November 2020

Greetings and good afternoon from the beautiful Bitterroot Valley!  It’s cold and snowy here on October 24th and highly unusual, but what can we expect from 20/20 and its perfect spiritual vision for humanity?!

The month started out in high gear on my birthday (October 5th) with well wishing, which took 19 days to complete from family, fans, and friends.  It also took a lot of time to write thank you’s to personally respond to everyone who thought of me.  To all of you who took the time to relay your love, I appreciate your loving gestures tremendously!

However, beyond my special day – a dear friend of mine was born on the 6th and I wrote her a “Personalized Fairytale” and framed it.  I think its message is important for all light workers and I am sharing it with you today.  Many of us are dealing with the same issue and I’ll explain what follows once we follow that advice.

Those Small Acts of Love and Kindness . . .

Once upon a nowaday time in the Year of our Lord, 2020 – a grand celebration was about to occur individually and collectively.  The great event had been foretold long ago of this Biblical process of separating the wheat from the chaff.

In the state of Minnesota, the people whispered of a grand celebration of the times.  Also, a beautiful Lady named Sharon Bakken was preparing to celebrate her birthday.  Unaware of the thought and love of her children to prepare for this special moment of recognition for their mother, Sharon was preparing to have silence and solitude on her special day.

For all those who knew and loved this Lady, they held her in extreme high regard.  To those who knew her core of goodness, she was the light in the darkness and the calm in the storm.

Spending her life freely in offering time and attention, kind words of encouragement, and endless hours of listening . . . Sharon remarkably brought smiles to those who endured sadness, heartache in its many forms, and to others in their dark moments of loneliness.

This fair and just Lady took the time to make a difference (which many ignored) to bring loners into her circle of friendships.  She had an uncanny ability to make everyone she met to feel warmly welcomed, special, and accepted.

Sharon was an extraordinary soul who quietly walked among others, offering a smile that would simply melt their hearts that had been hardened by life’s burdens.

She knew through experience that the peace, laughter, joy, and love she so freely shared with others were the things of the greatest value . . . with no out-of-pocket expense to her.  She gave and gave and gave.  When she was tired and spent, she gave some more.

Along life’s path, Sharon met a commoner named Gloria.  These two women found a common thread and goal in one another.  A deep bond was formed.  They agreed that not all family members live under the same roof.  These two women were sisters in Christ’s unconditional love.

With Sharon’s special day fast approaching, Gloria’s heart opened fully, offering Sharon glad tidings of her eternal love.  She knew how important it is to stop and take the time to thank the people who have made a difference in our lives.

Gloria also knew that the year 2020 was occurring historically to give each soul “perfect spiritual vision and to awaken the hearts of mankind.”  Her message of hope, love, and encouragement to her blessed friend was this:

“Sharon, this is the part of our lives as Servants of God where we silently and peacefully remove ourselves from anyone who hurts us more than they love us, drains us more than they replenish us, brings more stress than they do peace, and tries to stunt our growth rather than clap for it.  I believe we’ve done more than enough talking and trying to make things work with certain people.  We need to be done with these individuals . . .”

Gloria continued, “My dear friend, I know how diligently you have tried to show by example what your Christian faith decrees through our Lord & Savior.  The wheat represents those who are truly repentant, the chaff . . . of those who are not.  No longer can one sit on the fence – choices have been made of whom will be served . . . love . . . or fear.

Through your devotion of faith and love, Sharon, you have served God and humanity well.  Your name has been written in the heavens and upon the hearts of each of us who have had the pleasure of your special touch in our lives. 

On this day, October 6, 2020 – let these words of gratitude live on in your heart of my deep appreciation of having you in my life.

Some people believe that it is only great power that can hold

evil in check.  But, that hasn’t been my belief or reality.

Instead, I have discovered that it is the small everyday deeds

of ordinary folk like you who keeps the darkness at bay . . .

those small acts of love and kindness

that you so graciously and generously share.

Happy Birthday, sweet Sharon!  May all those surrounding you from near and far on your special day embrace you in the same loving warmth as you have always given to each of us!

Thanks for touching my life . . .

