November 2021

Greetings and good evening from the Bitterroot Valley!  How many of you are wondering where this year went?  I feel like I am in a time warp.  I could turn back to the pages of my wall calendar (yes, I’m a dinosaur and still use a wall calendar) and see that nearly every day had writing on it.  So, I know that I haven’t just lollygagged and done nothing.  I have been busy, but where did the year go?

            I was hoping to download a link to gift you with the new book, ‘CENTER OF THE CINNAMON ROLL,’ but my professional editor and her family became ill and she wasn’t able to return it to me yet.  All in God’s Timing, eh?!  Perhaps it can be my Christmas gift to you next month . . .

            This month, with Thanksgiving just about upon us, I would like to focus on gratitude of friendships.  A month ago, three friends and I drove to Glacier for the weekend.  I can’t believe I have lived in Montana for 30 years and never been to Glacier before.  What an experience it was.  A spiritual experience from start to finish.  I considered it Biblical, in fact. 

            Just as we arrived, the girls and I decided to get a photo of us at the entrance.  Standing in front of the Welcome sign, a stranger took our picture together.  As I was walking back to the car, my phone buzzed with a request from another friend, asking to send pictures of us in the forest.  I forwarded the picture a moment following the request.  “Before they call . . . I will answer.”

            Being a food pusher, I brought the picnic lunch.  I tend to over-do everything, whether it’s decorating, cooking, being hospitable, or showing my love in gifts or gratitude.  My picnic was quite an extravaganza on top of the world.  There were no picnic tables.  We were on the “Going to the Sun Road” and there was a pull-out.  We noticed a 4’ x 8’ flat stone on the ground.  We put a tablecloth on it and started unloading the ice chests.  The food I brought completely filled the “table,” with no room left over.

            Some travelers pulled off and walked to our table, commenting on the large assortment of food.  Some said, “Someone really knows how to have a picnic!”  All the girls pointed at me, explaining my desire to feed the masses.  Each person who passed by us was offered an opportunity to partake.

            One woman walked up and exclaimed her admiration.  I asked her to help herself.  Sheepishly, she denied the invitation.  That is, until I asked if she would like to have a zucchini brownie and she exclaimed with delight, “Yes!”  I started to unwrap the tin foil and stopped, asking her if she was alone, had a partner or friend with her.  She stated that she and three friends were traveling from Indianapolis together.  I stated, “Then take the entire package so you can all enjoy them.”

            Not wanting to do so, leaving us without any of them . . . I explained that I had another entire package for us, and she agreed to accept them.  Standing and opening the treat, one of her friends found her way to this woman’s side, remarking about our extraordinary lay-out, and asking, “What are you eating?”  She replied, “A zucchini brownie and she gave me enough for all of us.” 

            I interrupted and stated, “I offered to give her marshmallow/walnut fudge, as well . . .but she said, “NO,”  The lady said, “I will accept it!”  I gave her a full package they could all enjoy, as well.

            What was Biblical about the experience is that I returned home with even more food than I took.  The blessed food multiplied just by offering it to the people who stopped to remark about the plentiful bounty set before us sitting on top of the world.

            Leaving Glacier, there was a waterfall coming directly out of a boulder on the side of the mountain.  Fresh, pure spring, ice water was pouring abundantly from the earth . . . which we filled our containers to bring back home with us.   We were hungered and were fed.  We were thirsty and we were given water to drink.  The abundance and beauty here in Montana are staggering.

            This spiritual journey made a loving deep memory for me.  I met Nancy and Leslie a year ago.  Nancy had posted a picture of her dog Dosha on Facebook.  I saw her face and something inside me triggered a profound, “I have to meet that dog in person.”  Almost embarrassed and not wanting to sound like a weirdo, I wrote a message to Nancy and explained the unexplainable.  How weird does it sound to hear, “I just have to meet your dog?”  God works in mysterious ways when He wants His kids to meet face-to-face for His Divine Purpose.

