Once upon a long ago time, a fair Maiden (named Katie) found herself in distress. She had spent her life in service to one and all, attending to the needs of others. Many times, she offered a shoulder to cry on. For countless others, she nurtured their hungry souls, and to each, she showered them with loving attention. The Maiden, however, felt like she was starving for genuine affection. Everyone believed she was strong and so she was.

Katie had touched thousands upon thousands.  She loved one and all and yet a time had come that she, herself, felt empty. She knew the Source from which love flowed, for it streamed through her merely by placing her thoughts upon it. She couldn’t own the love, nor could she keep it for herself, for it didn’t belong to her. The more she gave, the more she seemed to have to give. However, she felt alone and lonely, surrounded by millions of manifestations of the Divine and yet, she had no one to call her own.  She had once heard that a little bit of love is better than no love at all, but first-hand experience had taught her this was false. It seemed her life was merely one of Service and this experience materialized in the outer world of form as a visible reflection of proof.

Unconditional, non-judgmental loving energy flowed through her daily and she questioned why she had to walk the Path of Life alone? She was graced with the Spiritual Sense of Truth and clarity and her ever-guiding thoughts taught her to know false flattery when she heard it. She vowed before God as her witness that she would only accept the Divine Complement into her life. She could never settle for a honey-tongued man who only spoke empty words. It seemed the world was filled with lonely hearts and though countless people surrounded her, she knew their aching loneliness. She literally felt the pain of others, assuming their burdens, but took responsibility for her own emotions, as well.

Her choice had made life a lonesome one. She met a man in her dreams and she had seen the two of them at a Holy Alter, being blessed with Heaven’s Consent. In her dreams, her Knight was tall, dark and handsome, he lived by his word and though he was gallant and strong, he was gentle and kind. In DreamTime, her Knight would gaze at her with love eyes. He had eyes that said what no human language could speak. Nightly he joined her In The Light Of the Spirit.

The Maiden wanted so desperately to believe in dreams; to believe there was a man who whispered to her in the night.  Nightly, he guided her, “Surrender your false sense of identity of who you believe yourself to be. Recognize yourself as who you truly are. Once you feel whole and know love for yourself as you do for others, I shall join you at your side, to be as equals, to be as One.”

Daytime friends knew not of her loneliness for she smiled, hugged, laughed and loved. She questioned if she was a sponge; unable to absorb enough love from those she met? She questioned if life had numbed her, for why could she not feel loved in return?

Her nighttime lover returned each eve, awaiting her with open arms and unconditional, loving acceptance. Could he teach her how to love herself so they could one day come face-to-face in the light of day?  She lived for her dreams because what others termed “reality” was too seemingly painful and empty.

One eve, as she was lost in the arms of the Knight, he whispered to her and his warm breath against her shoulder seemed so real. “The outer world of form is merely the world of effects. You cannot fix or change an effect; you can only heal the state of consciousness, which created the loneliness. Close your eyes and open your mind and see spiritual reality as it truly IS. Seek only for this Divine reality and it shall unfold in the light of day.”

In the silence of the night, far beyond where time and space exists, Katie soon discovered that an ever-flowing peace began joining her as each new day dawned.  She had faithfully surrendered from manipulating the outer realm.  Whether her Knight, whose armor shined as a golden light, ever came face-to-face no longer mattered.  Detached from all outcomes, she felt at peace.

No longer did she seek the man of her dreams in a physical form. Where once she gazed upon men, in human likeness of her Shining Knight in the way they walked or spoke, she now no longer sought an earthly companion. No longer did she seek a man who could place a strong arm of protection and security around her tired shoulders. Nor did she fantasize of those couples who walked hand-in-hand.  For the first time in her life, she felt secure within herself.

Katie felt whole and no longer emotionally abused herself for setting her desires on only that which is holy, true and pure. The emotion of love appeared outwardly as a totality of acceptance, a Oneness with all humanity, the Sun, Moon, Earth and stars.

On a quiet afternoon, sitting outside her humble cottage, she watched as a man galloped across a field. The horse was white and stately and even in the distance, the bridle sparkled of a golden light. In her mind, she reasoned that it was the way the Sun touched it with its warming rays.

The horseman’s armor, though silver in color, seemed as if it was transparent even in the distance.  It was as though she had extended vision and could see to the core of his very soul. Through a remembrance of nightly journeys to the Land Of Light, she knew inwardly, in that moment, this man was the Knight she had been awaiting. Her heart began racing as she counted the years. Had it truly been 14 years since the moment they’d first come face­to-face in the DreamTime?  Had they met sooner, would it have been in Divine Right Order? Had she finally “earned” this man By Right of Consciousness?

