August 2019

Greetings and good morning from the Bitterroot Valley in Montana!  It’s a beautiful day “in the Root” and I am so happy to sit and write an update.   For those of you who have never heard of me, allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Dr. Gloria D. Benish (Ph.D. in religious studies) and I am a healer, inspirational/self-help author, motivational speaker, and “third generation motor mouth.”

In 1995, LuAnn Stallcop, (Owner/Editor of the Open Line Newspaper/Spokane, WA) heard about me concerning a miracle story she became aware of.  She called and asked me to meet her for lunch in Missoula.  As we were talking, I fell back against the booth and grabbed my heart.  I said, “LuAnn, someone you know just had their heart healed through me.”  The time was exactly 12:00 noon.

When she got back to Spokane, she called the only person she knew who had a heart problem.  She asked her if she’d had any unique experiences that day.  Carolyn responded, “Yes.  At exactly 11:00 this morning, I fell back against the refrigerator and placed my hand on my heart and knew it was healed.”  (Time difference of one hour between our two states.)  LuAnn giggled and said, “Yeah?  Well, I was with the woman in Montana when it happened.”

            Until then, I didn’t tell people about my gift.  I never advertised or charged (and still don’t.)  You only heard about me through someone who experienced a miracle.

            LuAnn invited to take me public, allowing me to be a guest speaker at a Metaphysical Research Society meeting held in Spokane.  Following…I would do private healings and teach an all-day workshop.  It was scary to go public after so many years of quietly walking through life, but “I felt the fear and did it anyway.”

            For the next 10 years, I ping-ponged across this nation and into Canada doing private healings and teaching workshops. 

One of my books, “Go Within or Go Without” following the third printing walked its way into the world’s largest independently owned publisher in the world in New York City.  The CEO of Kensington Publishing contacted me, flew me to New York and offered me a five book contract.   “Go Within” is getting ready to go into its fifth printing.  I now have six books in print, have resurrected my Miracle Publishing Company and have three new books ready to go to Press.  I also have four other authors I am distributing to help get their informational material to the public.

I have a trip planned to Los Angeles in September to visit one of my Board of Directors and get my Miracle Healing Ministry website updated and able to provide individuals with inspirational updates. Dates of upcoming spiritual healing workshops will be available, as well.  Stay tuned…

For those of you who aren’t aware, my beloved husband/constant support for my spiritual activity passed away on August 11, 2006.  A tragic loss for me and it’s hard to believe 13 years have already passed.  Never re-marrying and only dated a few times…I remain a widow.

Immediately following his death, my telephone that rang from early morning until late at night stopped ringing.  I was shattered and filled with so much pain.  I couldn’t believe anyone on this planet had ever had to hurt so badly.   I had no further access to my gift of healing.  I didn’t understand…  The dark night of a spiritual healer’s soul had begun.

Just before Kirk died, I had a vision following my goodnight kiss.  I closed my eyes, my inner vision opened and I saw the world coming towards me slowly.  As it got within inches of my face, it slowly turned upside down and the vision closed.  I told Kirk what I’d just seen and questioned, “I wonder if we’re going to have a global shift or if my personal world is going to turn upside down???”  I didn’t understand the vision until a few weeks later.  Bingo!  My entire world turned upside down.  Kirk died and…(more will be revealed.)

Without my spiritual healing gift, I found myself traveling to several states and countless medical professionals to find out what my pain was.  I was repeatedly told it was grief and go back to Montana and learn how to deal with it.  It couldn’t be grief!  As a minister “who could marry ‘em and bury ‘em”…I never understood how painful it is to lose someone of that magnitude in your life.  I had always been compassionate, or so I thought…until now.  I KNEW HOW MUCH PAIN IT CAUSES and the word “compassion” took on an entirely new meaning.

I also understood more fully what a healee meant when they said, “You are my last hope, Gloria…I have tried everything.”  I went to every type of healing modality there was.  I got a greater understanding of those gifted people trying to reach out to help humanity.

I experienced how upside down the medical world is and not being able to find a parking place at 8:00 a.m. on any given day.  I discovered how it feels to hurt so badly and be booked 30-60 days out for an appointment from an overwhelmed medical facility.  I learned firsthand of the fraudulent activity of insurance companies.  I got a crash course on all of this – and more – that you are already aware of.

When I was in high school, I was raped.  I never told my parents because I was petite and already over-protected.  If I ratted on him, I would never get to leave the house.  I selfishly chose silence, but that silence gave him license to do it again and again (as I later learned at my 10-year class reunion.)