            She courteously replied, “I read your book, “GO WITHIN” and I have always wanted to meet you.”  We arranged for her to bring her dog and meet in person here at my home.  Two hearts of soul sisters joined that day.  She mentioned that her sister Leslie also wanted to meet me and we scheduled a second gathering here at my home.  I fell in love with these two ladies and both of their pets and have been best pals ever since, having slumber parties, dinners, and celebrating life together.

            Nancy and Leslie go to Glacier yearly and my housemate Coco and I were invited on this year’s sojourn.  The sisters would be our tour guides for the weekend and were excited to show us their favorite spots. 

            I was riding shotgun.  (Being a first-timer has its perks!)  Riding quite a way, without stopping, I asked Leslie where we were going next?  Perhaps she’d had a drop in her blood sugar or a little cranky with my endless chatter and questions.  She abruptly said, “To the boardwalk.”  I asked what the boardwalk was in a childlike manner and she flatly started describing, “It is made with flat boards that are nailed together to walk on with rails on the sides so people don’t fall off,” going into detail to describe what a boardwalk is.

            I am sure my eyes got wide and the “dumb look” on my face as I barked, “I KNOW what a F’ing boardwalk is!”  I was asking, “What is so special about it, where does it lead, why is it a special place you are taking us to it for?!”

            Coco started it from the backseat.  She burst out laughing.  Then Nancy, then Leslie and then me.  Our laughter rang so deeply and richly; it was just the beginning of far more to come.  We all got the sillies from so many things throughout the weekend.  I regressed to a full child on a path in the forest, flinging my arms outstretched for a “Caterpillar Crossing,” not wanting someone behind me to step on the furry little creature.  I had all the time in the world that moment to direct traffic and allow this little critter to get safely to its destination in the bushes.

            We, as a small group of playmates, became famous that weekend.  On our final morning at Glacier, we stood outside a restaurant in a line awaiting to be seated.  Approaching hungry folk saw us and stated, “You are the gals that know how to throw a picnic!”  Our time together for that weekend is what beautiful movie scripts are made of to describe extraordinary friendships.

            With Leslie’s birthday approaching, I wrote her a Personalized Fairytale as one of her gifts.  I am sharing it here today and perhaps you can see you and your friendships in it.

The Boardwalk

          Once upon a time, four little girls decided to go on a magical adventure together.  This time with one another would create memories of a lifetime for these children . . .

          The eldest in age, but youngest with a playful, light-hearted spirit was named Gloria.  Nancy was second in age and she had a mothering spirit, always looking out for the others.  Leslie was third in the age group. Her spirit was protective, loyal, and adventurous.  With her spiritual gifts, she fearlessly sought to journey to the Akashic Records to help others advance spiritually.  The youngest was Coco.  Her spirit shined with helpfulness to be the first to offer others, in need, a helping hand and she played well with others. 

          These four friends represented the best of themselves and always showed unconditional love in their friendship with one another.

          Leslie’s birthday was just around the corner.  December 2nd was fast approaching.  Gloria wanted to gift her with the greatest gift she could find, which would be memories she held in her heart.

          The walk down memory lane with these four little girls began in the mountains of Montana.  Stopping along the way, they discovered a magical place on a hillside where water mysteriously poured forth from a rock.  This first exposure to the natural elements of nature felt almost Biblical in the demonstration from the Divine.  Was it perhaps a “Sign From God,” symbolic of their spiritual purification on this adventure together?

          Each step along the way was more beautiful than the last as they rose higher and higher on the Mount of Transfiguration.  The beauty that surrounded them in the heart of this forest filled them with stunning, dramatic elegance of God’s creation.

          Along the way, Gloria was tested with her teaching skills of an approaching Boardwalk.

          As the little children approached the elevated foot path, built with wooden planks that enabled them to cross wet, fragile, marshy land, it allowed them to be lifted higher and higher in joy.  They found themselves laughing heartily . . . wiping tears from their eyes – cleansing their clouded vision to see a greater level of beauty.

          The children’s laughter rang like music throughout the hillsides, wiping away every tear from visitors who had traveled from near and far.  Their joy lifted fear and burdens from each weary traveler who had come to this area for solitude and refreshment in their souls.

