March 2022

Greetings and good morning from the absolutely picture-postcard-perfect beautiful electric green Bitterroot Valley.  (If I had my daughter or editor sitting here right now, they would be saying, “Gloria, you are “over-kill with adjectives – settle down and choose one!”  But they aren’t here except in my head – so I believe I will just keep writing the way I feel and saying what I choose to say.  My People Pleasing skills are rather lacking recently (evidently as you will keep reading.)

I awoke early, turned on the coffee, stepped outside to have a cigarette, and even though it is still dark out, the birds are-a-singing.  I was working outside yesterday and three squirrels were playing hide-and-seek around my project, running relay races around my feet, and having to be told to settle down because it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt.  Like my grandkids being here, the squirrels had gotten an afternoon snack of nuts and sticky cranberries and raisins.  Like good little kids at “Granny B’s Daycare,” they were adorable “washing their hands/paws” on the damp grass.

I realized as I awoke today that I sign off each month offering you my free book, “GUTS & GLORI(A) … From Fear to Eternity.”  Two years ago, when I was returning home after being gone three months promoting the “Global 8 Prayer/Peace Movement” to end the sexual war against humanity with rape and abuse – I was thinking of trashing the book when I got home.  Much to my surprise, I awoke on May 15th hearing the Voice of God telling me to give the book freely to the world.  I had my daughter come over that morning, design a jacket cover and make it into a PDF to do so.

If you are a People Pleaser, I would urge you to read the book.   Being a People Pleaser is a spiritual gift that has been mis-labeled, mis-understood, and judged negatively.  We are a group who have been used and hurt so deeply by greedy, gouging, selfish people.  We are the wounded healers on the planet.  We are so selfless in nature that we get kicked in the head and heart after our good deeds and yet, we are the first to raise our hand again and again to say, “I’ll help.”

We are the proverbial “Energizer Bunnies” who seemingly can’t or won’t learn the lesson to just say, “No” and stick to it.  God, on several occasions has turned me into the Poop Polishing People Pleaser to take ugly subjects/turds and turn them into inspirational works of art (surprisingly so…even to me!)  I have many things to speak of in today’s column and cannot allow myself to get side-tracked here, but if you need an uplift now or in the days to come, I would sincerely urge you to go to my website, download it, and begin reading.  By Chapter 2, you are already learning how to make that Direct Contact with God to begin activating your empowerment by having a Personal Relationship with the Christ within you……………

A couple weeks ago, I had gotten a call from a woman who had been bitten by a Brown Recluse Spider.  She called me, rather than going to a physician.  This occurs often.  People are bone-tired of Covid/lock-downs/illegitimate tallies of deaths/lies/corruption, etc. with the medical world, the political world, and even the churches.  People call me for prayer, healing, and help because they know my heart is sincere and loving.  Following the woman’s miracle, she called me in gratitude.

For a full three minutes (or longer!), she complimented me with adjectives only referred to as Christ in action.  Had Jesus been the one receiving the gratitude, I am sure even His face would have been red with embarrassment!  I was gracious, of course, of her display of gratitude . . . but told friends later, it made me feel extremely uncomfortable.  It had only been days earlier that I was informed by a spiritual companion that I hadn’t yet demonstrated the Christ ideals after I had spoken my truth that I was tired of “half-assed/half-done” personal restoration projects (unrelated to the kitchen flooding and requiring out-of-pocket expenses.)

Jesus, (being my teacher and guide,) probably wouldn’t have used those words to describe His dis-content (and maybe He would have in today’s society?)  He overturned the tables when He got pissed off.  I set some boundaries using foul language.  Not in my character to be this verbally rude to someone, I felt like I failed God and man in my recent endeavors of restoring my kitchen.  I lost my temper and peace of mind temporarily.  Even with a second helping of patience that He gave me to deal with humanity, I was less than loving in my delivery.

I know God in Action.  I experience it daily and I have lived almost 36 years with the spiritual healing gift and I know exactly when He is building my strength for something better.  But, does He think that I am Wonder Woman or what?!  He piles it on so fast and so deep, it is all I can do to keep my head above water and to keep treading.

