October 2019

Guts & Gloria

Greeting and good afternoon from the beautiful Bitterroot Valley.  May was a busy month for me.  I went from vegetating and being unmotivated during the lockdown to going mach speed.  Thank God that’s “my norm!” 

In October of 2019, I had a guest in my home and we were watching a movie.  In the middle of it, I found myself surprised as I said, “I have to go into the office.  I have a book to write.”  Excusing myself, I came into the office perplexed.  I hadn’t even talked about writing another book.

Nevertheless, I sat behind the computer screen.  In the past, whenever the Holy Spirit would give me a title, I either had an entire book, personalized fairytale, or chapter heading.  This time it was different.  I came to the computer without knowing if I had anything to say.

I sat dumbfounded at this computer, looking at a blank page and wondered what in the heck I was supposed to do with that.  My first thought was “Calling All Angels” so I typed it in.  My human thought was, “No one on this planet would probably think themselves to be an angel.”  So, I backspaced, deleting the words.  I retyped, “Calling all People Pleasers” and backspaced again.

Within moments, my fingers decided to retype it and off I went typing the thoughts in my head.  Being awoken nightly between 1 and 3 a.m., after I watched the words scrolling through my mind like the acknowledgments at the end of the movie, I came into my office and typed a chapter a night.

The book was completed and I tucked it in my computer bag, which accompanied me on my three month trip to promote the Global 8 Prayer/Peace Movement. Halfway through the trip, I connected with my editor in Massachusetts and edited up to chapter 8 in the middle of the book.

I returned home, lost all interest in it, and thought about throwing it into the trash.  I thought that I could do better and just start over.  I didn’t think I had given enough insight to the reader.

Then, on May 15th, I heard the Word of God telling me TO GIVE THAT BOOK FREELY TO THE WORLD.  I was guided to have humanity use it to set the flow of love in motion to balance the fear that had been unnecessarily created from the virus and all this hidden corruption coming to the surface.

I got out of bed, came into the office, opened the computer . . . and my manuscript was gone.  A complete blank page was in front of me.  I contacted my editor to send her copy to me with edits and the manuscript got re-named, shined, and polished.

Last night, my daughter came over and downloaded it to my website for easy access to download freely and helped me create a jacket cover for it.

I am asking you kindly . . . if you support this message, please download it to your social media platforms and send it to all your friends and family as we unite this world in love, peace, and harmony.  From the front and back cover, it reads:


(From FEAR . . . to ETERNITY)

Gloria D. Benish, Ph.D.

FEAR has been a useful tool for media, governments, wars, doctors, and religions to gain the respect of and power over the people.  As we have all globally witnessed and experienced, a virus can catastrophically cripple nations and promote hatred, depression, oppression, and fear.  Rumors of war can weaken a nation before the first bomb is dropped.  Rumors of mandatory vaccinations can paralyze humanity with dread of communism touching our countries and freedoms.  Some doctors, perhaps numbed by repetitious tragedy, share their findings with patients as if they’re merely giving the time of day.  Religions threaten us with hell and damnation if we don’t follow their beliefs.  

            Join Dr. Gloria as she crusades with a solution of love, harmony, and prayer to dissolve these unnecessary fears that have held us in bondage.  She is CALLING humanity to unite in loving/forgiveness prayer to swarm all nations with love, PEACE, and joy through the GLOBAL 8 PRAYER/PEACE MOVEMENT.  When we pray for our “enemy,” it diminishes their ability to harm anyone, they are thwarted and removed from positions of power and placed where they can no longer hurt us.  Praying this same prayer for our loved ones raises them higher to a spiritual level of existence.  Fear is the world’s greatest enemy!

Let us begin, united as our Pledge of Allegiance decrees . . . as One Nation under God . . .

“Dearest Heavenly Father, I ask You to bless all those who globally serve and promote fear.

I ask You to forgive them, for they know not what they do.  I ask You to kiss them on

the forehead, (awakening them spiritually) and touch their heart with Your Divine

Love (revealing Your spiritual reality and nature.)  In Jesus’ name, I give my thanks.  Amen.”

Gloria D. Benish, Ph.D. (Religious Studies) is known nationally and internationally as a spiritual healer, author and teacher of Christian Mysticism, teaching and demonstrating how to experience your own miracles.  With six inspirational/self-help books in print and two Amazon E-books, she has been acclaimed by Kensington/Citadel Press as the “21st Century Spiritual Erma Bombeck.”  With meatloaf in one hand and miracles in the other, Dr. Gloria takes everyday situations and blends them with spiritual metaphors, principles, and humor to enlighten and entertain her audiences and readers.  Wearing the face as the “Poster Child for People Pleasers,” she takes sensitive subjects, polishes them, and empowers victims who have endured darkness.  As the inspired Founder of the Global 8 Prayer/Peace Movement, she encourages one and all (globally!) to “pray for our enemies” ending the sexual/drug/corruption war against humanity’s beloveds.  “Stop the hate – Pray the Global 8!”   To receive a free copy of this book, click on the publishing company below.  To contact Dr. Gloria D. Benish:  miraclemessage@yahoo.com.

ISBN 0-9636100-9-0                                                                          Inspirational/Self-Help

Miracle Publishing & Distribution LLC                                             FREE TO THE WORLD

In the past couple weeks, I have been awakened and inspired to put added information to assist in the global awakening, not only on the spiritual level, but on the physical level.  Personally, I had to face my fears concerning my assaults following my husband’s death.  Many of my friends, family, and all the local people have been unaware of these horrors I endured.  Putting this information into a book that was going global frightened me of how I would deal with it.  It didn’t bother me to speak about it in my travels across the nation, but now this information will be in my back yard so to speak.  Throughout my quest . . .

I’ve been told often how courageous I am.

Courage isn’t doing what you need to do.

Courage is doing what you do EVEN IF YOU FEEL FEAR.

True courage is feeling the fear and doing it anyway!

            #WWG1WGA (Where we go ONE, we go all) assures us that this war on corruption is being handled globally and not to worry.  So much darkness and so many lies have lain hidden from our awareness and now that it has had a bright spotlight placed on it, with it coming to the surface – we know that our strength is found in unity, not division.

            In GUTS & GLORI(A), I am not trying to change anyone’s mind/beliefs/attitudes/ opinions/political views.  I am allowing Divine Love to be my guide, allowing you to hear encouragement and to feel that Holy Presence in order to heal your heart, dissolve your fears, and know that in His Infinite Wisdom, His Eternal Plan is unfolding perfectly right on time. 

            Until next month, take care . . . I care . . .


Gloria D. Benish, Ph.D.

(Alias:  Dr. Glo-bug – Just here “to lighten things up”) www.miraclepublishingdistribution.com