January 2021

Greetings and good morning from the beautiful Bitterroot Valley!  Here it is Christmas Eve day and I am inviting you over the threshold into my heart and home today to experience the holidays with me.  My heart is so filled with love and excitement for the New Year that I have to share it with someone or I will burst (and that would be a helluva mess to have to clean up!)

            As you parked out front, you noticed the red/green/white lights mixed amongst all the poinsettias that lead up to my front door.  As I meet you at the front door, I’m urging you to come in out of the cold and give me a hug . . . and don’t let go until I tell ya!

            Let me have your jacket and I’ll hang it right here in the coat closet.  Back your hiney up to that beautiful fireplace and toast your buns for a minute before I put a glass of Eggnog or a hot cocoa in your hand.  Admire the beauty of the living room with all the childlike snowmen and elves, along with Santa and Mrs. Clause on the piano.  As you can see, the decorations didn’t just end at the curb, my front door, and living room – there’s the lighted large gingerbread man and house on the wall and lots of lighted Christmas stocking holders on the mantle.  As far as you can see in any direction, even the back porch, it’s Christmas in Montana!

            God’s abundant supply has showered this house with delectables made with loving hands and no one is going to go hungry here in the next few days as my guest, except by choice.  I’d like you to feel safe to make yourself at home, YOUR home away from home.

            I have baked for two weeks straight, taking rum cakes, Black Russian cakes, and trays of all varieties of cookies, plus chocolate and peanut butter fudge to friends and neighbors.  Again, the abundance is astounding and my heart had to make and take these delights to those who mean so much to me.  Oh, and I guess you could say that I got a little carried away making Chex Mix to the tune of about 15 lbs. and gifting as well.  Umm . . . I’m not sure what came over me, perhaps the Spirit of Good Will?  I got creative and made a variety of different tastes and damn…I’ve gotta admit – I kinda have a new gift on board if I ever choose to go into the food-making business!

            I hope you remembered to bring your jammies and toothbrush, because I’m hoping you will choose to stay at least a few days with me.  I would love for you to stay at least through New Year’s Eve and Day to capture and fill your heart with as much love and spoiling that you can stand!  I promise I won’t do all the talking, I’ll let you get a word in edgewise as you can and choose to do.  I’m more than happy to lay you down in beautiful soft fleece sheets when you begin to feel tired after we eat and chat.

            There is plenty of love for every one of you, so don’t be shy to ask if you need more at any point!  There’s an infinite amount available and I am at your service, happy in fact to be of service. 

            Even with everything going on in our nation and in our homes, my heart is so filled with joy I can hardly stand myself!  I have witnessed prayers being answered, lost things being found, lost souls being saved from further long suffering and depression . . . and the list goes on and on.

            So many gifts surround you in this home and I’m not talking about the brightly, neatly wrapped gifts under the tree and in front of the Grandfather Clock. 

            Oh . . . excuse me for the interruption, my daughter Danielle and granddaughter Kathryn just showed up to pick up goodies for her incoming guests.  Now, as I was saying about the gifts surrounding you.  Let’s start with family.  The gift of family, like with my daughter just now.  She’s my apple and not that she’s more loved than my son – but I see her doing things for people like she has watched me do.  It wasn’t that I sat her down and taught her with words how to be kind, caring, and sharing.  She watched me throughout her life and followed by that example.

            You, as a friend . . . some of you whom I have never met until now “with skin on,” happen to exude what a true friend is.  Showing your appreciation for me over the years, being a cheerleader and rah/rah/reeing me to the finish line has meant so much to me.  Words of appreciation for your undying support are difficult to find without me writing a novel to do so.  I sometimes think I should apologize for being so wordy all the time, but it’s just “part of the package.”

            The gift of sharing with all of you is such a pleasure.  What appears as “me” being generous is just “God in Action.”  Everything I have (or do) comes directly from Him and just happens to pass through me.  The more I give, the more I have to give.  I can and have donated a large bag of clothing to the needy and days later received seven large bags of lingerie, clothing, and socks and I was the only one they knew who was small enough to make it useful.  Food multiplies, as well when it is freely shared, which with me being a “food pusher,” comes in mighty handy!  There is no way I can ever “out-give God.”  One friend recently told me that I’m the most selfless person he has ever met.  My mother always harped that I was giving to a fault.  I have determined that it’s all a matter of perspective, being seen through human eyes or through spiritual vision.

            The gift of kindness . . . oh, don’t you look so embarrassed when I tell each of you that I have seen you during this pandemic!  Allowing someone to go before you in line or holding back in traffic, motioning for someone to safely change lanes.  Taking the time to smile with your eyes at a child in a store who’s having a meltdown or complimenting the mother for her patience as she wipes her tears of frustration.  I have listened to you take calls from frightened family members and friends, being courageous in the face of one’s fears and frustration.  Oh yes . . . I have witnessed it personally.

            The gift of gratitude from you that I would personally invite you and your families into my home for these holidays (or any time your schedule would allow), shines with your appreciation.  Wasn’t it a hoot that it was just this year that we all learned during our isolation from one another and feeling alone and depressed, unmotivated and lethargic that when you have no energy . . . it’s the best time to give thanks?  I recall, myself how amazed I was – sitting alone and felt like someone had opened the top of my big toe and all the energy inside me leaked out.  I didn’t have the poop to pop!  The lightbulb came on and I began giving thanks:  for my dependable vehicle, for the roof over my head, the clothes on my back, a shower to stand in, the food in my pantry, the immense supply, the friendships, my toothbrush, a dishwasher, icemaker (addicted to ice!), my spiritual gifts, all the “things” that make my life easier.  My energy raised immediately and I once again being an energizer bunny accomplishing everything He put before me that day to do and to enjoy.