I mention this here, because following Kirk’s death, I was violently gang raped and injured severely.  My pain wasn’t from “just losing Kirk.”  It was from the trauma I suffered and didn’t know because I was date raped.  Eight and a half years passed…lying in fetal position unable to even breathe and “pretending” to society that I was “okay.”  Amnesia date rape doesn’t last forever.  The amnesia wears off and victims have the fortune (misfortune…) to re-live the entire event through muscle memory and experiencing as “an observer” without having the predator in the room.

And so my journey and destiny of “what my soul signed on for” began…meeting 10 teens/women, sharing my story and having 9 of them say, “I know, Gloria, it happened to me too and you are the first person I ever told.”  Six out of 10 men cried in my arms and said the same thing. 

When Kirk died, my passion and enthusiasm for life died, as well.

Well, folks…that passion and enthusiasm is back and ON STEROIDS.  I published a book called “Total Truth & Lies” by Author Mother Hope illustrating prevention and recovery from rape and abuse.  (Beware.  Filled with profanity and explicit material.  No one under the age of 16, without parental consent advised to read this material.)   

I am Mother Hope’s representative, her voice and publisher because she is unable to legally speak of her experience.  Legal representation says “she and my publishing company can be sued for defamation of character because she has no proof.”  (I beg to differ.  These men HAVE NO CHARACTER or they wouldn’t have done what they did.)  However, to legally protect Mother Hope, we must abide by man’s law.

However.  Yes, however, for the last three years, I have been building a strong foundation to end the sexual war against humanity under the radar of predators, bullies and the media from coast to coast.  It is time to clean house and no longer sweep these issues under the rug.

Through spiritual guidance, I began a “Global 8 Prayer/Peace Movement.”  In November and December, 2018, I wallpapered South Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma with the information that is available to you today through my publishing website.

In February, “As God is My Witness” was revised and introduces the Prayer/Peace Movement.  I have created bookmarks with the prayer on them and a bumper sticker, “Stop the hate – Pray the Global 8.”  On the publishing website, you can download two free chapters entitled “Peace Movement” and “Final Promotional Flyer” from the Revised Edition and get the complete information of why we are doing what we are doing.  This book, at present, is only available as an Amazon E-book.

I am not promoting this as a book sale.  If you choose to purchase the re-write, I made it affordable for $5.00.  The legacy Mother Hope and I most want to leave to our children and grandchildren and to your children and grandchildren is THAT THIS IS THE LAST GENERATION TO EXPERIENCE RAPE, ABUSE AND MENTAL ILLNESS.    

I have gifted 7,500 copies of the original WITNESS and have 2,500 more to share to get this information laid down across the nation.  In the last two weeks, I have gifted 400 packages here in my own backyard.  This summer, the Global 8 Prayer/Peace Movement information has gone up the entire east coast to Niagara Falls and back down through the Ohio Valley.  Soon…it will be going down the west coast and make its return trip to Montana.  I have Italy and Austria onboard…

As God has infinite timing/intelligence/sense of humor…Carolyn (the woman healed through me in 1995 telephoned me.  She has never once forgotten to remember me on birthdays or Christmas…)  Carolyn called last week, but failed to leave her number on my answering machine.  I contacted LuAnn Stallcop, knowing she could relay the telephone number.

I updated her and she invited me to write this column and offered to allow me to speak at the Metaphysical Research Society meeting on September 12th in Spokane, Washington.  She has already asked another speaker for that evening…and hasn’t had confirmation.  So…I either will be the keynote speaker – or she will allow me to follow at the end of the evening speaker and hand each guest one of the packages.  I will be “going public” AGAIN on the SAME PLATFORM where I stood 24 years ago.

Yes, my friend.  Gloria is baaa-a-a-a-ack and on fire with passion and enthusiasm.  The telephone rings day and night.  I receive emails up the wazoo, requesting prayer and “a little extra love.”  Thanks to the world wide web, I am meeting friends/healee’s globally.  Miracles are walking out of my home once again.

Yes.  Ol’ Dr. Glo-bug (Just here to lighten things up) is ready to shine that light/a bright spotlight on this behavior.  With the Global 8 Prayer, we can individually watch as it diminishes the ability of Drug Dealers/Corruption/Sex Trafficking/Predators, hurt anyone.  They will be (and already are being) removed from positions of power.

As a final note, over the years, I have been asked…”If you will build it, we will come.”  I have been in the process of creating a spiritual healing center here in the beautiful Bitterroot Valley.  God has been sending me an incredible “team” of people who have their heart in the right place to assist me in this endeavor.  My overall goal is to invite our nation to come heal their hearts and spirits and to continue to teach the spiritual healing workshop.

  Until later, take care…I care…   

Gloria D. Benish, Ph.D.

(This paper went global on August 10, 2019.  On August 8th, I was informed I would be “the only” speaker.  Imagine that…)