June 2020

Greetings and good morning from the beautiful Bitterroot Valley!  I just finished a two hour radio interview, the second in a week that I’ve been blessed to do.  I have another one coming up with a New York radio station and looking forward to it.

Although I have made three-three month trips out across the nation to promote the Global 8 Prayer/Peace Movement, this avenue is reaching far more people.  It has been a pleasure, however, to individually hand each person the information and be able to give them hope and an encouraging hug.

As I have told you several times in this column, I began the Peace Movement three years ago.  There were times that I felt frustrated, wondering if anyone was even saying the simple (but powerful) prayer.  I wondered if it was just a waste of my time. . the ego does that to us, right?

Not letting anyone – or any excuse(!) – or any doubts stop me, I persevered and daily told someone about it, whether in email/text/phone, or in person.  I conclude that I don’t have anything better to do than to try and make a difference in this world.

Yesterday made it all better for me, to be able to witness the profound ability to bring peace, hope, and comfort to not only a friend (whom I’ve never met with skin on for the two decades we’ve “known each other,”) but for a stranger’s child.

The parents of this child will never even know of the anonymous love that was generated for their child’s well-being and that’s okay.  Lee knows and “I” know that God used us as instruments of the Divine yesterday.  The conversation and situation went like this:

10:36 a.m. Lee Writes:

“I want you to pray for a little girl that is three years old, she weighs 36 pounds and has been kidnapped in Harrison, VA near us.  We have had an alert via my iPhone and radio.  They warn that the man is dangerous.  How could this happen?  This is breaking my heart.”

Under this text, she placed three memes of sad faces, hands on the cheeks with rivers of tears flooding down the face.

After I read her text, I closed my eyes IMMEDIATELY and silently stated, “Dearest Heavenly Father, I ask you to bless this abductor and forgive him for he knows not what he does.  I ask You to kiss him on the forehead (waking him up spiritually) and touch his heart with Your Divine Love, (revealing Your spiritual reality and nature.)  In Jesus’ name, I give my thanks…Amen.”  Following this prayer, I responded to Lee:

“I am on it immediately with prayer to thwart him.  Keep me advised!  ooxx

Lee writes, “I will.   My daughter will let me know if this is a case my son-in-aw will be working on.  Most likely it will.”

I assured Lee, “I will continue in prayer and thanks for letting me know.”

I know when a call for help comes, I don’t wait.  I don’t think, “Oh…I’ll get to that after I load this dishwasher and take out the trash – and return that call.”  I ACT IMMEDIATELY.  God put it in my awareness for this moment and all power lies in that said moment.

Lee is a God-Lover, a beautiful light in this world.  But, as a mom and grandmother, even with her faith, human bleeding fear-based thought was in her mind and heart.

“She is so little and so helpless.  Thank you, Gloria  I love you”

I responded, “I know…but she has the immense Presence of God surrounding her this very second.  Open your heart as wide as you can.  Let fear go and send ALL THAT LOVE TO THAT MAN…  Fear will feed him to harm.  Love will enfold him and he will do the right thing.  I love you too!”

Lee responded, “I will.  When something like this first happens, it’s hard to think straight.”

I continued, “I know.  But, just do it…your fear/paralyzation won’t help her, but love can.  See your arms around her, whispering to her that you are there and everything is going to be okay.  I am doing the same thing with you…we can cocoon her.  This same thing happened locally last week…that screeching alert on the phone.  I went into prayer immediately.  Within an hour, he was caught!”

Lee stated, “You’re exactly right.  I am doing that right now.  For him also, so he will do the right thing.”

I congratulated her, “Good girl!”

I had an eye appointment in Missoula yesterday.  A couple times while I was driving, the little girl would come to mind.  I didn’t need to repeat the prayer, because once it’s sent out with pure motive/agenda to love – the Divinity is on it!  I had one doubt during the day, fearing that we would be disappointed in the outcome and I dissolved the fear immediately.  LOVE ALWAYS WINS!  I didn’t need to affirm anything with a powerless human thought, the decree for love had gone forth and that was confirmation enough that His Will would manifest.

While making dinner last night and getting ready to sit down and eat, I had a bolt of intuition fill me that the child had been found and was safe and secure.  I thought about calling Lee to tell her and decided to eat and be patient for her to contact me.

6:41 p.m. Lee wrote:

“They found her Gloria.  Thank God.  She is safe.  The police picked him up a few hours ago.  God is good.  Prayers work.  THAT LITTLE GIRL IS SAFE.   As hard as it is to pray for the bad guy, it’s a good thing.”  Hey, pretty lady, thank you for your love and prayers.  I love you.”

