February 2021

Greetings and good morning from the beautiful Bitterroot Valley!   The sun is shining on the newly fallen snow and it is literally sparkling.  For me, it will take another trip out to shovel the sidewalk and driveway to assure guests don’t slip and fall.  But, hey . . . it was such a mild winter (until it wasn’t,) I have no complaints!  I apologize that I missed writing last month’s column.  My daily schedule went in to hyper-drive for a while in many different directions.

            You see, I live on a different planet than most people.  I know there is so much fear and confusion going on, but I am at peace.  I know there are so many rumors and mis-and-dis-information, but I listen to my heart.  I know that so many feel hate, but I have so much love coming and going through my heart and home that I have to absolutely share it.

            I feel compassion.  Oh boy, it has been taken to an all-time new level in fact.  My entire day from morning until night has me on the phone, texting, or emailing people who are seeking for calm, peace, and understanding.

            I am reminded of years gone by with a dear elderly friend.  In 2010, I was tickled to remind her of us before we came into this total service incarnation.  I asked her, “Don’t you remember when we were in the brightly lit auditorium with Christ standing before us asking us to prepare to help in the Intergalactic Love Story of all time?”  I teased her by gently poking my right elbow into her ribs saying, “C’mon Wynona, raise your hand . . . it’ll be fun . . . trust me!”

            I have to admit that it hasn’t all been fun, especially the ride through the dark side, but it helped too – preparing me for this hour/day/and time.  Even more importantly than all the miracles that happened through me and found their way to be spoken of on stage or in books, the seeds of lies/corruption were germinating in the darkness to sprout into the Divine Truth when the time came.

            And the time is upon us.  Having been asked to not write of political situations in this column, I am being respectful to that request.  However, I must say that the political awakening goes hand-in-hand with the spiritual awakening that is occurring.

            For Lightworkers, we have remained on the path seeking deeper and deeper within to carry more light than the average bear.  We have remained steadfast, never giving up to our calling and destiny.

            With that statement, I have to relate a story that happened long ago to me.  I was living in Texas at the time in a 19 year marriage.  I wanted to leave it sooner, but had been guided not to and then all the dominoes lined up to release me.

            It began the day I arrived in Texas.  My husband had been transferred to work.  I was sitting in a motel room waiting for our furniture to arrive and to sign the closing papers on a house we had purchased on a golf course.  A friend from Sacramento called and asked me to get the local newspaper with house rentals and send to him as he, too, was being transferred to Texas.

            I went to the Lobby and got the paper, did as he asked and threw the remaining newspaper into the trash.  A woman’s face was looking back at me and I “knew” I needed to meet her.  I removed the newspaper from the garbage can and read who she was.  Rita Diogastino, a famous psychic who did readings for the elite oil men was coming to town.  It said she was staying in a local motel during her stay.  There were only three motels in town and I was in one of them, so I called the front desk asking if Rita would be staying this weekend.

            Their response was, “Normally she does, but this time – she will be staying with Jan Sloan,” and the desk clerk gave me her number.  I sat pondering how I should discuss this situation with Jan.  I had just newly arrived in the Bible belt.  I took a deep breath and dialed her number, beginning the conversation and introduction of myself.  “My name is Gloria and I just saw the write-up about Rita in the newspaper and I believe we are supposed to meet.”  Knowing that Rita must be highly gifted in order to read for oil men concerning their money, I continued, “But, I don’t need a reading . . . but I am a spiritual healer . . . does she need me?”

            Jan gasped, “Oh my God, Gloria!  She was born with polio and is in a wheelchair and she has a raging kidney infection and her legs are hurting her so badly, she’s crying.  YES, SHE NEEDS YOU!”

            I drove to Jan’s home and was an instrument for God and Rita received her miracle.  In return, she offered to do a reading for me.  She asked if I wanted to record it and I excitedly agreed.  Pushing play/record, the first words she spoke, “You are going to get a divorce.”  I slammed the stop button and barked, “Don’t say shit like that!  I am in a motel waiting for my furniture to arrive and sign closing paperwork.”  She asked if I wanted her to continue and I agreed.  “There’s a man who loves you very much out there who’s waiting for you” were her next words.  I barked a second time, “Don’t say shit like that!  Did you not hear me?  I just bought a house on a golf course and getting ready to move in!”  She asked if I wanted her to continue and once again, I agreed.  She pushed play/record and as she spoke a third time, she did it quickly in order to get it all out before I shut her down.  “Your son isn’t going to have an easy time of it, but your daughter will . . .”

            I, of course, slammed the STOP button a third time.  Frustrated, I was finished.  The hostess Jan and I spoke for a few minutes before I left.  She volunteered to have a potluck luncheon for me for arriving in the area in order to meet 17 of her friends of like mind.  She mentioned that I would have “built-in friends” for my children.  I agreed to do so.

            At the luncheon, I met Grace (named changed to protect her privacy, you will understand soon.) 

            As soon as we moved into the 3,600 square foot home with 13 sliding glass doors, I began dreaming about Kirk Benish 3-5 nights a week.  Washing all the windows one day, I was affirming, “All those who are no longer a divine part of my life leave effortlessly, easily, painlessly, and peacefully.  I had a talk with God, “If Kirk is supposed to be part of my life, bring-it-on, and if not — get him the hell out of my head because I am married to a different man.”  I was feeling so guilty for dreaming about one man and being married to another!

            A year later, I got a call from Grace asking if she could stop by.  Standing in my kitchen, not even having a seat, she began talking.  “I knew I needed to speak with you today.  I have to tell you a story.”