I got scolded by this companion that I should use discernment.  Oh, here, let me quote the exact words:  “There is nothing wrong with sharing what you need/want done.  It might be wise and considerate to discern what a person is willing to give.  Time, talents, money, and council that is willingly offered.  Then it progresses to pulling the desired responses like teeth without Novocain.  Just consider maybe, women nowadays, being demanding, disrespectful to husbands that do not have Christ’s characteristics.  Maybe their hostility and disrespect to their husbands incite their abuse (????)  They even have a nickname for “empowered” women.  They are identified as “Karens.”  I have an idea where it comes from, but readily recognized.  You are familiar with personalities who manifest these traits, always with self-justification and somebody else’s fault.  How about men who cheat on their wives because their wives are not loving and respectful (?)  Wives cheat on their husbands, why?  Because her husband does “not satisfy” her.  Any of this sound familiar?”

I was also irritated and HOT, so you can probably imagine how gas had just been poured on me and the match had been struck.  In order to not explode, I bit my tongue.  I had to bite down so hard, I am lucky I even still have a tongue.  Say nothing.  Walk away.  Remain silent.  I don’t have to speak to make me right.  I am empowered by walking away and believe me, it isn’t easy to do.  Over-riding the ego to “explain and make it right takes energy, energy I didn’t have to invest (at least right now.) 

Discern, yes.  Discern where I choose to place my energy.  In the next call for help?  Yes.  In the next project placed upon me?  Yes.  In something that will show productivity?  Yes.  Into a dark cavern of repeated behavior?  No.

Before I go further, I want to give a BIG SHOUT-OUT to Farmers Insurance.  I have been a client for 50 years.  If I go into detail, I will be using way-more adjectives to describe than necessary like I did as I opened today’s column, or at least three full minutes as the grateful woman Josie gave me earlier this week.  Suffice it to say, I am deeply grateful to my Stevensville Agent, Brian Potton, my adjuster Patrick Mannix, and to the office receptionist, Lance (who I nicknamed SIR LANCELOT . . . my Knight in Shining Armor.)  These three men represent Farmers Insurance in the most respectful way I can identify as “spiritual” and still having to deal with humanity who represents greed.

I, too, have been guilty of what I am about to say.  We, as a humanity, have bitched and griped about the high premiums we have to pay.  Having your insurance increase $200/year on a home-owner’s policy (especially on a fixed income) is more than we can bear . . . adding stress to our lives.  Unfortunately, I had to experience the “flip side” of the part mankind plays in these increases.

The moment I was awarded a viable claim and a check arrived; I was met by people who expected “top dollar” from purchasing items . . . down to worker bee’s wanting paid double what the items cost in order to fix/repair/install.  Greed.  Pure greed.  On more than one occasion, I felt raped financially.  You cannot even imagine how many times I had to say my “Global 8 Prayer” during this restoration process to pray for my enemies “to spiritually awaken them.”

Friends, we have a nation (not just a kitchen) to rebuild.  We have to take personal responsibility for the part we each play in today’s world to change our children and grandchildren’s future.

Those who thought I had an unlimited well of wealth to draw upon because I was dealing with Farmers Insurance . . . shame on you!  Using integrity, keeping records, shopping frugally for the best deal I could find, documenting receipts, making sure I had done my best was time consuming and exhausting.  Making sure everyone got paid for their services, even when things were broken or disrespected in my home (or paying twice to get things re-done on un-related water damage at my expense for upgrades) nearly drove me crazy.

I can only imagine how frustrated an Insurance Company feels, knowing that society expects them to bend over and be raped, as well.  You think they are the “faceless” target, but behind these Corporations, there are real people trying to survive and put their kids through college and keep food on the table, too.

Those who have quoted scripture to me for years saddened me.  To be told to “discern,” to discern what a person is willing to give.  Time, talents, money, and council that is willingly offered.  Then it progresses to pulling the desired responses like teeth without Novocain . . . I have this to say:  For 36 years (my entire life, actually,) but publicly for 36 years – I have given my time, talents, energy, books, etc. FREELY.  As I watched this project come to completion, I had to ask myself, “Do I de-value my gifts?  Should I, too, be charging for everything like everyone else? 

A month prior, I was sitting in a church for the first time in decades.  The Pastor pointed to me in the crowd and told the congregation, “This little lady doesn’t charge anyone to help them.  She is an example to all of us because she depends upon God fully to provide for her.”  Someone noticed.  I don’t depend upon man, nor earth for my support, I depend upon Infinite Spirit’s Love.  And I not only “get by,” I usually have everything I need – usually before I know I need it.

