January 2020

Greetings and good morning from the beautiful Bitterroot Valley!  Months ago, my 8 year old granddaughter Kathryn said, “Granny B, you have said the “F” word in front of us grandkids.”  I responded, “Yes, I have baby and Granny isn’t proud of that.”  She smiled so sweetly and said, “Its okay.  You only say it when we hurt one another or lose your remote.”

I’m not proud of myself and in “As God is My Witness” (Revised Edition), God has said that this one over-used foul word is an expression of humanity’s anger.  The word itself can be used as a noun, pronoun, verb, adjective, and adverb and if we pay attention to our usage of it, we can realize that anger is most commonly at the root of it.  I have recently found a new replacement of speaking this word and thought I’d share it with you.

Be patient with me, because . . . as usual, I have a few stories to tell before I get to the punch line.

A week ago, a friend and I went to see the new Mr. Roger’s movie.  What an amazing blessing of a man he was, touching so many lives . . . teaching how to deal with hate and anger.  While watching the movie of his life, I was wishing I could have personally met him.  In reality, I did by being introduced to him through the film.

I had paid my way in and put the change from a twenty in my pocket.  I know better.  I am so slim, money always works its way up and out of my pocket.  When we returned home from the theater, my friend Joan and I went for a walk around the block to enjoy Montana’s Big Sky full of stars.

I invited Joan to sleep over in a girl’s slumber party and we watched movies, played cards, and prepared the Table of Contents for my new book, “Calling All People Pleasers” (Abused Earth Angels . . . on the way back to their wings).  While getting ready for bed, I noticed the money was missing from my pocket.

The following morning, Joan and I retraced our steps from the night before, looking for the missing $14.  It was nowhere to be seen in the roadway.  Always being a cup half-full, I made a statement that if someone found it . . . they needed it and I asked for a blessing to go with it.

Joan left.  I made one last attempt to look in my vehicle to see if it had fallen out of my pocket in the car.  On my return steps to the house, a thought filled my mind . . . NOTHING IS LOST IN GOD.

I took two steps into my home and my attention was drawn to the floor in the kitchen where she and I had walked several times that morning.  Lying on the floor, next to the wall where Joan had stood to open the drapes on the sliding glass door that morning, getting up earlier than me – was my “lost cash” lying neatly on the floor.

The miracle isn’t in getting “lost” money restored.  The miracle is exhibited by the one-liner of Truth that entered my consciousness:  Nothing is lost in God – not our innocence, faith, hope, trust, love, health, supply, and divine guidance, not what we spent or gave, nor our inspiration. 

Yesterday, I was invited to meet a movie producer at a Hamilton restaurant.  He became aware of God being on trial for seven crimes against humanity in “Witness.” He mentioned that he is intrigued with the idea of possibly making it into a movie.

For me, it would be a dream come true, helping to get the Global 8 Prayer/Peace Movement introduced and announced globally to begin healing mental illness . . . which would result in no longer experiencing rape/abuse/incest/drug dealing/corruption, porno, deception, greed, selfishness, etc.

We were to meet at 12:30 at a coffee shop.  I arrived on time and was attempting to find a parking spot and there wasn’t one in a three block radius.  As I continued to drive, my cell phone “ka-chinged” and I saw it was a text from John.  I had to drive blocks away from the restaurant to find anywhere to park to sit and read his text.  I pulled into a space in front of the courthouse.

Just as I put the car into park, a woman appeared at my side window, extremely excited to see me and ask questions.  “What are the magnetic signs on your car all about?  My attention is drawn to the prevention of abuse!”

For months, I have been driving around introducing “Total Truth & Lies,” prevention and recovery from rape and abuse, and the “As God is My Witness” Divinely Inspired Message on my car.  Yesterday was the second time someone has approached me personally concerning these “signs from God.”

Tonya introduced herself and continued to be excited that help was available.  She identified that she was homeless and had just come out of an extremely abusive relationship, mentioning that I wouldn’t even believe the mess she’d gotten herself into.

While listening to her talk, I reached into my purse and got a business card of the Miracle Publishing Corporation and handed it to her with my name and contact information.  Dreaming of creating a Healing Center for Humanity and the need for it, giving individuals like Tonya a safe, loving, nurturing place to come was validated in this random meeting on the street.   She put my contact information in her cell phone and I look forward to her calling me in the days to come. 

Realizing that I was on my way to an important meeting, she helped me with the directions to arrive on time with John’s change of plans.

I spoke the address into Google and off I drove.  As I was taken up a snowy/icy road on the side of a mountain, Google informed me that I had arrived at my destination.  The information was incorrect since there were trees on my left and a cliff side on my right.  Knowing I was lost, I continued to drive slowly to find a way to turn around and correct the directions.