          The wooden planks took the children higher and higher until they reached the summit to see a welcoming beautiful waterfall, misted with a rainbow.  The Sun shined through the tall timbers with a liquid light that cascaded to the canyon down below . . . misting the autumn forest with a golden glow.

          The waterfall symbolized God’s sheer abundance that flowed mightily into physical form.

          Onward the girls trekked, still higher and higher on the road to the Sun, itself.  Hungered, they stopped and set a banquet upon a 4’ x 8’ flat stone upon the ground.

          Passersby watched as the Mighty Hand of God multiplied the food as it was offered freely to each who witnessed the feast set before them on top of the world.

          These four children ate, drank, and were merry for two days, spreading sunshine and smiles wherever they went.  Alas, their time together on this adventure came all too soon and it was time to return to their homes to say their sad goodbye’s.

          Cherishing this time together, making memories . . . and love . . . with one another and for strangers would become a tradition from hereon after and forever more.  These little characters gathered together often in celebration as a living example of what true friendship is based and built upon.

Looking after one another,

Being helpful to one another,

Playing well together, experiencing joy,

Being protective and loyal to one another,

Teaching and learning from one another,

Spiritually growing together,

Giving total freedom to be one’s self,

Loving unconditionally, being in gratitude.

          In life’s magical adventure, friends are truly blessed when they bring out the best part of themselves in one another.

          Happy Birthday, Leslie.  On your special day – from your blood – and soul sisters – we each . . .

Thank you for touching our lives . . .

. . . With love,

Gloria D. Benish

Personalized Fairytales, Unlimited

            (As you can see, I used my warped sense of humor in her tale to prove and define that I KNOW what a stupid boardwalk is!!)

            Leslie is certified in the modality of “Soul Realignment,” as an Akashic Records Practitioner.  I had her do my reading a few months ago and it was helpful to affirm that I came into this life to express Divine Love.  Her reading is extensive and helpful.  She will be working at the Spiritual Boot Kamp to help people discover the blocks that keep them from expressing their Soul’s path.  If you would like to visit her website to get a greater understanding of her gift to help humanity, you can go to:   Her sister Nancy will be also working at the Spiritual Boot Kamp, teaching guests about Young Living Oils and their importance and usefulness in their lives.  I recommend them both highly!  (I am sure you can see God’s Hand in our meeting one another!)

            Every day, I express gratitude in endless ways.  But, as Thanksgiving rolls around this year where families and friends can gather together and be grateful to and for one another, I had to express my deep gratitude for my local supportive, loving, of-like-mind, playful friends who give my life joy every single day.  The friends I can turn to and vent after listening to endless calls or demands on my time.  Everyone thought I must have a million friends, but until I had Coco, Nancy, and Leslie, I didn’t have daytime friends who are consistently there for ME.   I cherish them for having slumber parties/a girl’s night to watch movies, eat popcorn, laugh, talk about metaphysics and spirituality or things that are corrupt in our world. 

            Together, they give ME a place to be welcomed and nurtured for all I pour out to others.  They cook for me, listen to my endless chatter and understand and appreciate my playfulness without judgment.  They give me a place to relax and just be all of me and share their animals for a “pet fix.”  No words can ever be fully expressed to share with you all that these women have given to me. I am so grateful for their abiding friendship, honesty, support, cheer-leading, and unconditional love.

            For each of you on this wonderful holiday or the next one together, sitting with your loved ones, I am hoping that you will reflect on anything I may have said herein and to voice your appreciation to one another.  Any day can be a day of griping of everything that is wrong in your lives, but take the holiday and EXPRESS your appreciation on those things in your memories or hearts and verbally share them with one another.  Be honest of your affections and love.  You just might find miracles expressing themselves in a way you never believed possible!  Have a Happy (& Safe!) Thanksgiving everyone!

            Until next month, take care . . . I care . . .


Gloria D. Benish, Ph.D.

(Alias:  Dr. Glo-bug – Just here “to lighten things up”)