April 2020

Greetings and good evening from the Bitterroot Valley!  It is good to be back home.  I left the second week of January and didn’t get back for three months. 

            I taught my first workshop in 15 years in Salome, Arizona and it was a huge success!  I opened the workshop and spoke for about 30 minutes. I then explained that during the brief 20 minute break, for each participant to feel where their attention was drawn to team up with a partner for the day’s event.

            Just before I ended the brief opening, I noticed a man enter and sit in the back row.  During the break, I was told that he was a homeless man who had come to the library, which was closed due to my presentation.  He was invited to stay.

            As no partner was available, I asked him to sit in my canvas-back healing chair at the front of the crowd so I could demonstrate where I would be asking the audience to lay hands on their healee and explaining why.

            Standing behind him, I quickly demonstrated the hand placements for their visual ease in understanding when I would actually begin walking them through the process.  It was complete in minutes.  When I came to the front of him, I noticed his “deer in the head-light/huge saucer eyes” staring back at me.  In front of everyone, still in a daze, he said, “Gloria, I have had two back surgeries and been in chronic pain – but there is NO PAIN NOW.”  And, don’t we give our thanks?!!!

            He followed me around the entire day with a look of admiration/puppy dog/love eyes.  Bless his heart!  One of my Board of Directors for the Ministry offered him money, but he declined.  I offered to gift him with a copy of “Go Within or Go Without” to take with him, but he declined.

            Before he left the building, he remarked what a miracle it was that of all places, he would end up at my workshop in Salome, Arizona…in a tiny town in the desert.  I asked him a second time if he would like a copy of my book to refresh what he had learned and he surprised me with a beautiful statement.

            “To end up here today and experience more love than I have ever felt in my life is a miracle and that’s all I need to take with me.”  I corrected him by saying, “Actually, YOU WERE OUR MIRACLE HERE TODAY.”

            My travels for the next 2 ½ months took me across Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas and Oklahoma promoting the Global 8 Prayer/Peace Movement.  While in Oklahoma, the coronavirus was gearing up and my next stop at Texas A & M (Galveston) to distribute material for on-campus rape victims was cancelled from closing all schools.  It was then that I knew I needed to return to Denver, where I initially thought I’d be staying for at least another four weeks.

            With grocery store shelves empty and the panic in the consciousness of Denver that I was empathing, I realized it was time to head back to Montana before lockdowns became imminent.  I have been catching up on things that got backlogged during my absence of three months.

            I have been getting so many calls/emails/texts from frightened people.  My message remains the same.  God is ALL POWERFUL and He didn’t give any power to the “Law of Contagion.”  In reality, we are not subject to Karmic Law/mental/material law…with awareness as spiritual beings – we live under God’s Law of Oneness by His Grace.  Be at peace.

            Personally, I am not afraid of the virus.  I am going to “chop wood/carry water” and do what He puts before me daily.  I am walking in peace with a smile on my face for every passerby to see.  I make my Direct Contact with God before I get out of bed and would like to share how I do it in case you aren’t aware how.

            You like to be acknowledged when you enter a room, right?  So does God.

  •  I say, “Good morning, God.  I acknowledge Your Presence and Power within me.”

When you do something, you like to be thanked.  So does God.  I give thanks for three things before I make my Contact.

  •  Thank you God that You created this day and have gone before me to prepare my way.     Thanks for making the crooked places straight.  Thanks that everything I “need,” which is already established within my consciousness and will flow outwardly into form, usually before I know I need it.

I make a statement of something I know to be true about God, such as He is everywhere present and all powerful. 

  •  Then I state, “Holy Spirit, those are just human thoughts and I know that my thoughts are not powerful or just thinking them, miracles would happen.  I ask You to open my inner listening ear so I can receive the Word of God.  I live by every Word that proceeds out of His mouth.
  • And then I listen.  Like I’m really waiting for Him to speak.  I wait for 2-3 minutes is all.

You will know that you have made Direct Contact when you (1) sigh, (2) feel extreme warmth in your body, (3) hear Him audibly or inaudibly, (4) the sensation of a “pop” in your left ear, like the sound and feeling when you drive over a mountain pass.  Any of these four sensations lets you know that you can put your feet on the floor and a smile on your face and 99% of the world’s troubles will not come nigh your dwelling place.

            Not everyone, however, lives in that state of consciousness and I am by no means going to tempt the Lord my God and will continue to follow the rules and regulations as set forth by our Government.  Because we do not know who will live or who will die through this pandemic, I was inspired today to write this Personalized Fairytale for a dear friend of mine.  We haven’t even seen each other in 48 years, but that doesn’t lessen the love that bonded us as children.


            Once upon a long-ago time, two innocent children met.  As it seems, a tenderhearted circumstance between friends introduced the fateful experience to occur.

            Back in the sixties, it was common for young teens to become attracted and “go together,” sometimes given a class ring or some cherished object “to signify their union of only having eyes for one another.”

            As it was in the beginning, Barb and Joe had a crush on one another.  Barb’s best friend was Gloria.  Joe’s best friend was Gary.  Whether Barb and Joe consciously joined hands together for the sneaky scheme might never be known.  However, Barb told Gloria one day “that Gary liked her,” which back in those days…meant she was accepted and truthfully – as shy as she was, it felt very exciting.

            Knowing this, Gloria smiled at Gary in passing and made sure to always wish him a “good morning” when possible in changing classes.

