October 2021

Greetings and good morning from the beautiful Bitterroot Valley!  Before I start telling you what I’ve been up to this past month, I want to give a special thank you to a dear friend.  Carolyn Beasley (in Spokane.)  Every year since her healing through me in 1995, she has never once forgotten my birthday in October – or Christmas.

            I found myself anxious this year.  I hadn’t heard from her and feared she was ill.  My house-mate, Coco eased my concerns by saying, “Gloria, it is still two weeks away from your birthday, just be patient.”  Carolyn is always the first one who sends me a card, like clock-work.  Never once has she failed to remember, but this year – it wasn’t about me getting a card and her loving message inside it.  I realized that I used the card as a template of her well-being, even if it was only once or twice a year that I heard from her.

            I didn’t have access to technology for two months this summer, which is why I missed writing my columns.  But there was a great deal of time that my phones weren’t working either.  I have 7,000 emails to go through to find those who were trying to reach out to me in friend or stranger requests for help.  Please understand that I am always doing the best I can.

            You can’t even begin to imagine how many times I got snarky calls from friends, frustrated and angry with me, for “ignoring them or not caring.”  I apologized to each and did so lovingly, apologizing that the “Invisible Realm” was the cause . . . not me as a personality.

            You could question, “If you were so dadgum concerned about Carolyn’s well-being, why didn’t you just pick up the phone and call to check on her?  It would have been an appropriate thing to do, which would have eased my concerns quickly.  But, as easy and as simple as that sounds, it seemed there was a brick wall not allowing me to do so.

            To Carolyn Beasley today, this Tribute is to you personally.  Your heart may have been miraculously healed through me in 1995 . . . but because of that healing, I want you to know how many other people have been healed as a result.  Had that not occurred, LuAnn Stallcop would have never ventured to ask me to come be a guest speaker in Spokane, have me teach a workshop, or doing years of private healings every-other-weekend in Spokane for three years.  Without you, I wouldn’t be writing these columns.  Without that meeting, it would not have assisted in connecting consciousness across this nation (& International) for further workshops and healings.  Not to mention the miracle stories in book form that continue to inspire and heal the multitudes.

            Carolyn, stepping out into the public eye all began with you.  So, if that contact started the snowball rolling in every facet of my life and service to God and humanity, you might well understand how deeply I care for you.  Not just on my birthday and Christmas when we make brief contact, but nearly every day of my life, you are in my thoughts and you are FOREVER in my heart.   I know how much love for God, humanity, and me that you have.  You Willed your inspirational sayings to me to put into print and I vow to do so.  If you ever question your purpose on this planet, I just want you to know how much you have affected the world with your mere presence.  I love you now, I always will.  Thank you, your (most appreciated) birthday card arrived before October 5th, signed and sealed with your love.  ooxx

(A Men’s Spiritual Retreat Weekend in the rustic mountains in Montana)


Using the “Center of the Cinnamon Roll” as a metaphor, learn how to experience the best part of a spiritual union with your Creator and all other relationships.  Find yourself tucked away in a rustic cabin surrounded by pine trees and listening to a waterfall in the near distance.  Pack your bags and be Dr. Gloria’s guest on a three-day spiritual retreat in the Montana mountains.

Accept this personal invitation to the Spiritual Boot Kamp for a retreat of “basic (spiritual) training.”  For those out-of-touch with their feelings and needs, Dr. Glo-bug (Just here “to lighten things up”) is prepared to help you identify and get in touch with your innermost deepest Selves.  By doing so will transform your disappointments and heartache into achievable successes within your relationships and lives. 

Men, bring your favorite fishing pole to enjoy the stream behind the cabin in the great outdoors under Montana’s Big Sky.  Your restored solitude and peace are just one step closer to experiencing heaven on earth here in “God’s Country,” right here in Montana in the good ol’ U.S.A.

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Gloria D. Benish, Ph.D.                                       

With me, even a simple experience can prompt an entire book to be written through me.  In the last two weeks, Roger R. Franklin, Co-Author and I wrote, “The Center of the Cinnamon Roll” to assist humanity at the “Spiritual Boot Kamp,” providing “basic Spiritual Training” in book form. 

After my husband died, I was invited to breakfast by a man. 

After looking at the menu, he picked up his newspaper and began reading it.  I excused myself to go to the Ladies Room and I pondered that I should just walk out the back door and walk back home.  I decided to return to the booth.

The waitress arrived, he put his paper down and ordered a cinnamon roll.  When the waitress placed his order before him, it happened to be the size of a dinner plate.

