November 2019

Greetings and good evening from the beautiful Bitterroot Valley!  I have been very busy since I last wrote!  Going to Spokane to do healings and writing another book in October has kept me fully occupied.  I am also planning the first two “spiritual healing workshops” that I have taught in 15 years, both will be in Arizona.  The one in Scottsdale hasn’t had the location confirmed yet for the January 18, 2020 event.  However, the one on January 20th is as follows:

“A Little Extra Love” Workshop

Centennial Community Center

69725 Centennial Road/Salome, Arizona

Highway #60/50 miles west of Wickenburg

January 20, 2020, 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


Lunch will be served

            I have never had the pleasure of meeting Sharon “with skin on,” but I am looking forward to doing so at this workshop.  Even though I haven’t been publicly appearing for years because of my Dark Night of the Soul, she continued to tell others about me and ordered endless copies of “Go Within or Go Without” (A Simple Guide to Self-Healing) and gifting them to those in need.  She has remained my spiritual cheerleader over the years and willing to go above and beyond as any faithful People Pleaser would do.  She is an amazing woman and if you call to sign up for this workshop in Salome, you will witness her genuine warmth and kindness.

            The book I’ve written last month is in the editing stages and preparing the jacket cover. Miracle Publishing & Distribution LLC hopes to have it available as an Amazon E-book, as well as printed with Books on Demand by the first part of December.  An excerpt follows:

Calling All People Pleasers

(Earth Angels on the way back to their wings)

To The Reader

People Pleaser Rule #13

Know when to jump (or not to!), know when to pray, know when to listen.

            From the back cover:  “Signs From God” appear along the way, leading us gently on our path once we are aware.  They can come in the form of one-liners as you open a book at random.  You can hear the words of guidance in a song that resonates deeply within you.  A friend or stranger can call on the telephone and you hear the truth in a single sentence.  Or, sitting quietly, you can hear the Voice of your soul speak in the sounds of complete silence.

Throughout this book, you have learned how to specialize your gift of being a People Pleaser to be of benefit to you, rather than a detriment any longer.  But, an afterthought has filled my mind that I would like to share. 

There are times that we become embroiled in a situation in our life and how do we handle that crisis in a spiritual manner?

Know when to jump (or not to!):  In the past, we have asked 20 people and gotten their 20 opinions.  Some of those opinions, based upon their personal experiences can be outright helpful to find a way around our obstacle. But sometimes – they can put us into deep states of fear, triggering our past traumas and anxieties..  Needlessly, we get sucked into fear and not knowing which way to jump.  Our creative mind comes up with countless possibilities that more-than-likely will never occur.

The moment you feel fear, it’s a sure sign that the information isn’t from God, which is ALL GOOD.  It’s our very first clue that we need to step above to a higher state of consciousness.

Remember?  In the past, you were attempting to do things on your own and this behavior has worn you to a frazzle.  When you find yourselves in knots over a decision, I would suggest that you pray first and then allow God to call (which sometimes is instantaneously,) so pay attention to the next telephone call that comes in!

            Know when to prayThis prayer is a suggestion:  “God, I’m not asking You to change human bad into good.  Instead, I ask to feel Your Presence and for You to reveal Your Spiritual Nature and Reality in this situation. I ask You to reveal Your Will, Your Grace and Your Kingdom (Spiritual Consciousness) which is not of this world.  I believe that the Divine Mind, that which is within Jesus is also within me and He said, “Greater works ye will do.”  I am One with You, God, which constitutes my Oneness with all spiritual beings, ideas and creations, so I know that this prayer heals my mind, as well.  I also believe there is a Holy Spirit within that individual and me.  Use me as Your pure instrument.  I will be still and listen for Your Divine Inspiration and I thank you for giving  me the Truth of what I should do.  Amen.” 

            When you relate your problems aloud to friends, everyone will share their perception.  Trying to incorporate those suggestions in your current problem will just confuse you as to what you should really do to handle the situation for the highest good of all involved.  But, when you ask silently, and then receive a call – your message will come forth blazingly clear and you will know that He is answering your prayer.

            Know when to listen.  During that telephone call that comes in, or a knock at your door – you are being sent a messenger.  They, themselves, will not even know they are being used to answer your prayer.  You haven’t told them your situation, so they have no forethought or opinion of what is coming out of their mouth as the Holy Spirit uses them to relay your rightful action to take.

            Practice.  Be dazzled how easily your prayers are being answered. You are not going to be “let down” when you “give up” trying to do things the way you humanly have been.

            You know now when to jump into things. . . or not to.  You know how to pray, asking for spiritual help which is always present.  And you definitely know how to listen because there are “Signs From God” all around you.  You can’t miss them once you’re aware how to recognize them.

            Just from sharing this manuscript with other People Pleasers as it was being written through me, I can assure you that I know you must feel better about yourself already, having validation that People Pleasing is a spiritual gift, not seen as such until now.

            Your friends and family have been frustrated with you, wishing you would stop “jumping in to save the day” for others because they love you and tire of seeing you heartbroken after you’ve given and done everything you humanly could do to be of service to another.  There’s a whole new twist to this behavior once you’ve seen it in a spiritual light, however.

            You could never stop “being you,” no matter how much badgering you got from loved ones.  You’ve been judged as crazy for going above and beyond.  But, I’m going to reiterate repeatedly how important you are and God didn’t create you to be this way and make a mistake.  Those wings you earned, wear them proudly because the most beautiful things that occur and never get mentioned on the 6:00 news has occurred from the love that’s generated within People Pleasers.  Those random acts of loving kindness are the rays of hope for humanity.

            For the first time in your life, you have been given permission to be PROUD that you are a People Pleaser, a loving servant of God.  There is  a Mother’s Day, a Father’s Day, celebrations for all the holidays.  But, this day…mark it on your calendar and celebrate YOU.  The day you always remember that marked the moment that YOU WERE HONORED BY GOD FOR THE REALIZATION THAT YOU HAVE ALWAYS BEEN FULFILLING THE DIVINE PLAN OF YOUR LIFE.  You couldn’t have ever failed at being yourself.

            Now you’re aware that you have always been doing what “you’re supposed to be doing and you make this world a nicer place to be as a result,”  Continue to follow the A, B ,C’s and 1, 2, 3’s of how to take care of you and watch as you experience all your long-awaited dreams coming true, as well.

            You are SO LOVED AND APPRECIATED!  Until the next book, take care. . .I care. . . .


Dr. Glo-bug

(Just here “to lighten things up”)


Gloria D. Benish, Ph.D.