            I urged her to sit, got her a glass of iced tea and she slowly started the conversation as if it was the hardest thing she ever had to do.  Her story began:

            “When I was a little girl, my daddy owned a ranch here in Texas and it was failing.  He decided to put it up for sale and a man came to look at it.  In front of the prospective buyer, I cried out, “Daddy, our land is worth a lot of money … please don’t sell it.”  He backhanded me and I flew through the air, hitting a fence post and slumping to the ground.  As I was pulling myself up to my feet, I heard him say, “If I want your opinion, I’ll ask for it.”  Daddy sold the property and the man discovered oil on it.  Because he hurt me so badly that day, I hesitated to tell people throughout my life that I have a gift.”

            She continued, “Reluctant as I am to tell anyone, I felt compelled to come see you today with a message.  Your husband is having an affair and he’s with her right now . . . I can even tell you what she’s wearing.  Even more important than that, however, I know you have three manuscripts and are trying to get published.  Maybe you will and maybe you won’t.  But, you need to know that IN YOUR 60’s, YOU ARE GOING TO DO WHAT YOU CAME TO DO.”

            I was 38 years old at the time.  I felt like she had just dropped an anvil on my head.  I thought, “In my 60’s?  I have to wait that long to do what I came to do?” 

            Sitting at dinner a few nights later with my children, I got an intuitive knowingness to call Kirk Benish NOW.  I got up from the table and dialed the telephone.  We had only seen each other once in 11 years.   Asking how he was, he said he’d had a dream a month ago about driving to work, being hit by an 18 wheeler/spun three times and just before he died in the dream, he saw the grill of the truck.  Days later, he was driving to work, an 18 wheeler hit him/spun three times and just before he lost consciousness, he saw the same grill of the truck he’d seen in his dream.

            He said it concerned him greatly because his wife had left him six years ago, leaving him with two little children to raise.  He didn’t have any documents written saying who would care for his children should anything happen to him.  He continued, “But, even more importantly than that – I would hate to die and leave this planet without you knowing how deeply in love with you I am and always have been.”  I replied, “This is your lucky day, buster . . . because I just filed for divorce.”

            Kirk offered to come to Texas and get me and I had to decline.  My attorney had forewarned me that if I was even seen with another man, I could be sued for infidelity by Texas Law and lose my children.  I wasn’t going to take that chance and told him I would see him when I was divorced.  A year to the date of Rita’s reading . . . I was driving away from Texas.  Three months later, the divorce was final and I followed Kirk (a man I’d seen once in 11 years to Montana.)  He said he wouldn’t rush me . . . and he lied.  Two months later, he proposed.  Two months later, we married.  I never even dated between marriages!

            While having constant dreams about Kirk, but married to my first husband, I was writing, “Intergalactic Love Story,” which wasn’t just about the love of a man and a woman – but the love of the galaxies for Planet Earth as she evolved to a spiritual planet.  I trashed the book because I felt guilty of writing about love for one man and being married to another.  Kirk later scolded me for throwing it in the garbage and I told him that I had trashed more books than most authors write.  However, that book is just as clear in my head as it was when I wrote it and could be rewritten so easily.

            The point being, I “saw Kirk in that same auditorium of golden light” the same as I saw my elder friend that I was poking playfully in the ribs to raise her hand and promising it would be fun.  That is more real than what we are all looking at in this experience that we call “reality.”

            Every one of us who were sitting in that auditorium during that “vision” that wrote a book through me is here and now.  I am 67 years old now.  Going from age 38 to 67 went by like a blink of an eye!

            You see, things went south with Adam and Eve in Eden.  We all know that.  A deep sleep was cast over Adam it states in the Bible, but it never says that he woke up.  We have been living in the nightmare of Adam and are getting ready to wake up in mass consciousness.  Each one of us have been prepared with the good/bad/ugly/vile/inspirational/hopeless and are here to be of great courage as the Spirit of God lifts humanity from their slumber.  We are ready and it’s BIG.

            Never before has humanity gotten this opportunity on a global level.  The galaxies are in celebration.  Two of my most recent visions. 

  • The first vision:  I saw Jesus with a grin of great pleasure on His face as He opened double French doors on the Kingdom of Heaven.  There was standing room only.  He almost looked like the “cat that ate the Canary,” He was so tickled with Himself. 
  • The second vision:  I saw a deceased actress walk by, then Andy Griffith walked by, and then JFK walked past me.  The vision opened to a panoramic view and a coliseum appeared around the entire earth and every seat was filled.  JFK sat in the front row.  I intuitively KNEW that “as above/so below,” God was getting ready to reveal TRUTH and set all souls free.  Every whistle-blower, everyone who tried to make the world a nicer place to be, every person who died attempting to help humanity with life-saving information (i.e. cure for cancer, etc.) and had lost their life as a result . . . they were going to see the fruition of their efforts.

            The TIME has come.  The time IS NOW.  We are each here to fulfill our destiny to experience earth as it is in heaven becoming our reality.  Congratulations for hanging in there and never giving up.  This planet is getting ready to be turned right side up!  The Spirit of God is going to pour itself out through each of you and you are going to shine like the noon-day sun.  Humanity’s spiritual nature and reality being experienced is finally on the horizon.  Phew.  It’s been a wicked ride with ups/downs, but the journey was exciting, but not nearly as exciting as the destination that says, “We have arrived.”

            Until next month, take care . . . I care . . .


Gloria D. Benish, Ph.D.

Alias:  Dr. Glo-bug (Just here “to lighten things up”)

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