July 2020

Greeting and good afternoon from the beautiful Bitterroot Valley!  What an exciting month I’ve experienced and tickled to get to share it with you.  A month ago, I gifted the world with my new book, “GUTS & GLORI(A)  (From Fear … to Eternity.)  On the first day of its release, I was receiving radio interview offers coming to me.  It confirmed God’s message to me, “If you have a message from Me, the world will beat a path to your door.”  He was right. 

I feel the need to write this month’s column in three parts:

PART ONE, REFERENCING “GUTS & GLORI(A)  (From Fear … to Eternity):

A woman who heard an interview of me speaking to targeted women texted me, following the receipt of the PDF of the book.  She asked if I would be willing to be interviewed in the United Kingdom.  I agreed to do so.  I had been told there would be 66,000 listeners in the U.K.  Minutes before we went live, the Producer came on and asked where I was and I responded, “Montana.”  I asked where he was and he replied, “Scotland.”  Surprised, I asked, “Is Scotland going to hear the interview today, as well?”

He giggled and said, “Gloria, in just a few more minutes – we are going live WORLDWIDE.”

            “Oh…” is all I could reply in shock.  Well, would we expect any less from God wanting to get His message to the masses?

            Within days of this book’s release, I was either texting/emailing/speaking with readers and hearing their comments.  From sun-up to sun-down, I was keeping abreast of each response.  My daughter laughed at me and said, “Momma, that’s all well and good for now, but what are you going to do when 10,000 comments come in within a day?”  I’ll take Scarlett O’Hara’s one-liner and say, “I’ll think about that tomorrow,” because today . . . I’m doing okay.

            Briefly, I want to share a few of them with you in hopes that if you haven’t read the book, you might and find spiritual assistance to get through your life a little easier.

            One woman wrote and said that she had been very ill for 13 years and had a tumor on one of her lungs.  She said the Global 8 Prayer daily for a week and a half, when she felt what she related as an ice cube feeling in her chest that melted towards her heart.  She went to her scheduled doctor visit to have tests to see how much her tumor had grown . . . and it was gone!

            Lee, in Virginia called and said that she woke up hurting a week ago so badly, she felt compelled to drive herself to the emergency room.  Frightened she wasn’t going to make it, she continued.  When she arrived, she was crying in pain and begging them to do something because she couldn’t stand the pain much longer.  Lying in the hospital bed and both arms being poked, they ran test after test.

            Remembering a story I had told about rubbing your hands together and scanning for hot and cold spots, she did this simple exercise.  Taught that cold means not enough electricity and hot sensation means too much electricity . . . both being an imbalance, she scanned her body.  She felt extreme heat in her abdomen.  She rubbed her hands once again and laid them upon her body.  “Instantly,” she said, “the pain went away” as that area reduced to the feeling of being “just right/not hot or cold.  However, then her true quandary began, she giggled, “How was I supposed to tell the medical staff that I didn’t hurt any longer and just wanted to go home?”  She was sure that they would think she’d manufactured the scenario and would be mocked and judged.  So, she laid there for two hours as they continued test-after-test and finding nothing wrong.

            When the doctor returned and stated that nothing could be found to be causing such pain, Lee felt relieved and replied, “Then I think I’ll just get dressed and go on home.”  They gave her two pain pills of high potency to take with her in case it returned.  She hasn’t had any problems since.

            An elder lady texted me and said that as she was reading the Introduction, tears were running down her face and it was all she could do to not cry aloud.  As I read her words, I thought, “And she isn’t even to the good part, yet!”  As it seems from many readers, they are FEELING THE SPIRIT OF GOD WITHIN THE WORDS.  I shared with this woman that I wrote one chapter at a time and read it, but had never read it in its entirety until the day before we made it concrete in a PDF form.  The day before we created the PDF to gift to the world, a friend and I took turns reading each chapter aloud to see if it even flowed.  I, too, cried as I felt the tremendous love of God in the words.

            One radio interview-after-another is domino-ing in my life.  In my first go-round of trying to get my books to readers, I took the steps to find a radio/tv interview, author signing, or public speaking gig.  In this book, I am teaching how to make the Direct Contact before you ever get out of bed and watch to see what God brings TO YOU to do each day.  I am experiencing the truth of this writing on a daily basis.