I asked, “Would you give me the center of your cinnamon roll?”

He barked, “NO!  IT’S THE BEST PART!”

“I know,” I responded, “would you share a bite of it with me?”

“No!” he exclaimed and he evidently meant it.  As he ate, he continued to read his newspaper.  I sat there thinking, “If I wanted to eat alone, I would have just stayed home.”

We finished eating and he still had some of the remnants on his plate and still wouldn’t offer me an opportunity to taste it.

As we were waiting for the bill to arrive, I said, “I want to use the cinnamon roll as a metaphor for a possible future relationship with you.  I asked, “Would you be willing to give me the center of your cinnamon roll?”

He barked, “NO!  IT’S THE BEST PART!”

I responded, “I know . . . and understand, but would you give me a bite of it?”  He therein responded, “No!”

Giving him the benefit of the doubt that he didn’t understand what “metaphor” meant, I slowly explained that I was using the cinnamon roll, itself, as being HIM AND HIS HEART.  In simple terminology, I was using it as a diagram of a healthy loving relationship.  He said he understood.

“So, what you are saying is that you aren’t willing to give me the best of yourself in a relationship together or even share a bite/a little bit of yourself.  “Pretty much I guess that’s what I am saying,” he responded.  It was evident that I didn’t want a relationship with this man.  He wasn’t even trying to win my heart.

I even went on to explain that who I am – if he had asked for a bite of the center of my cinnamon roll, I would offer not only it – but the entire thing.  I would be willing to give the best of myself to him in every way.  I gave him a third opportunity to change his tune and he still refused.  He was a bright man; he understood completely what I was getting at.  In one meal together, I had my answer.   The red flag was so glaring, I couldn’t ignore it.

As he paid for our breakfast, I thanked him kindly for feeding me at all.  I also related that if I ever chose to go to breakfast with him again and he picked up a newspaper instead of talking to me across the table, I would quietly disappear and he would never see me again.

Months later, he came to my home bringing a large cinnamon roll.  He sat eating the entire thing in front of me . . . never even asking if I would like a bite.  As he ate all around the center, he then pushed the to-go container in front of me, offering me the center of his cinnamon roll.

I kindly thanked him and pushed it back towards himself as I said, “A little too late.”

I had seen the truth up front long ago.  I think it’s wonderful that he finally “got it,” but my experience of opening my heart to someone who was that selfish, after such a loss of a great man – I was no longer willing to set myself up for an obvious disappointment       

For the Grand Opening of the Spiritual Boot Kamp (in book form), I am inviting the men in the world to come be my guest.  I am making them the priority, whether they are Veterans or not.  Men are our protectors in this world standing up for women and children, for our country, and for one another.   They are willing to go to war for our safety and freedom.  Even if they have not enlisted in the armed forces, they go to battle daily in jobs and within society to put a roof over their family’s heads and food on the table.  They deserve our utmost respect, to honor and to cherish them for their daily sacrifices and for their love.

            Our de-moralized civilization has taken the healthy, strong, dedicated Father figure out of context, mocking him in commercials, sitcoms, and movies . . . making him look foolish.  “They” have succeeded in feminizing many of them in their struggle to give women equal rights.  “Those” who have chosen their lane to destruct the family unit with media and advertising, making the leading men in our lives a laughing stock – I can just say that those days are over.  Beginning immediately to spiritualize our men will bring their human side into alignment with their spiritual nature.  Just watch and see the strength of the families return to morality and goodness, dissolving the insanity that has led to the decay.

         Not only have I brought the reader in my down-home/country voice (“Go Within or Go Without” style) to the Boot Kamp for basic spiritual training, I have documented my entire dream of a healing center into book form.  Coupled with the emotion I felt as if it is already real (because it is . . . I already do it in reality through my home,) the manifestation can unfold.

            I am awaiting approval from an another publisher on an 11-page insert that Roger used in one of his “Fireside Chat’s” in the book.  Once that approval is given, I have a “green light” to get this information to the masses. This book will be gifted freely to the world and will have a link in next month’s column.  The men, in this book, are the first to enjoy the Grand Opening of the Spiritual Boot Kamp Healing Center.  Thereafter, everyone has a personal invitation.  Stay tuned . . . next month, I have faith that a link will attach my column so you can freely download and enjoy.

            Until next month, take care . . .I care . . .

Always,   Gloria D. Benish, Ph.D.

Alias:  Dr. Glo-bug (Just here “to lighten things up”)

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