            Many months later after Gary and Gloria started dating, (which, back in those days of being a 14 year old. . .consisted of being walked home from school or an event) – Gloria was told by Barb that months ago, she had also told Gary that “I liked him.”  Sneaky as it was, the scheme worked quite nicely and the four teeny boppers “double dated.”

            Back in that era, (regardless of not being old enough to drive) Gary and Gloria walked two miles to the school to a Sadie Hawkins dance.  Sadie Hawkins implied that a girl could ask a boy to marry her that night at a booth with a senior classman officiating.  Much too shy to do so even in jest, Gloria was enchanted to have her first dance with Gary…whom she had fallen in “really REALLY deep like” with.

            At their invitation into the first high school dance, these two little lovebirds stepped onto the dance floor.  Gary’s left hand joined Gloria’s right hand.  Her left hand touched his right shoulder and his right hand touched her softly against her back.

            The music began to play.  Darkness, with only accent lighting in the auditorium, felt so romantic to their gentle swaying as the song, “Cherish” filled the room with loving emotion.

            Following the dance, Gary walked Gloria two miles back to her home.  I believe they held hands along the way.

            It was November 10, 1967, and a full moon hung suspended in the sky.  As he said goodbye and they thanked one another for the evening together, Gary drew Gloria into his arms, leaned down and gave this young teen her first dreamy kiss.  She had fantasized what it would be like and it truly surpassed all of her expectations.  I believe she floated into her home.  But, she felt sadness too that he still had much further to walk on that dark night on a country road alone, filled with the chilled night air.

            She dreamily thought she would one day become his bride and had notebooks filled as she practiced writing his name with “Mrs.” in front of it.  Gloria practiced writing it daily in her spare imaginative time.

            However, as luck would have it, her father announced the family would be moving out-of-state in the summer.  Gloria was broken hearted at the thought.  She went on one more “date” with Gary to a movie, which she enjoyed, feeling even closer to him.

            One day soon thereafter, Gloria started a nonsense silly argument purposefully and ended the relationship with Gary.  She let her friendship with Barb dissolve as well.  Dramatic as it seemed from a teenager’s point of view, Gloria allowed fear to be her guide.  In her young mind, loss would be far less painful if she had no ties at all.

            Years down the path of life, a second opportunity came for Gary and Gloria to renew their love, and Gloria truly cherished their time together.  Sadly, still guided by fear, innocent and over-protected, and emotionally immature, she thwarted his proposal and self-sabotaged the relationship once again because of “what if’s.”

            Out of their precious moments together, however, she took one word into her future dreams.  The word, “cherish.”  Her favorite word in the whole world . . .

            As she grew to become a minister, when she stood before a bride and groom to read the vows, “to love, honor, and cherish,” her heart was always warmed.

            In conversations, whenever an individual spoke the word “cherish” in her presence, she would ask the person to state it again.  And again.  And again.  Whenever she heard the word, memories of Gary came to mind.

            The word cherish is spoken so seldom nowadays.

            Time and distance separated Gary and Gloria.  But, in her heart – knowing he had gone on with his life and path – she knew he was still the same boy/man she had known and loved in her youth.

            Gloria had her memories and he had his.  She knew that no matter where he was and who he was with, he was cherishing his family and their time together, lovingly protecting and caring for them.  As he held those loved ones dearly in his heart, Gloria could only smile as she knew what a devoted man he was; it was his spiritual nature and it effortlessly came shining through.

            In order to keep hope in her mind, that one day she would be cherished by another, she realized that love never needs to be divided.

If Gloria ever had the pleasure to speak to the bride and family of Gary, she would say these words:

“You must be so proud that someone outside your family circle can recognize and admire this man who has chosen to cherish you all until he takes his last breath.  To know that someone “out there in the world” has your best interest at heart – who loves from afar and daily asks blessings upon your son/brother/husband/father/ grandfather . . . and prays for his safety, his joy, his health, and his well-being so that you may all benefit as he continues to be your umbrella of safety and security.”

            Gloria’s personalized incredible statement continued, by quoting a statement from “Love is An Attitude.”

Love is universal.  Love is the movement of life.

            I have loved a boy (who grew to be a great man) named Gary and though 51 years have passed since that first kiss, I will continue to love him until the day I die.  I have loved God, my parents, humanity, art, and nature.  All things in life I find beautiful. 

            I have allowed fear to guide many of my decisions in life, but I don’t want to have regrets when I die.  In these trying times, we don’t know who will live or who will die.  Therefore, I’m taking the time to let you, the reader, know how much you are loved and the difference you have made in my life.  I want you to know that I have cherished our relationship . . . you have helped make me who I have become.

            There is no ending to the amount of comfort and peace humanity will experience by learning to love without condition, restriction or without believing that love is a threat, to be feared, or to be divided.

            The true beginning is accepting that to cherish one another and any amount of time we have together is a blessing in all visible forms. Letting go of all fear, protecting and caring for one another, holding someone dearly in our thoughts and heart, and keeping hope in our minds is the glue that holds this world united.  Cherish . . . just simply cherish.

Thanks for touching my life…

With love,

Gloria D. Benish

Personalized Fairytales, Unlimited

            So, dear friends, whether we have met with “skin on” or not, know that I pray for you daily as the global family that we are.  During this experience, remember to make your Inner Direct Contact with God.  Then you can put your feet on the floor to walk in peace and put a smile on your face to ease other people’s fears.

            Until next month, take care…I care…


Gloria D. Benish, Ph.D.

(Alias:  Dr. Glo-bug just here “to lighten things up”)