Grrr…me discern in this situation?!  Everyone, including this individual, was being (HIGHLY!) paid.  Am I not allowed to expect things to be done right and efficiently (without being seen as a “Karen?”)  How about living what the Scripture says, “Help widows?!”  Or, better yet, “being a spiritual family and helping one another?” Or . . . because it is what “friends do, to help one another?”  And by the way, I don’t have “to quote the Scripture . . . because I LIVE IT.  I demonstrate what it says and actions always speak louder than words.

Anger can inspire us when we direct that energy in the right direction.  I had no sooner gotten my kitchen restored and I made two large meals in a week for friends and family to celebrate gratitude and St. Patrick’s Day.  A day later, following the three-month long energy-sucking experience, I received a call from my daughter.  She has been housing my book inventory for years in an out-building on their property. 

She had received a call that her husband’s brother, in need, was moving to Montana.  Her and my son-in-law are transforming this out-building into an apartment for her relative.  Met with an unexpected crisis, I now had an immediate new project.  With so many people being relocated due to political disagreements, many people have relocated to the Valley and taken storage units to store their belongings.

One entire day was spent driving throughout the Valley attempting to secure a Unit for the inventory of Miracle Publishing & Distribution.  Getting my old stove, with a double-oven cleaned to donate to Habitat for Humanity loomed on the things-to-do list.  Re-establish order in every room of the house would have to wait.  Sanding of a wall, without a respectful enclosure to maintain the dust in one room had filtered throughout the house and about driven me mad, but it too would have to wait it’s turn on the list of many-things-to-do.

If you are a “Poop Polishing People Pleaser” like me, I commend you.  You are NOT de-valuing yourself if you give from your heart, which is all you are as a People Pleaser.  One big heart walking around as if you are a NEON SIGN that says “SUCKER” on your forehead.  You are easily identifiable because you were born for such a time as this.  When the people find out that churches were paid to be closed, that doctors were paid to monkey with the tally, and the rest of the story of corruption throughout the world. . . you lightworkers/People Pleasers need to be reminded that you are the safety net for society.  It has been a long, rough road.  I know how tired and weary many of you are, but the boomerang is headed back your way as our world gets turned right side up.

For those who poke you with a sharp stick sarcastically, realize they are projecting and using the “weapon of mass destruction” on you.  The verbal attack is the only weapon they have.  Walk away.  Say nothing.  You don’t need to waste your energy proving your actions to be right.  Your silence and retreat from having them part of your life any longer just made you the winner.”

I appreciate you!  I sleep better at night just knowing you are out there, being you!  You are selfless, loving, an angel in the hour of someone’s need.  You are a safety net for those who will fall.  You feed others, you clothe them, you are kind, generous, giving, extraordinary individuals.  You wear the face of a human – but, I see the Light behind your eyes and the glow upon your cheeks and around your lips. 

You just take care of you!   And if you feel like you have been hit by a truck and thrown under the bus, unable to get out from under the burden – give me a call.  Because I am woman  — ummm, make that Wonder Woman – and I am able to lift that bus off you and hurl it.  If you need a safe, sane, comfortable place to come . . . Come Visit Me!  I promise, I have a clean living room, kitchen, guest bathroom, and back porch that is tidy.  (Just don’t walk down my halls yet!)

If any of you are interested in coming to a Spiritual Healing Workshop – give me a call:  406-777-5632 and I will set one in motion.

I have wine sitting on the counter with a “Sign From God” that says, “RELAX.”  It’s time to breathe again, to feel joy, to learn how to have a relationship with Christ (if you haven’t recognized that Presence and Power within you yet.)  It is time to get up on our feet and running.  The birds are singing, the squirrels are playing and having fun . . . it’s time for us to do the same.  After all, we have a nation to rebuild with Christ ideals as the foundation and the time is NOW.

I love you all!  Until next month, take care . . . I care . . .


My name isn’t “Karen” – I AM Gloria D. Benish, Ph.D./AN EMPOWERED WOMAN

Alias:  Dr. Glo-bug – Just here “to lighten things up”

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PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT:  Two weeks ago, I received a call from a young man, calling me “Grandma.”  It was a young man’s voice.  My grandsons are age 6 and 14.  I told him he had the wrong number.  He asked, “Isn’t this Grandma Gloria?”  I got instantly HOT and knew it was a scam.  Anyone who knows ME, knows “I am Granny B.”  I hung up and later wished I would have “played him like a fiddle.”  Knowing he was going to ask for money . . . I would have gotten his address/information and turned him in to the authorities.  Be cautious, love bugs!  Don’t fall for this scam!