            Could I offer you a cocktail?  I have a variety of liquor around here for guests.  I’m not much of a drinker, only an occasional one.  I have fresh cream if any of you would like a Kahlua and Cream cocktail – and you can’t forget the Bailey’s at Christmas time!  One little nightcap before you get tucked in is available if you so desire.

            The gift of relaxation from the “Signs From God” are all around my home, offering comfort, wisdom, and inspiration.  RELAX, THE WILL OF GOD WILL NEVER TAKE YOU WHERE THE GRACE OF GOD WON’T PROTECT YOU, I GIVE THANKS FOR THIS AMAZING FAMILY are but a few of His Signs.  I put them inside and outside my home so just in case I don’t say these things to you – your attention will be placed upon the ones with the things you most need to hear.  I consider you part of my spiritual family and I am so grateful to have this time with you.  You are such a blessing to me!

            The gift of humor and the laughter!  If 2020 did nothing else for me to scramble my brain to the point that I don’t even know which day it is and wondering, in fact, if we’re even still in 2020?!  Daily, I open my phone . . . see the date and day, walk to a calendar on the wall and use my index finger to point to it to SEE what day  it really is within the week.  You could say that senility is setting in early on me, walking down the hall and stopping, slowly turning and looking at three bedroom doors, the bathroom door and the linen closet door . . . not only not remembering WHY I walked down the hall, but forgetting which door I was even going to open.  Walking back to the kitchen and thus remembering what I was going for and making a conscious effort to get there!

            The art of aging in itself, I could write a joke book!  Last night at dinner, a friend looked at my bruised hand and asked what I had done to harm myself.  I responded, “Childbirth.”  She looked at me oddly, me being 67 years old and asked what I meant.  I replied, “As soon as a baby is born, you forget the pain you endured.  Having older thin skin, I must have bumped it yesterday, but can’t remember where or how.  At least with childbirth, I knew how I got that way!

            In healing an older gentleman a couple months ago, he coughed and expelled gas.  Turning red, he quietly said under his breath, “I hate aging!”  So as to not embarrass him further, I got lighthearted and said, “I have been thinking about writing another book called, “How to Fart in a Crowd” and if you wouldn’t mind me using your story anonymously, I believe it could help people laugh and smile!”

            Before I relate one more gift today, I would like you to consider staying a few more days.  You can look at the menu on the fridge and see what delights you will be fed during your visit, along with some of the activities such as “roasting Chets Nuts over an open fire.”  My New Year’s Eve dinner for you is one of excitement for me . . .  my plan is to indulge in shrimp cocktail, King Crab Legs, coconut shrimp, loaded baked potato, asparagus spears, and homemade chocolate Tuxedo Cake for dessert.   On New Year’s Day, I used to always prepare Filet Mignon to signify prosperity all year long, but “big changes are afoot at the Circle K.”  I’m being flexible as the New Year’s resolution in all ways, so this year I’m preparing Mexican combination plates:  homemade Pork tamales, Red Cheese Enchiladas, bean burritos and tostadas with homemade refried beans, tacos, Spanish Rice, Mexican Cole slaw, and my famous Rum Cake for dessert.

            The gift of REST.  This year has been an emotional roller coaster.  On January 1, 2021, we will all be able to look back and say, “Hindsight is 2020.”  Our 2021 will be bumpy with the election results revealed, corruption of churches and individuals, and so much dirt coming to the surface.

            Years ago when my kids were in school, I would ask my son to clean his room.  I always regretted the request.  As he did so, he took EVERYTHING OUT OF HIS ROOM and put it in the hall.  You couldn’t walk through the hall and it would be so frustrating.  Stacks and stacks cluttered the walkway with him taking everything out of the closet and drawers.  But, with everything out, he would clean, change his sheets, get dirty laundry to the hamper, dust, and vacuum.  Slowly, but surely, everything would go back into his room, organized and tidy.

            So it is with 2021, deep cleaning will occur.  It will be frustrating and emotionally draining, but the results will be amazing!  I am asking you to rest often.  Stress will deplete your immune system and I want you to remember the feeling of love you’ve had today and the messages.  I especially want you to remember to give gratitude as often as you can daily, silently or aloud, EVERYWHERE YOU GO AND NO MATTER WHAT SITUATION YOU ARE IN.  It will keep your energy high and get you through these coming days.  Remember to rest well often, rubbing your hands together and placing the palms over your eyes to burn off negativity and fear, heightening your consciousness, and expanding your energy fields.

            For those of you who have other obligations and somewhere else to be through the holidays, give me another hug and don’t let go until I tell ya.  From my heart to your heart, go safely in the night, arriving safely at your destination.  And thank you for coming!

            To those of you who are staying for a few more days, it’s time to go get your pajamas on.  While you’re brushing your teeth, I’ll turn down your covers for you and come in to kiss you goodnight on the forehead.  My daughter never fails to do this for me when we’re together, we consider it my “Kiss on the forehead from God.”

            In our heart-to-heart hug, I am whispering in your ear, “I’m so glad you are here!  Have sweet dreams, sweet hearts . . . I love you with my whole great big heart!”

            Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!  Take the gift of joy everywhere you go!

            Until next month, take care . . . I care . . .


Gloria D. Benish, Ph.D.

(Alias:  Dr. Glo-bug – Just here “to lighten things up”)

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