            Three days ago, I received a call from a New York radio station.  Geoff and I began speaking and something he said drew this comment from me.  “I am not ditzing on religion, but I believe they have done a dis-service to their congregations.  They stand before the people saying inspiring things, but they don’t teach how to go within to the Kingdom of Heaven.  Also, they may be quoting inspiring words from the Bible, but if they don’t have the consciousness of those words, the people leave the building only temporarily fulfilled.”

            Geoff responded animatedly, “Whoa . . . Gloria!”  Thinking I had offended him, I thought he was going to tar and feather me – or burn me (verbally) at the stake!  He surprised me by saying, “This call was made to just find out who you are and what you do so I could decide if I even wanted to interview you.  But, your comment just triggered me – and I want to book you immediately for July 6th at noon.  I believe we need to hear what you have to say and teach!”


Dear Citizens of Eagar,  (And I add:  Eagar AND of the United States of America . . .)

Over the past several weeks I have been asked repeatedly what the Town of Eagar plans to do about Covid19, masks, visitors, riots, etc. It is somewhat alarming how many expect and almost invite a more drastic infringement on their freedoms. My response from the onset of the Covid19 pandemic has been that we will err on the side of freedom. When riots began to riddle the country and our governor took the drastic measure of a statewide curfew, again, I maintained that we will err on the side of freedom. I have received numerous phone calls from reporters, citizens, visitors, and complete strangers to our area asking why the Town of Eagar has not cancelled upcoming rodeos and our 4th of July parade. Again, my response is that Eagar will err on the side of freedom. What authority does the Town of Eagar, or any other state or local government, have to infringe on the rights of healthy law-abiding citizens? 

It bares mentioning that I am not one that believes that the coronavirus is fake or any one of a dozen other theories disseminating across the internet. Covid19 is a real virus that unfortunately has drastic negative effects on the health of some of the individuals that contract it. Just as with the flu virus, some of those individuals will die. I do not make light of the fact that its effects on individuals and families throughout the globe have been and will continue to be life changing and/or life ending. 

There are many individuals that risk serious peril if they were to contract the virus. Those individuals should take extreme precautions. I certainly would were I in their position. In fact, I would invite those individuals to please stay home and not attend our festivities. But don’t ask that the government require it of healthy law-abiding citizens. If an individual is fearful of contracting the virus, I would invite that individual to take every precaution they deem fit; including wearing masks, gloves, or a variety of other personal protective equipment. Those precautions do not harm me and I will not judge you adversely for doing what you feel is best for you. But don’t ask that the government require it of healthy law-abiding citizens. 

As grim as Covid19 is portrayed under the most drastic scenario, I dare say that we are facing a much more serious pandemic here in America. We are currently in the midst of the nation’s first political pandemic. Never before in the history of America has ignorance and bigotry been more celebrated. Never before has our government been more eager and willing to take away freedoms from the citizenry. Never before has the citizenry been more willing to give them up. Benjamin Franklin warned that“Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”  I believe his warning is as applicable today as it ever was.  Some will say that these safety measures have not impacted individual liberty.  To them I would quip Thomas Jefferson:  “If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.”  The right to move about freely in public is one of the cornerstones of American democracy, in a panicked frenzy, created by the media, state and local governments trampled that right wholesale.  History will not judge us kindly for our actions over the past several months.

          In closing, where would America be if our ancestors that pioneered the countryside, facing a mortality rate that would make the coronavirus look like a scratch, had simply given up, turned back, or laid down and died out of fear?  Where would America be if its brave service men and women, who throughout history have on occasion faced odds of almost certain death, simply refused to fight out of fear?  When did we stop being the land of the free and the home of the brave?  Take charge of your own life.  Nobody owes you anything.  The government has never been more ill equipped to solve your problems nor is it its function to do so.  This is America!  Stand up and be somebody!  Be brave and live free.  Mayor Bruce Hamblin/Town of Eagar, Arizona


            Graduating from high school in Holbrook, Arizona . . . getting educated through Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, and working as executive secretary at two of the coal-fired power plants in Northern Arizona, I still consider it my home.  I was forwarded this letter from Mayor Hamblin today from an ex-boss of Coronado Generating Station.  I so admired every word he wrote – I believed this letter should be seen worldwide as a reminder of who we each are in this great nation.  Thank you Mayor Hamblin!  I’ll be your cheerleader!  Rah Rah Ree . . . these words are a slam/dunk!