. . . With love,

Gloria D. Benish

            Personalized Fairytales, Unlimited


            Knowing I wanted to gift Sharon with a personalized tale (incredible statement directly from the Holy Spirit,) I prayed about it.  Knowing that I am One with God, which constitutes my Oneness with all spiritual beings . . . I knew that the message was for me, as well.  I was dealing with a loved one who physically and emotionally hurt me.  I love her, however, I explained that when she abused me – if others knew it, I would lose credibility for attempting to end abuse in this generation.  People would question why I allowed someone to be cruel to me and allow them to remain part of my life.  It was time to release her (peacefully) from my life and pray for her to go forward with her highest good.

            It isn’t always easy to let go, but here’s what happens when we do.  That void is filled with another individual coming into our life, which ends up benefiting both people.

            By letting go and moving Miss Grumpy Smurf-butt out of my bubble, Krissie entered that sacred space, ready and willing to be mentored.  Standing at my sink, she happened to say, “I told all my friends that I was coming to stay with you and attend Spiritual Boot Kamp.”  When she said those words, the lightbulb came on inside my head as it being THE NAME FOR MY SPIRITUAL CENTER.  Until now, I didn’t know what to call it, other than “the Healing Center for Humanity.” 

            Krissie was open to be healed.  Using the tools around the home . . .

  • my weighted blanket for PTSD,
  •  the ocean drum’s calming rhythm and sound,
  • a sand-scape for silencing her racing mind,
  • a session of love light from me,
  • her physical work-out . . .

. . . Krissie waltzed right out of here feeling like a new person, raring full-speed ahead to teach others what she had just learned.

            While she was here, I received 10-fold from her.  She inspired me to trademark the name Spiritual Boot Kamp, assisted in getting the domain for the website, and set me up with all the necessary strategy to begin creating Podcasts so I can reach more people.  We got my artist for drawing book covers in on the project, detailing the Logo of “Dr. Glo-bug decked out in camo and wearing combat boots, wearing big red eyeglasses and holding a U.S. flag.  She also set up a GoFundMe account and if you go visit the site on Facebook, you will see me attired in camo from head to foot and laughing heartily.  This boot kamp isn’t going to be anything like you have ever imagined!  A highly talented team is getting armed to love you like you’ve never been loved before in your life!

            Exit . . . stage right, back to Oregon from where she had come . . . Krissie left just in the nick of time from my guest room for two male characters to arrive from Oregon.  Will and Shon are staying at my home for a few weeks, awaiting their new home in Hamilton to be prepared.  I am completely astounded by their readiness to be of assistance, first to me and later in the Center.  These characters are so multi-talented – where would I begin?

            An ex-Navy Seal, Will is a walking/talking example of an amazing man filled with wisdom.  His momma was his first drill sergeant and taught that boy well on cooking/canning/clean-up.  Watching this spiritual guy in motion, well . . . to say the least, I am dazzled by his brilliance!

            Shon is self-taught militarily, a prepper, a gallant gentleman, strong, and Christian-guided by the Holy Spirit.  Both men are ready and willing to be of service for the greater good of humanity.  Believe me – they are willing to give their all to make this Spiritual Boot Kamp a physical reality as soon as possible for you and those you love.  Their goal is to help you get your “basic (spiritual) training” in order to experience the supernatural things God has intended for His kids.

            The Global 8 Prayer/Peace Movement is moving along nicely.  The Holy Spirit gives me feedback repeatedly from people who are saying the Global 8 Prayer for their friends, family, and foes.  The responses are remarkable from physical healing miracles to outright Divine Justice being served.  Those stories will have to wait for another column because there are far too many stories and situations to relay for now.  I have actually been guided to write another book, “242 Prayers” which will include that many individual’s stories of how that prayer has worked in their lives to alter their physical world into a spiritual outcome.  If you choose to include your miracle story, please send it to the email listed below – along with a note giving me permission to put it in this book.

            Back to Miss Grumpy Smurf-butt.  If I would have chosen to keep her in my life and allowing her to be abusive to me, I was settling for someone who wasn’t for my highest good.  Rather than getting comfortable with the abuse and thinking any of my kindness was going to change her would have disallowed my greater good of experiencing His Presence through Krissie, Will, and Shon.  I am patiently awaiting your arrival HERE at the Boot Kamp and preparing a place for you to come.

            The poster in the Post Office of Uncle Sam with his red/white/blue top hat has his index finger pointing and the words saying, “I need you!”  Now just imagine a new poster with Dr. Glo-bug, with my index finger extended and saying, “I AM HERE FOR YOU!”

            Until next month, take care . . . I care . . .


Gloria D. Benish, Ph.D.

(Alias:  Dr. Glo-bug – Just here “to lighten things up”