May 2020

April Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Good afternoon from the beautiful Bitterroot Valley!  Throughout this Coronavirus lockdown, I am hearing “Where’s God in all this?”  I listen to countless requests for God to save us.  Today, I’m going to tell you right where God is.

            He was on my doorstep on Good Friday, wearing the face of two little neighborhood children.  I will guess their approximate ages as Sheylan, 8 and Reed, age 5.    When I answered the door and stepped out, I saw these two children with a bouquet of flowers in a beautiful watering-can vase.  I literally gasped!  A variety of flowers in mostly baby yellow (my favorite color!)

            These two kids don’t know me, other than me being the old lady in the neighborhood who over decorates for every season and holiday.  In the Spring, a herd of pink flamingos with signs to drive slowly in the neighborhood,  with enough pink flowers in the yard to blind a person from their brilliance and accent lighting of green to highlight the extraordinaire gaudiness.  But, the silliness of it all makes people smile and even if I’m judged by some – I’m still going to keep doing it.

            Or, during July, I have 50 flags and lighting in my front yard and have gotten teary eyed gents who stop by and tell me how much they love my decorations.  At Christmas, whewie!  That glow in the western skies of Montana would put Chevy Chase (Christmas Vacation) to shame.  Yep.    I am going to either make people smile and warm their hearts by these yard decorations or make them gag.  I guess it just depends on where their state of awareness is . . . in love or in hate.

            Two days before the flowers were delivered, Sheylan and Reed knocked on my door to ask if there was anything they could do to help me.  We are in lockdown and I’m sure they are bored, but human kindness is not quarantined.  In my backyard is a child’s dream come true.  I look like a daycare (probably because I have been one for five years with my grandkids,) but these two children weren’t aware of this.

            When the children brought the flowers to me, they also handed me a card . . . hand printed that said, “Dear Gloria, We saw these flowers and had to get them for you.  I hope they put some happiness in your day.  Enjoy the flowers.  Happy Easter.”  And following, their two little printed names in crayon.

            Within the bouquet was one yellow rose.  The rose is “my spiritual symbol” that “I’m on the right track and to keep going.”  Yes.  God is all around us and that day, He wore the faces of two little children to bring loving kindness to me.

            I told them what lies behind the fence – a swing set, sandbox, riding toys, Pipeworks . . . which they can build anything they want in riding toys, easels, airplanes with a six foot wing span, etc.  I promised Sheylan and Reed that when I get ready to decorate – I won’t do it without them and then they can also enjoy my backyard.  They eagerly await it to stop snowing and being cold so we can bring sunshine back into this neighborhood’s hearts.

            These children learned, I’m sure, through the demonstration of their wonderful parents:  John and Nicole.  I’m sure they are just as proud of Sheylan and Reed as I am – to selflessly put the needs of others (even the little old widow across the street) before theirs.

            They came that day offering to give, not to take.  I will never forget this loving gesture.          

            Sheylan and Reed don’t “know” me.  John and Nicole don’t really “know” me.  You don’t really “know” me.  So, allow me to let you know me.  I am just a “normal?” common citizen of a community who loves humanity so deeply that I could just sit and cry through all of this.  I just feel like crying . . . for nothing and I just feel like crying . . . for everything!

            I live in a nice neighborhood with loving neighbors.  I teasingly call myself “Mrs. Kravitz” from Bewitched series, not that I put my nose in other people’s business, but I make sure to be of help in any way I can.  I organized a fundraiser called “Help Your Neighbor” last summer.  They had lost their business and health.  My grandkids built a lemonade stand, earning $67.00 and “all proceeds on their sign, (mis-spelled,) went to Steve and Anna.  I take homemade “welcome to the neighborhood food platters” when they arrive – give them my telephone number with instructions to call if they need anything.  Caramel, chewy-pull-apart popcorn balls on Halloween are a must and even adults trick ‘r treat my home, admiring the rust/purple/golden autumn leaves and golden light decorations at my home.

            “Love thy neighbor as thyself” the second most important commandment . . . I live by example.  Lending time, tools, help, and definitely over-feeding, not because “I will get anything out of it” by some reward presently “or in heaven,” but because I have it to give.  One of my neighbors came by and told me she got an “A” on a paper she’d written about me while going to the University in Missoula.  I was confused and she explained that she came from California and never even knew the names of her neighbors after living in the same house for years.  “They don’t get involved,” I was told that day.  My popcorn balls and Christmas platters of homemade goods had inspired her to write about living in a small town.  Amazing, eh?

            I teasingly tell people that “I live in a shoebox and live on a shoestring income, but I am one of the richest people in spirit.”  God abundantly provides through me and the more I share – the more I have to share, touching those He puts on my doorstep, telephone, or in my awareness.”  I don’t hesitate to help whenever I can.

            I am not seeking fame or fortune and I have nothing better to do on any particular day, than to try to make a difference.  With that all said – now that “you know me a little better,” allow me to explain what I have been doing these past three years.

            Following my husband’s death, I was violently raped.  I fell “down the Rabbit Hole” and saw such darkness.  Until then – I wasn’t aware.  God threw down a rope of hope that pulled me back up.  I took my entire retirement and resurrected the Miracle Publishing Company, writing and publishing books on prevention of rape, abuse, and mental illness.  Now . . . there are the key words!  MENTAL ILLNESS.  “It” being the cause of all the insanity on this planet.  But, yet with all our technology and expertise in today’s world, NO ONE has ever found its cause or cure.  Only the insane would do the things they do to harm humanity as an individual or as a whole for their selfish, deviant purposes.

