mystic experience


             One evening, Jesus appeared and stood before me.  His voice shattered the silence with great wisdom and authority as He spoke.  “Because you have such a strong desire to know how it was that I walked on water, tonight it is with great pleasure that I give you this awareness.”

             He gently took my hand and we transcended time and space.  Together, we stood on the sands, overlooking the ocean.

             Beyond time, He and I had entered the realm of the Spiritual Kingdom.  Golden light filtered through a blue haze.  Off in the sunset, it was difficult to distinguish the sky’s horizon from the water’s edge where the sea and sky met.  I questioned, silently, if this was where Heaven and Earth could meet.

             We faced one another as His left hand reached up to touch my shoulder.  His right hand raised as He gestured towards the waves, replying, “I never looked to man, nor Earth, to support Me.”  The salted sea baptized our feet with warm foam and He continued, “I looked only to Infinite Spirit’s Love….”

             In that solemn moment, the revelation awakened me with a Soul call of total Truth and knowingness.  I was filled with a glorious warmth and strength as I had never known in the physical life.  I knew, in my heart, I would never again look to the world of form, a paycheck, a mate, or food as my eternal sustaining strength. 

            I now knew of One Power and Intelligence forever governing my life.  My Oneness with God constituted my Oneness with all spiritual beings, ideas, and creations.  The ocean, as well as my life, were One with God and there was nothing in God that could hurt me. 

            I didn’t need to step upon the water to prove my faith or understanding to a world or to a God I’d been taught of.  I no longer sought or needed the approval of others, for in that moment of complete acceptance, I believed in my Oneness. 

            Jesus turned to hug me and We melded as two souls became One.  Hereafter, I would give as I had been given.  I, too, looked only to Infinite Spirit’s Love….

                                                                 Gloria D. Benish

                                                              September 22, 1987