I responded, “I KNEW this message was coming…I felt it about 20 or 30 minutes ago.  I should have looked at the clock.  I wanted to call you, but thought I would just trust.  It is amazing…  But, it has been working repeatedly.  I had a 2 ½ hour radio interview last week.  And one tomorrow…and an upcoming NY radio interview soon.  This gives me yet another example of loving and praying for our enemies.  And they are thwarted from hurting others.  Don’t you just love this?  THANK YOU GOD FOR BRINGING THIS CHILD HOME SAFELY!!!”  I love you, too.  YOU DON’T NEED TO THANK ME…WHERE 2 OR MORE ARE GATHERED IN HIS NAME…MIRACLES HAPPEN!”

For the non-believing nay-sayers of any kind that disbelieve prayer can work, they could call this miracle a coincidence…using physical methods of finding this man and child.  The cameras everywhere on our planet, use of credit cards for gas, etc.  Lee, nor I, are seeking recognition as Instruments of the Divine or looking for a pat on the back.  This situation was put into our awareness for a reason.  Also, as we all know, “coincidence” is just when God wants to be anonymous!

This statement above that refers to a situation being put into our awareness for a reason brings to mind, a vision from God.  In the vision, He gave me a full glass of water to carry around town and asked me not to spill one drop.  I did as asked, looking down at the water, which was to the brim of the glass.  I took slow graceful steps, doing my best to not allow even a drop to spill out of the glass.

After I had done so and returned to my original starting-point, He said, “If people put their attention only on what’s before them, not looking to the right or to the left looking at all the drama and trauma around them…they walk with My peace and grace.”  By the way, He only asks us to do our best and He will carry us and our task through.

Not inviting the world’s drama in and doing what is put before me in the form of “chopping wood or carrying water,” I remain at peace.  When I am at peace, I am an umbrella of safety for my loved ones.

God put this situation before Lee and me yesterday.  He didn’t give it to my neighbor, or to you.  As His Instrument, I just did what I knew to be the right thing to do.

A few minutes ago, I was on the radio interview speaking to women who have been targeted for trying to do their life’s path and being threatened, harassed, and physically injured.  I could speak from experience.

Following my violent rape(s), I had a message of prevention, recovery, and the Global 8 Prayer/Peace Movement information to get to the masses awareness.  I had gone into anxiety and fear about doing so.  I had stood up to my predator and said, “ I’M NOT AFRAID OF YOU!  What’s the worst thing you can do to me?  Kill me?  So what!  At least I wouldn’t hurt anymore.” 

However, I was afraid that he (they) would kill one of my children or grandchildren, breaking my heart entirely.  For months, I laid in fetal position rehearsing the possibilities…all the “what-if’s.”  I spoke to my daughter about it and she said, “Momma, I’m not afraid that will happen.”  This child of mine is the one, who at three years of age taught me how to heal by laying-on-of-hands and NOW IN MY GREATEST FEARS, she was unafraid for me to do what I wanted and needed to do, but feared to do.

My daughter Danielle hates the attention when others meet her and say, “Oh, you’re the child that taught your mom how to give others a little extra love,” excitedly hugging her.  She is humbly uncomfortable that I repeat the story over and over as a teacher.  But, it is the truth and now, not allowing fear to be her guide or the block from keeping me from doing what I need to do for God/humanity, I boldly began taking those steps three years ago and watch daily how this prayer influences the lives of those He puts before me.

I’ve been told often how courageous I am.  Courage isn’t doing what you need to do.  Courage is doing what you do EVEN IF YOU FEEL FEAR.

I shake my head until it could fall off my neck at the things that this world of mentally ill people do to one another.  This prayer heals mental illness through love.  For centuries, society has been led by fear-based teachings and vindictive incidents.  But, fear is NOT GOING TO HEAL OR TRANSFORM YOUR LIVES OR THIS WORLD.  Only love will…  Once we realize and accept that basic truth, we are going to no longer experience total insanity on this planet.

LOVE WINS.  Now AND ALWAYS.  We can’t bring God down into our human drama, but we can allow Him to lift us up to His spiritual reality, nature, and consciousness.

We all have a Divine Purpose to fulfill in our lifetime.  Those women I spoke to during the interview today were unaware of making their Direct Contact each morning before they began their day.  They, like you, are now aware and the fulfillment can now be spiritually guided, safely and securely.  For the last two months, I reminded each of you to do this.  It is so important to do before you do what you know to be right.  Don’t allow anyone – or any excuse(!) – or any doubts keep you from doing what He sent you here to do because you will affect the whole of humanity by doing so.  Be that umbrella of safety and keep being the one who has nothing better to do than to make a difference in this world!

Until next month, take care…I care…



Gloria D. Benish, Ph.D.

(Alias:  Dr. Glo-bug – Just here “to lighten things up”)

To personally email me:  miraclemessage@yahoo.com