The Knight rode towards the cottage and where, only moments prior, the sound of horse hooves could be heard in the distance, Katie became intensely aware of a muffled sound. A sensation filled her of a remembrance of a soothing, soft breath, almost as if a gentle wind was beneath the animal’s feet. His gallop had transformed to a graceful prance and yet, the hooves appeared to nowhere near touch the ground and made no sound.

As the Knight reached the boundary of her property, he respectfully stopped and Katie and the Knight looked at one another. It was as if time had mysteriously frozen and neither wanted the moment to come to an end. He looked at the softness of her face and a beautiful smile came to her lips. However, still displayed in full armor, his face was hidden. Seeing far beyond the human mask, Katie “knew” he was the man of her dreams. An invisible force drew them into one another’s arms and lives.

As the Knight released the Maiden, very cautiously and slowly, he removed the suit of steel fully trusting that he would be accepted for the totality of who he was.

Perfect love at first physical sight,

Standing united in warm sunlight,

Embraced in warmth, the two did kiss,

Heart-to-heart in God’s pure bliss.

Hand in hand, they walked to a nearby stream.  Upon the shore, the Knight and Maiden sat side by side, allowing the crisp, cool water to bathe their feet. Fourteen years of meeting in DreamTime, In The Light Of the Spirit, had only been the beginning. Hours passed quickly as they confirmed and validated one another’s dreams.

They united in matrimony immediately, sealing their love forevermore. To family and friends who did not understand, they were as strangers. In spiritual reality, they had taken the quantum leap of faith, for they were and would forever remain… Twin Flames. Whole and complete, united and strong, two souls who had once been simultaneously breathed into expression, only to reunite and be again as One.

Others realized their vibrancy while in their presence. To one another, it was as if liquid fire flowed throughout their veins.

As the years passed, one quiet evening, Katie looked at her Knight who had grayed with the years and tears began flowing down her cheeks as she gazed into the soft, love-filled eyes of her mate.  She whispered ever so gently, for gratitude filled her heart with an emotion that would be difficult to speak. (Only because no human language could ever fully reveal her love. To those who have never known true love, it’s comparable to pure adrenaline, the power unfathomed by the human mind.)

Her gift of words to the Knight was this: “Throughout my entire life, I knew that a spiritual, totally loving life was all I wanted. You, my dearest, are the physical manifestation of my dreams. You are a symbol to me that because I know that I love you and that I can feel how much, you are a daily reminder of the abundance of beauty, courage, strength and honesty which IS Spirit.”

The Knight looked at the Maiden’s face that was lined, not so much from age, but from laughter. As he spoke, tears came to his eyes; “I waited for you for what seemed like a lifetime. Countless years have passed with you at my side. You taught me to laugh in the face of fear, you taught me to seek only peace, which gave me my every heart’s desire in physical form. I never felt jealous that another may receive of your love, for you are like a thunderstorm and if I had selfishly attempted to keep it all for myself, it would have flooded me. Instead, I received of your nourishing, nurturing love and I grew far beyond my limited expectations.”

The Knight paused briefly before he continued, “I always wanted to be, or to do, something grand, to leave a legacy to others that I had a purpose for my existence. To all those I’ve met, I’ve given through example, a measure by which others can compare and attempt to accept and live. I have loved and been loved. I have needed and been needed in return. I have demonstrated that this is by far the ultimate happiness and know that one won’t work without the other. My life, my love, has been a true success.”

It was late that evening that Katie awoke from a dream and knew it was time for her to depart the earthly world. Unafraid, she awoke the Knight to tell him goodbye. As he held her in his arms, he knew his destiny was in his own hands and solemnly vowed he would join her once again In The Light Of the Spirit.

He whispered, “Thank you, my darling, living and loving with you couldn’t have taken my human life further. See you soon, I’ll join you in the Heart of God, to live and love you throughout all time and eternity.”

Together, they fulfilled and expressed God’s perfect love.

Katie closed her eyes and quietly took her last breath. Unafraid, he watched as her Spirit rose, blanketing the room with glittering, golden sparks of light.

Just then, the Knight realized he would leave his desired legacy… an example of their Love…to the world. He folded his hands in prayer, closed his eyes and quietly whispered: Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord her soul to keep.

 And as I awaken, I’ll remember to share the Dream, Of the Divine perfect love that eternally stands supreme.