Inching slowly on the mountainous road that was inches of snow and ice, with no guardrail, I came upon an entrance into the forest.  I pulled into it, to back up and get headed in the right direction.  But, when I put the car into reverse, my tires spun.  I had driven onto a sheet of ice.  The steel barricade before me was closed and locked.  I was stuck.

Analyzing my predicament was done rationally.  It was clear that I was in a mess, with no cell phone coverage.  However, THANK GOD, I could text.  I texted John that I was stuck and would be late for our appointment, that I was lost and didn’t even know where I was to be found and helped.

I am fortunate that I even had my cell phone with me.  My kids scold me often because I seldom take it anywhere.  I am a dinosaur being drug into the 21st Century.

I texted a friend and asked to be rescued.  Although I didn’t know where I was in the bigger picture, I mentioned that he could give the address to Google and be led astray the same as what happened to me.  John later mentioned that everyone who was guided by Google got lost in attempting to find their way to his home.

In attempting to help myself, I tried several things with the limited things I had in my car to get out of this predicament.  The car continued to slide down towards the steel barricade.  Even standing on the brake, it continued to slide.  On one of my exits from the vehicle, it slid more.  I blocked the tires and scolded myself that I was in tennis shoes and couldn’t walk far without my feet freezing.

I normally have all types of emergency gear, food, and water in my car because I do live in Montana.  However, I had taken it out the last time I went to Spokane because my car was so filled with items I would need while there.  I know better . . . and here I sat, now starting to feel fear.  I hadn’t told anyone I was leaving the house.  No one would know where I went, nor where to even start looking.

I silently said, “God, my inner peace has been disturbed and I remember:  NOTHING IS LOST IN GOD!”

I remained silent, asking the Holy Spirit to open my inner listening ear to receive the Word of God.  I live by every Word that proceeds from His Mouth.  I sighed and KNEW that I had made Direct Contact with my inner Source.

Minutes later, I noticed a car approaching and went to the road to flag him down.  I explained my plight of being lost and stuck, announcing that help was on its way . . . except I didn’t even know what road I was on to pass on to my rescuer.

The man introduced himself as Levi and mentioned that he was a carrier for the Missoulian Newspaper.  Because of last year’s extensive snowfall, he said he had dug himself out of being stuck repeatedly and still had all the come-alongs and gear needed to do so.  He asked me to allow him to help me and within minutes, I was safely back up on the roadway.

I asked if he would allow me to pay him for his kindness.  He replied, “I never would have thought to ask for anything in return, but because you offered – I could use a pair of warm, new gloves.”  I wrote him a check far in excess of gloves and repeatedly told him how grateful I was.

I learned SO MANY LESSONS FROM YESTERDAY’S EXPERIENCE!  Have emergency gear in your vehicle!  Even if you “think” you’re meeting in a restaurant, plans can change and you never know where life may take you!!  Also, there are no accidents.  If John wouldn’t have changed the plans at the last minute, I would have never met Tonya and Levi who had needs, as well.  When God brings two or more together, it is always A WIN/WIN for everyone involved.

I was able to get the manuscript delivered to John for his review.

Most importantly, I had the pleasure of experiencing once again what “Nothing is lost in God” can do by making the inner Direct Connect to the Divine.

And now, we come full circle back to my beautiful little granddaughter, Kathryn.  I watched my two granddaughters for nine days during the holidays.  On the final day, in the final hour of having them here – I was advised that they had lost the remote.  Initially, I was only perturbed, and as we three looked FOR AN HOUR for the remote, Kathryn noticed by the tone in my voice that I was escalating to anger.  She asked, “Granny B, are you about ready to say the “F” word?”  I responded, “I might. . . “

Instead, I walked down to the bedroom, stood quietly and thought, “My inner peace is disturbed.  Nothing is lost in God.”  I quietly thought, “My little pea-brain mortal mind doesn’t know where the remote is, but there is an all-knowing Source within me that knows everything.”  I continued, “I ask the Holy Spirit to open my listening ear to receive the Word of God.  I live by every Word that proceeds out of His Mouth.”

A thought came to mind and I returned to the living room.  I asked the girls where they were the last time they saw the remote.  Ayriana said, “I was holding it in my hand when Kathryn started wrestling with me in your recliner and I never saw it again.”

I reached down the back of the cushion, up to my elbow, to the fabric that goes all the way to the floor and pulled out the remote.  Problem solved within moments.

We, as individuals have a choice many times throughout our days, to allow our inner peace to be destroyed and to use the “F” word – or to restore that peace and reach WITHIN to that Divine Source that is everywhere present, all-powerful, and ALL-KNOWING.  With awareness, we can allow “IT” TO DIRECT OUR ACTIVITIES IN EVERY WAY AND ON EVERY DAY.

Amazing — simply amazing.  Until next month, take care . . . I care. . .


Gloria D. Benish, Ph.D.

Alias:  Dr. Glo-bug (Just here “to lighten things up”)