about gloria d. benish


            Gloria D. Benish, Ph.D. is an author, motivational speaker, spiritual teacher and mystic.  Her writings, all based upon true experiences, demonstrate wisdom and love in action.

            As a 32 year old mother of two small children, Dr. Gloria experienced a profound awareness of what “a little extra love” can achieve in one’s life.  “Out of the mouths of babes,” her three year old daughter explained one of God’s simple truths.  Following the spiritual guidance in a tiny, toddler voice, she delivered a miracle by the laying on of her tiny, toddler hands.

            Dr. Gloria imitated her child’s spiritual principle and as a result, she became well known as an Instrument to heal others.

            After the publication of her book, “Go Within or Go Without,” (A Simple Guide to Self-Healing,) Dr. Gloria traveled nationally and internationally as a teacher and a healer.  Although the message is neither organized nor advertised, countless people continue to incorporate the ideals learned through the group conferences.

            Oftentimes compared in her speaking and writing as a “Spiritual Erma Bombeck of the 21st Century,” she uses day-to-day friend and family experiences to teach others how to live a spiritual life in a physical dimension.  In a uniquely personal way, she uses an irrepressible humor to assist humanity on their individual spiritual path.  Using honesty, with genuine concern, Dr. Gloria teaches, by example, how to discover and experience a life that is brightened by daily miracles.

            Dr. Gloria has six inspirational/self-help books in print and soon to be released in e-reader format.  She has also written thousands of “Personalized Fairytales” for friends, family, strangers, celebrities, and convicts.  Among her creative projects, she has also published a love song, in Nashville, entitled, “Throughout Eternity” sung as a duet with Linda Davis and Johnny Patton.  The instrumental background provided by Reba McEntire’s Band.

            For over two decades, her Miracle Healing Ministry has helped thousands of convicts, individually, and in groups within state and federal prisons (in anger management and substance abuse classes.)

             As a columnist, for seven years, she has written “A Helping Hand” in a Spokane-based newspaper, The Open Line.  When her Website:  www.miraclehealingministry.com came on-line, Dr. Gloria wrote five columns, monthly, for toddlers, teens, and adults.

            Dr. Gloria’s doctorate is in Religious Studies, achieved through Emerson Theological Institute in Oakhurst, California.  Ordained as a minister on October 5, 1995, Dr. Gloria has been guest speaker in countless New Thought churches across America.

            Widowed in 2006, she has been traveling extensively to be of service to others.  Dr. Gloria is currently working on her newest book, to get the loving and hopeful messages to humanity.  She continues to have her home base in Montana.