June 2016 Update

Greetings & Welcome!

I apologize for the inability to get this website up and running again after so many years. My intentions are good…but, then, life steps in and I get hugely side-tracked. Seemingly, God has had different plans for me and I’m just along for the ride.

Following my last attempt of updating the Ministry website, a dear friend of mine got brain cancer. I offered to be his caregiver and I will never regret it. His bucket list happened to include being driven around the Bitterroot Valley, sitting on my back porch and looking at the beautiful mountain, and going daily for an ice cream cone at the local grocery store.

One of my fondest memories as his caregiver was tucking him into bed and kissing him on the forehead, wishing him sweet dreams and a good night’s sleep. Every night, he would say, “If I didn’t thank you enough today for everything you did – I’m doing it now. I appreciate every single thing you’ve done for me all day long.” Heavy sigh. I guess if ya gotta go…this would be the way to do it, knowing how loved you are every single minute of every single one of your last days on this planet.

During his decline, I opened my home to all his friends and family, coming to say goodbye. Lots of cooking and changing of sheets, but again – I wouldn’t have missed being part of any of the experience.

Following his death, my friends and family came for the following ten months to insure that I didn’t fall down “the rabbit hole” like I did when I lost Kirk. In over a year’s time, I had only three days without company. I always wanted to be a Bed and Breakfast and I achieved that goal with certainty!

My next step became bringing the Miracle Publishing & Distribution Company back on-line. I had self-published three books and then New York (Kensington Publishing) gave me a five book contract so Kirk and I had put Miracle Publishing to sleep. Last summer, I had a choice. I either needed to light a match to my previous inventory or gear up and attempt to provide others with the inspirational writings. I chose the latter and last November, I bought the inventory of other authors and we’re up and running!

Miracle Publishing is e-booking other authors and with baby steps, providing them the ability to be heard. I’m so proud to announce what great information is being distributed to get messages of inspiration to the public.

• Mother Hope, author of “Total Truth & Lies” offers a book for prevention and recovery from rape and abuse. This book is filled with profanity; however, it provides a realistic view of this insanity and uplifts the reader with a Course for Recovery.
• Laura Maize has two beautiful books, “Divine Contact” and “Divine Contact 2,” with personal spiritual experiences of helping countless people find answers and solutions to questions and personal growth.
• Kathy Dufresne has adorable illustrated children’s books and was a school teacher for years and knows how to lead our little ones.
• Kim French has spent her entire lifetime, enjoying her hobby of cultivating and growing herbs and plants…researching their healing properties and even how to include them in recipes. Her disk, “Gaia’s Garden” is extraordinary. I had the entire disk printed at our printer for a mere $250.00 and I now enjoy holding a physical copy of her color compendium of pure wisdom in print! If the world ever comes to an end and I could only have one book – this would be the one for survival!!!!!
• Mark Victor Hansen, Mary Manin Morrissey, Dr. Michael Beckwith, Larry Wilson, Dr Todd Michael, Daniel Nahmod, Karen Drucker and Rickie Byars-Beckwith have contributed stories to, “I Am a Miracle I” (Spreading Seeds of Love, Hope & Inspiration.) If you are looking for some beautiful “Chicken Soup for the Soul” spiritual ideals and stories…this would be a winner.
• Reverend John W. Adams, Reverend David Ault, Scott Kalechstein, Mary Manin Morrissey, Susan Kay Wyatt, John Randolph Price, and Marianne Williamson have contributed stories to a second “I Am a Miracle II” (Radiating Circles of Love, Hope & Inspiration.) These short stories are wonderful and uplifting and I recommend them to everyone!

On this site, displaying inventory, should you choose to purchase any of the books, you can click and it will take you to the publishing company in order to purchase them.

I feel like I have stepped back in time and have become a mother again, watching my grandchildren on a daily basis, while still writing…getting the Ministry and publishing company back up and running. Most people are gearing down at age 63. Not me, I’m gearing up and getting ready to “run with the big dogs, again.”

I’ve missed the contact with readers of my books and missed teaching workshops, which may become a possibility once again. Time will tell. I’m getting things in motion to open a spiritual center and have people come to the beautiful Bitterroot Valley for some pampering on my turf.

Until next time, (hopefully in this lifetime…LOL) TAKE CARE…I CARE…

Gloria D. Benish, Ph.D.

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