September 2019

Greetings and good evening from the beautiful Bitterroot Valley here in Western Montana!  For those of you who were unable to be at my “coming out publicly AGAIN speech” on September 12th in Spokane, I thought I’d begin by rehearsing memories of that evening.

I began the introduction by playing Lee Greenwood’s song, “Proud to be An American.”  Whenever you hear that song, it fills you up with patriotism and love.  I could have told the audience how I feel about our country and citizens.  But, it seemed more appropriate for them to EXPERIENCE HOW MUCH LOVE I FEEL ON A DAILY BASIS AND WHY I AM DOING WHAT I’M DOING TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE FOR OUR NATION.  To experience something, rather than just hearing it far surpasses an individual’s awareness and growth in understanding.

Once the audience understood my absolute love for humanity, I continued.  “I am standing here naked before you tonight, not wearing any make-up.  I am not going to gloss over anything or cover up what needs to be said.”

My voice quivered nervously in my throat as I stated, “I am not a victim…I am a survivor of violent rape.   It has been swept under the rug for far too long and we need to talk about it.”  I explained that I had said those words repeatedly as I marched across this nation to disseminate the information for the Global 8 Prayer/Peace Movement that has been set in motion.  However, on this night, it was the first time I had ever said it before a crowd of people.

I advised those present to, please, visit the publishing website and download the two free chapters out of the Revised Edition of “As God is My Witness.”  Without sounding like
“I am a brick short of a full load,” I explained that I took my entire retirement to resurrect Miracle Publishing and publish “Total Truth & Lies,” as well as starting this Peace Movement.  I am not a Saint and looking for a pat on the back.  I am empowered and passionate to do everything I can to heal mental illness, to STOP THE HATE & PRAY THE GLOBAL 8.

I have nearly $75,000.00 invested so far, donating 7,500 books so far – and willing to donate 2,500 more to make sure that I have done everything possible to end this sexual war against humanity.  It’s not just the sexual war…please understand.  This prayer, when prayed alleviates drug dealers, porn, selfishness, narcissism, intolerance, arrogance…everything we meet daily on this planet that disturbs one’s inner peace.

I explained how one man’s life changed drastically and ended up in a coma after he was prayed for.  He had a mystical experience, with God giving him a second chance.  “However, if you are going to do what you were planning on doing, you are going to end up right back here.”  Which, for Wayne, was trapped in a horrifying place.  He said he now goes to church every day.

I explained that my 10 year old granddaughter spent the weekend with me.  She had never heard the Global 8 Prayer, but during the night in her sleep, she placed her fingers upon my forehead awakening me.  Coming out of a sound sleep, I wondered what she was doing and then the prayer came to mind.  Just as I realized that Spirit was using Ayriana to reach out and touch me, she placed her open palm upon my heart.  My body was filled with Divine Love.  Intense energy, loving and warm.   I was kicking the covers off!  My life changed that night.  I AM BACK.

I handed out individual packages of the information I have been laying down across America, along with the original “As God is My Witness.”  The “Global 8 Prayer” is so named:  Every 8 seconds, an American is sexually assaulted.  Every 8 minutes, its’s a child.  Two of those enclosed flyers are as follows:


May, June, July 2019  (On the road again…)

To Whom it May Concern:

“Global 8 Prayer/Peace Movement” – Healing the Hearts & Spirits of Americans

            My name is Dr. Gloria D. Benish and I ask your support in a Peace Movement to heal our Nation and ultimately, the world.  It costs you nothing, except to say this simple prayer listed below.  Last November and December, the Peace Movement began in Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska, Colorado, Kansas and Oklahoma in the wake of our country’s fragmenting philosophies, tension and discord.  The Peace Movement now continues to expand into the central states, the Ohio Valley, the South and the East Coast.  Our goal is to get this information into the hearts and hands of as many people as possible. 

            The enclosed “As God is My Witness” is the first edition which is actually the outline for the completed book (at present, only available as an Amazon E-book.)  After you read this synopsis, please visit the publishing website listed at the bottom of the flyer and this stationary.  You can download two free chapters from the Revised Edition and read WHY we are doing this Peace Movement.

            The Bible tells us that it’s easy to pray for those we love, however, we are asked to “Pray for our enemies.”  The Bible doesn’t explain WHY and it’s difficult to pray for someone who has hurt us.  In the Revised Edition, it details the explanation of why it is so important.  When we pray for our enemies, it DIMINISHES THEIR ABILITY TO HURT ANYONE ELSE and they will be removed from positions of power or placed where they cannot hurt anyone else.

            The Global 8 Prayer, to be prayed whenever your attention is on the number 8 states:  “Dearest Heavenly Father, I ask you to bless (_____) and forgive them for they know not what they do.  I ask you to kiss them on the forehead (waking them up spiritually) and touch their heart with Your Divine Love (revealing His spiritual reality and nature.)  I give thanks in Jesus’ name.  Amen.”  Individually and collectively, we can experience peace by healing humanity’s fear, anger and resentment through this prayer. 

            I appreciate your support.  It’s time to clean house and STOP SENSELESS TRAGEDY.  It’s time to give our Nation and the world, HOPE.  It’s time to bring LOVE back.    We are not called the “United” States in error.  Unite in this cause because world peace is a dream…yours and mine.  Together, WE CAN (AND WILL) MAKE IT REALITY and that’s the bottom line.


(Reverend) Gloria D. Benish, Ph.D


The Global 8 Prayer/Peace Movement is not limited

 to sexual assault and abuse. 

It raises the consciousness of individuals, revealing a spiritual reality and nature.  It helps to heal the INSANITY ON OUR PLANET of drug dealers/sex trafficking/corruption, etc!!

What does this song mean to you?

The Impossible Dream

(By:  Andy Williams)

To dream the Impossible Dream,                                           To fight for the right,

To fight the unbeatable foe,                                                    Without question or pause,

To bear with unbearable sorrow,                                            To be willing to march

To run where the brave dare not go.                                       into hell for a heavenly cause.

To right the unrightable wrong,                                              And I know if I’ll only be true,

To love pure and chaste from afar,                                         To this glorious quest,

To try when your arms are too weary,                                   That my heart will be peaceful

To reach the unreachable star.                                                When I’m laid to my rest.

This is my quest,                                                                    And the world will be better for this,

To follow that star,                                                                 That one man (woman) scorned and

No matter how hopeless,                                                        covered with scars,

No matter how far.                                                                 Still strove with his (her) last ounce

                                                      of courage,

                                                                               To fight the unbeatable foe.


The Bible teaches that ten righteous men can save a city.  Why not ask ONE DIVINE PRESENCE and allow Him to use you to right the unrightable wrong?  YOU MAY JUST BE THE ONE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN YOUR AREA.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!!)

            Please feel free to download this information to your Facebook, friends and family. Guests that evening were handed envelopes and notecards, being asked to write dow