            After tremendous prayer and contemplation, I felt inspired to start the “Global 8 Prayer/Peace Movement.  I made flyers/bookmarks/bumper stickers AND SET OFF ACROSS THIS NATION ON A MISSION.  With God sitting in shotgun position, I have driven across this nation on three separate trips in my outdated Mini-van to spread this information under the radar of media and predators, setting this movement in motion.

            In the Bible, we are asked “to pray for our enemy.”  It doesn’t say why and it’s difficult to do when we want to get even and have human feelings of revenge.  But, here’s the answer:  it heals mental illness, it diminishes the ability for them to harm others.  They are removed from positions of power and placed where they can’t hurt anyone else.

            Please don’t limit the following prayer to just your enemies, however.  Pray it for one another.  When you pray it for a loved one, they are lifted up to a higher state of spiritual consciousness to experience their profound gifts unfolding which will help the whole of humanity.  It will open doors AND windows of opportunity to experience more love, peace, and joy.

            Dearest Heavenly Father, I ask You to bless _______and forgive them for they know not what they do.  I ask You to kiss them on the forehead (waking them up spiritually) and touch their heart with your Divine Love (revealing His spiritual reality and nature.)  In Jesus’s name . . . Amen.”

            Not that I need to rehearse all the crazy on this planet because you know it all too well.  But, it being an election year, this virus, the corruption, the economy collapsing, the proposed vaccine, etc., it’s just way more than any human can deal with.  Therefore, we can’t expect to bring God down into all this human drama, we have to allow Him to lift us up as a humanity in consciousness.

            I’m not here to humanly fix, change, or “save” anyone.  I am not here to change your minds, beliefs, attitudes, or opinions.  I am here to say that how things have been occurring (forever!) ISN’T WORKING, so unless we change – nothing outside of us will either.

            During this election — please stop poking one another with sharp sticks, saying which political party is the “cause.”   Don’t seek a republican/democrat/independent to “save the day.”  As a human, they can’t, or just won’t for self-interest/glorification.   Start now by praying for ALL WORLD LEADERS to be lifted up.  One who is led by the Spirit of God will be the one standing on that platform and being signed in as God-Ordained and Directed spiritually for the highest good of all concerned.

            What we, the United States/world needs, are spiritually-minded individuals.  Our prayers can accomplish this.  United as a group of concerned citizens will make all the difference in the world (no pun intended.)

            We are told through Christian and spiritual literature that God is everywhere present.  So is electricity, but if we don’t “plug into it,” we don’t get to experience its benefits.  Currently, (pun intended,) mankind is plugged into the lower receptacle.  It’s time to plug into the upper connection!

            From last month’s column in the Open Line Newspaper, I am going to repeat part of its message for those who may not have seen it.

I make my Direct Contact with God before I get out of bed and would like to share how I do it in case you aren’t aware how.  You like to be acknowledged when you enter a room, right?  So does God.

  • I say, “Good morning, God.  I acknowledge Your Presence and Spiritual Power within me.”

When you do something, you like to be thanked.  So does God.  I give thanks for three things before I make my Contact.

  • Thank you God that You created this day and have gone before me to prepare my way.    Thanks for making the crooked places straight.  Thanks that everything I “need,” which is already established within my consciousness and it will flow outwardly into form, usually before I know I need it.

I make a statement of something I know to be true about God, such as He is everywhere present and all powerful. 

  • Then I state, “Holy Spirit, those are just human thoughts and I know that my thoughts are not powerful or just thinking them, miracles would happen.  I ask You to open my inner listening ear so I can receive the Word of God.  I live by every Word that proceeds out of His mouth.
  • And then I listen.  Like I’m really waiting for Him to speak.  I wait for 2-3 minutes.  I do this randomly throughout the day to assure I am in Contact.

You will know that you have made Direct Contact when you (1) sigh, (2) feel extreme warmth in your body, (3) hear Him audibly or inaudibly, (4) the sensation of a “pop” in your left ear, like the sound and feeling when you drive over a mountain pass.  Any of these four sensations lets you know that you can put your feet on the floor and a smile on your face and 99% of the world’s troubles will not come nigh your dwelling place.

            Not everyone, however, lives in that state of consciousness and I am by no means going to tempt the Lord my God and will continue to follow the rules and regulations as set forth by our Government.

            Make your daily contact and then pray for your enemies, your loved ones, other countries and its citizens, and try to not be surprised when we all see miracles manifesting daily in one another’s lives.  Also, don’t be too surprised when you recognize God and His goodness showing up on YOUR DOORSTEP!

            If you would like a free bookmark and bumper sticker “STOP THE HATE – PRAY THE GLOBAL 8,” please contact me at my publishing email:  I know, with this isolation that many have felt unloved.  You are incorrect.  I love you and feel free to contact me … “I’ll be HERE for the rest of my life.”  Until next month, take care . . . I care . . .


Gloria D. Benish, Ph.D.

(Alias:  Dr. Glo-bug “just here to lighten things up”)