            In 2005, I heard the Voice of God say, “Humanity will be sorely disappointed if they don’t get to experience the flu.”  I never understood until the Coronavirus pandemic what He was referring to.  I know that we are divided now more than ever with this upcoming election.  I never thought in a million years that I would ever write books about God and heaven forbid if I ever would have thought I’d add my two cents about politics.  But, here’s the age-old guidance from God from “As God is My Witness” book I wrote in 1992.  “Feel the fear and do it anyway.”

            As a humanity, we have always said how corrupt politics were.  But, we as a people until this lockdown never had time, energy, nor care to see just how deeply corrupt it was.  We were all on the hamster treadmill, not having time to research or do anything other than just survive and get things accomplished to pay our bills.  But, now with having nothing to do BUT BE A FAMILY AND SLOW DOWN, we had time to take our heads out of the sand and look around.  None of us liked what we saw.

            When President Trump put our nation in a State of Emergency, no longer being bound by Congress, he was able to implement plans to preserve this nation and truly drain the swamp.  And as we have all seen . . . that swamp ran deeply.

            This election is not JUST another four-year election.  The invisible war that the President mentions is a spiritual war between light and dark.  There are dirty/actually filthy republicans and democrats involved with the Deep State.  You can pretend all you want that this is a conspiracy theory, but by doing so, you are ignoring facts . . . easily found and discussed on the internet.  God kissed us on the forehead with technology!  If it had been around for the Jews, they would have never suffered Hitler’s insanity.

            A new beginning lies before us with this election and God does win, but then – He has eternity.  We can do this the easy way or the hard way.  It’s our choice.

            If you still sleep to the fact that our beloved “Stars” have been involved in satanic ritual with our sex-trafficked missing children, you will soon be shocked to discover that such evil existed right under our noses.  I would encourage you to pray the Global 8 Prayer for them, and realize that many of them were either born into it beyond their control – or were blackmailed.

            If you can’t wrap your mind around the fact that leaders of our world have performed treason against our beautiful humanity, your mind will be blown to discover this darkness in the light of day.

            If you still believe the morning and 6 o’clock news is showing you the truth, you will be stunned to discover you’ve been lied to.  The ploy to give you the illusion of “what is going on” has been discovered by a silent majority, awaiting you stretching . . . yawning . . . and opening your eyes to what this nightmare on planet earth has revealed.

            A new dawn is awaiting us each as these next five months pass.  I’ve never been one who is able to keep a secret and pray that God allows me to be an Instrument to state these things I’ve been shown.  Until then, prosperity will ring like a tolling bell, health will increase for ourselves and loved ones, people will be kind and loving because they want to be and have so much love – they have to share.  Patents for cures for cancer/arthritis/sugar diabetes . . . and oh-so-many-more are on the horizon.  Healing gifts, like mine, will become obsolete as everyone will experience their Direct Contact/Communion with God and it will be heaven on earth forevermore.

            When you vote in November, pray for all of the elected leaders with the Global 8 Prayer, please.  Let go of division and chaos:  Stop the Hate – Pray the Global 8!

            Dearest Heavenly Father, I ask you to bless ALL THE LEADERS who represent the United States.  I ask You to forgive them, for they know not what they do.  I ask You to kiss them on the forehead (waking them up spiritually) and touch their heart with Your Divine Love (revealing Your spiritual reality and nature.)  In Jesus’ name, I give my thanks.  Amen.

            I trust you will make safe, sane, spiritual choices from now on with your elected politicians.

            Until next month, take care . . . I care . . .


Gloria D. Benish, Ph.D.

(Alias:  Dr. Glo-bug – Just here “to lighten things up”)

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