’s hour to leave, not an entire species, but do you understand what his message to humankind is? The Great Spirit is in control, not man. Nature, can, will and does take care of Herself.”

“Oh!” Fritter exclaimed, almost forgetting the punchline of his story. “I have to tell you how Grandpappy completed his act of service for the woman. The following afternoon, she had arrived home from picking her children up from school. Her young son came running into the kitchen, screaming, “Mom, come quick! Hurry, come see! YOU ran over a frog!” Disbelieving, shaking her head “No…” and running to the street, she looked down and my Grandpappy was flatter than a fritter.  The woman was in tears, for in that moment, she could not understand the why, when she had gone out of her way to protect and to serve.

Fritter continued, “It was the woman’s husband who explained the meaning of this perceived tragedy. I listened at the window as he said, “Excuse the pun, Hon, but you, nor others, have the right to jump in, offering advice or help when it has not been requested. You may have great insight to see when another is going to walk into a wall, but you were never created to be a Savior.  A person may need to walk into the same wall several times before they learn to walk around it. The solid wall may very well be the avenue they need to learn that they are not yet so highly evolved as to walk through it.  The wall and obstacles people encounter may also be the tools, which lead them to the open door of opportunity of an entirely new life or meaning. As a softhearted human, you must remember to only help, when asked. Give each the right to make their own mistakes and to self-correct them, empower those you know and love with the belief in their strength to do so. Affirm the Divine Intelligence which guides, sustains and maintains them, for this is the reality of all.”

Morgan, in that moment, needed to consolidate the meaning behind the messages given by Fritter. She had become stuck in the game of life, not sure who to listen to any longer and not believing herself to be worthy of hearing the still, small voice within.  And yet, she had clear vision concerning others, attempting to help others when she couldn’t help herself. Never again would she try to plan what tomorrow would bring for herself or others, for just as the winds of change blow freely in many directions, so, too, does the paths and destinies alter with the changing states of consciousness in a person’s mind, body, and experience. She would, from this day forward, allow God to Coach her through the game of life and trust His Divine Intelligence to guide others, as well.

So badly, she wanted to step out upon the lily pad and join Fritter, but fears and doubts paralyzed her. Could it truly support her weight? Could she truly depend upon an Invisible Force to support her, to maintain and sustain her in all ways and always?  Can a lifetime of programmed conditioning melt away without hours of therapy or meditative practices?

As countless questions blazed through Morgan’s mind, Fritter intuitively sensed her unvoiced fears and responded, “Who told you that Mother Earth could support you?  And yet, you believe that you will not sink into the soil.”

In that moment, Morgan knew that her limitations were hypnotic suggestions from her forefathers and from the forefathers before them. Without placing blame for centuries of fears-upon-fears, she made a final release, surrendering her senseless fears that echoed separation of herself from the Divine, and bravely took the step.

The lily pad, at first, trembled and wavered beneath her feet but she found it to be as supportive as the ground upon which she had just stood. Love flooded forth as she realized that she truly was secure, no matter if she found herself on land or sea. Morgan had mastered her fears, doubts and anxieties in One Holy Moment of time.

The hour had come to say goodbye to Fritter, that little creature Teacher who wore a Dodger’s hat and jersey. Morgan bent down to kiss the Frog with loving thanks, and Fritter pulled back questioning, “You’re not expecting me to transform into a handsome Prince by any chance, are you?”  Morgan’s laugh lilted through the forest and she hesitated to perform the loving act, long enough to ponder if she unconsciously desired that outcome.”

With a smile, she replied, “No, I accept appearances and chosen realities as they are, without the need to change them.” And, with those loving words, she lifted Fritter and kissed him on top of the Dodger’s cap.

The only ending is in limiting the Divine in the form that the messages come or fearing that He hasn’t prepared for each of our endless future tomorrow’s.  The true beginning? It began long, long ago. Millions of years ago, in fact and as Grandpappy has shared, we’re going to keep playing the game over and over until we get it right. Time? It holds no meaning for God.  He is sure of His Creations and the outcome.

Do you need “time out” to ponder the truth contained herein? The bottom line of life and this fairytale is this:

Give only when you feel inwardly guided, Do only as your heart says to do, Empower your loved one by example, As your heart reminds you this is true….

The game is already in progress, And you’ll find that it’s never too late, Your name has just been called in the silence, C’mon…it’s your turn to step up to the plate,

Never dis-empower a loved one by trying to make them change, Not only is it impossible, it was never your job to do, Trying to fix, change, or save was never your responsibility, Above all things, remember: to thine own heart, be true!

Don’t make the common mistake to ever try to “play God,” Or you might just find yourself hearing, “There’s strike two!” Because right now, you’re only in the Minor League, And in this game o’ life…He’s busy playing you.